Direct attack of ant ant golden clothes push block chain prescription to solve online illegal drug risk

Direct attack of ant ant golden clothes push block chain prescription to solve online illegal drug risk

Sina Science and Technology News September 13 afternoon news, ant clothing and Fudan University Affiliated Huashan Hospital today jointly launched the block chain electronic prescription. This technology can ensure the accuracy of prescriptions and solve the risk of repeated prescriptions outside the hospital in the process of on-line diagnosis and treatment of patients with follow-up visits.

According to the introduction of ant gold clothing, Huashan Hospital and ant gold clothing block chain, network, hungry cooperation, will be prescription medicine on the chain. From doctor's prescription to dispensing and receipt, prescription records are kept in the block chain in every step of the process to prevent the prescription from being tampered with in the process of circulation. Moreover, the uniqueness of the prescription can be guaranteed through block chains to ensure that the up-chain prescription is not used for re-dispensing. In addition, the prescription information and logistics information stored in the block chain can be traced back to the whole process after the problem occurs.

Ant gold clothing said, after the two sides cooperate, the patients who return the visit and the patients with chronic diseases can get the prescription prescriptions prescribed by the doctor remotely through the Alipay life code of Huashan hospital. The application of block chain technology will ensure that patients can receive drugs accurately and accurately.

Huashan Hospital said that the purpose of water block chain technology is to attract patients to online diagnosis, improve the efficiency of medical treatment, but also to ensure the safe circulation of prescription drugs. Zhang Qi, deputy director of the hospital's information department, said that the hospital will take the endocrinology department as a pilot project and will be promoted throughout the hospital after success. (Zhou Feng)

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