Netizens Tucao iPhone new products do not know Apple quietly completed a new business

Netizens Tucao iPhone new products do not know Apple quietly completed a new business

Original title: the largest and most expensive iPhone ever appeared! Netizens make a big move. I do not know that Apple has quietly completed a new business!

Apple's three latest phones and an Apple watch were unveiled at the Steve Jobs Theatre in California on the morning of the 12th, local time.

Apple Corp unveiled three new mobile phones

Previous rumors that "this may be Apple's most recent launch of a new release," however, unexpectedly, Apple did not release the new generation of iPad Pro and MacBook as rumored.

But the 2008 launch of Apple's new product with the slogan "Big Screen Just Started" was not disappointing in terms of "Biggest" - not only did the iPhone XS Max have the largest 6.5-inch display yet, but the Apple Watch Series 4 display was about a third larger than the previous product.

Perhaps because all three new models carry the iPhone X gene, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook spoke the same day with high praise for the iPhone X sales and consumer satisfaction that came out last year.

The new 5.8-inch iPhone XS, 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max and 6.1-inch iPhone XR all carry Apple's latest A12 bionic chip.

Phil Schiller, Apple's marketing executive, said the smartphone chip could run 5 trillion times a second, bringing a faster, more fluid, all-round experience.

For the Chinese market, Apple's iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max use special kato, which can support two SIM cards at the same time, to achieve dual-card dual-standby function.

Bob O'Donnell: Apple hasn't had a double-card wait before, and now they're adding a double-card double-wait feature to their biggest screen phone, which will be popular with Chinese consumers.

In terms of price, iPhone has renewed its new record of "expensive" again. IPhone XS Max sells for $1099, and the highest version of the official version of the state bank is priced at 12799 yuan. IPhone XS costs $999, and iPhone XS Max offers the highest 512GB storage capacity. The iPhone XR, which starts at $749, is relatively cheap and has more colors, which Apple says will allow more people to own the iPhone.

Apple wrote to U.S. trade officials Wednesday that the proposed tariff would affect the prices of many Apple products.

On Thursday, President Trump tweeted in social media that Apple should make products in the United States if it wants to avoid taxing imports. Apple declined to comment.

Some analysts said that if Apple moved its production business back to the United States, it could evade the magic claw of the switch tax, but its products would not become cheaper. According to a 2014 study, the cost of making parts for an Apple phone in the U.S. is about $600, almost three times the cost of manufacturing in other countries, and the high cost will push the price of an Apple phone up to $2,000.

As for netizens, more Tucao is still a price problem.

Apple's acquisition of two film rights began to enter the film and television industry

Despite three new products at a time, many analysts believe the new iPhone lacks breakthroughs in hardware and Apple's share price has fallen as a result. This did not affect Apple's determination to expand its territory.

According to foreign media reports, Apple's video department will buy the global distribution rights of two movies. This means that the huge technology company has begun to enter the film industry. Apple has reportedly completed a copyright deal for Wolf Walker, an animated film produced by the Oscar nomination studio Cartoon Salon. In June, Bloomberg reported for the first time Apple's agreement to buy the animated movie. On Monday, local time, director Tom Moore confirmed the deal in social media.

In addition, during the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada in 2018, Apple also won the global distribution rights of the documentary "Queen Elephant". The analysis points out that these agreements give people a glimpse of Apple's strategy of entering Hollywood. Although Apple has been actively licensing television content, it has been slow to move into the film industry.

It's not clear whether the movies will be released in theaters, but the collaboration with studio Cartoon Salon shows that Apple is looking for movies that can compete for the Academy Awards. Informed sources revealed last year that Apple's video department received a budget of at least $1 billion a year.

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