Mobile App automatic renewal "routine" multi experts: we should strengthen supervision.

Mobile App automatic renewal

Original title: mobile App automatic renewal "routine" more, strengthen supervision do not let the charge "hide the head and show the tail"

Xinhua news agency, Ji'nan, September, 13, Xinhua News Agency reporter Shao Luwen, Yang Wen

I wanted to open only one month membership, but in the second month was automatically deducted fees; want to cancel the automatic renewal, looking for half a day also do not know how to cancel... Nowadays, the mobile phone application market is hot. Many users have been playing a "trick and treat" service for some mobile phone App members. Users' monthly services have been quietly deducted automatically without knowing the situation, so that the original voluntary choice has become a "passive renewal".

App "initiative" helps users choose automatic renewals.

"Just opened a month of membership, and was deducted next month, call customer service to know is automatic renewal." Sun Qi, a citizen of Jinan, told reporters that although a month's membership is also more than 10 yuan, but she has no impression of when to agree to open automatic renewal.

"Originally wanted to experience a membership treatment, click on the fee to think of it, it seems that there is an unattractive place automatic renewal option has been checked by default, look back to see sure that the'Zhongzhao'." Weihai citizen Mr. Guo told reporters that when he opened a member on a video App, he chose the default option of the system, and found that he bought an automatic renewal package. "To cancel automatic renewal, the procedure is more cumbersome than opening."

Industry insiders said that some mobile apps provide payment services, users in the opening of members, the system will "default" to help users check automatic renewal, and with a smaller number marked out, if not carefully looked at, simply not aware. Even if many users later found out, but because of the complexity of the unsubscribe process, the amount of deduction is not high, not necessarily immediately cancelled, many mobile Apps through this way to profit.

The reporter tested several App. In most commonly used software, the payment page has the option of automatic renewal of the package month option and the option of a separate package month, the two options are juxtaposed. However, in the membership recharge interface of Akieyi, Hungry Unity and other applications, the system defaults to a continuous package of monthly meals, in the lower part of the package, written with a small line size, color pale words: "the first month expires, will automatically renew the fee." If you don't look carefully, it's hard to notice.

Automatic renewal "routine"

Reporters found that many consumers have encountered automatic renewal problems, many people unconsciously fell into the consumption trap. On the issue of automatic renewal, some App's routines are "playing".

Routine 1: "free trial" is not free. A photo-taken App in Apple's App Store, featuring "Unlock Advanced Features - Click Free Trial" on the front page, was asked to offer a monthly package when users clicked in. Originally, the so-called "free trial" is to buy a monthly package of services, and then get a gift of "seven days free" membership services.

Routine two: recharge preferential price is not small. At the top of some App pages, there are often tempting slogans such as "7 days for a penny" and "5 yuan for a month" etc. But consumers recharge, but in the next few months continue to encounter deductions. For such activities, some Apps tend to use exaggerated slogans and designs on the inductive slogans, but in a "corner" of the promotional pages, "quietly" annotated "1 cent experience members will enjoy the privileges of continuous package month membership, automatically join the continuous package monthly plan" and other agreements, as long as users pay is equivalent to consent. Terms of agreement.

Routine three: automatic renewal is the only option. When the reporter recharged a member of a microblog with an Apple mobile phone, the recharge interface only had four sets of meals, namely, "continuous package year", "continuous package half a year", "continuous package season", "continuous package month". In the small print automatic renewal statement at the bottom of the package, it said, "If you want to cancel the renewal, please 24 hours before the expiration of the current subscription cycle, manually in The function of automatic renewal is closed in related settings management. " Users in the recharge interface do not have a separate package month or package year option, once the choice of recharge, can only choose automatic renewal.

Strengthening supervision and making automatic renewals become "explicit rules"

With the increase of users'demand for high quality content, some video and music applications adopt the service mode of "free + pay", in which the number of paid users is increasing year by year. In 2017, the number of paid members of major video websites, such as Akieyi, Youku and Tencent Video, exceeded 20 million, and the number of paid video users in China exceeded 100 million. Relevant experts believe that, in the face of the huge payment market, should not let the original open and transparent "obvious rules" into "hidden rules".

"Some Apps infringe on consumers'rights by insinuating that consumers agree to automatic renewal terms of service." Zuo Shenggao, a lawyer from Beijing Jingshi Law Firm, said, "The Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Law of the People's Republic of China gives consumers the right to know. If operators use standard clauses in business activities, they should draw consumers'attention in a significant way, otherwise they will infringe consumers' right to know fully."

Zuo Shenggao suggested that Internet companies should use fonts of the same color and size as other text and place them in a prominent position on the issue of payment, especially those related to the cost of goods or services and the time limit of performance, which have a major interest to consumers. In addition, the relevant agreement should not be "default" to be checked, but set up procedures for consumers to read the complete, independent choice.

Li Huimin, a professor at the School of Journalism and Communication of Lanzhou University, said that the mobile phone App "plays a routine" in paying for premiums, in fact, is taking advantage of consumers'information vulnerability to achieve the purpose of misleading consumption. The departments of industry and commerce, Internet and Telecommunications should shoulder the main responsibility of supervision, increase the frequency of inspection and punishment, and establish a "blacklist" system to blacklist enterprises that have repeatedly violated regulations and failed to rectify them, and publish them regularly to the public.

At the same time, consumers should read the contents clearly when opening membership. Once an automatic renewal trap is encountered, collect evidence and negotiate with the service provider in time. If consultation fails, complaints can be lodged with the departments of industry, commerce and consumer associations, and legal proceedings can be taken to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

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