Sogou pushed the content platform "Sogou" to help content creators realizable.

Sogou pushed the content platform

Sina Technologies News September 13 afternoon news, recently, Sogou announced the entry into the content of the ecological field, the official launch of content open platform - Sogou, has opened five types of personal, media, state institutions, enterprises, other institutions into the channel.

To help content creators increase their exposure, Sogou has opened the Sogou Search App, Sogou Browser App and other platform traffic portals, allowing high-quality content "one point access, multi-platform distribution," access to hundreds of millions of levels of traffic support. Among them, Sogou Search, the second largest search engine in China, has more than 500 million monthly active users; Sogou browser App covers more than 100 million people, has become the entrance of Internet users to obtain content.

In the aspect of push content for end-users, Sogou builds a complete portrait of users based on Sogou big data and artificial intelligence technology, aiming at accurately locating the core audience, deeply mining potential audience, and then using algorithm recommendation, accurately pushing the information on Sogou to the target user.

It is reported that the future Sogou will be able to open the flow of entrance and technical capabilities at the same time, content creators will also be able to realize the value of the ability to gradually build a complete content by content production, intelligent distribution, commercial cash and other components of the ecological chain. In the second half of 2018, Sogou will be launched into the online revenue center, and in 2019 will be gradually on-line advertising, traffic sharing, for the quality of the original creator to provide a better variety of services and related subsidies. (Xin Ling)

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