Direct attention to safety management: drivers need to complete safety education before they go out.

Direct attention to safety management: drivers need to complete safety education before they go out.

Sina Technology News September 13th afternoon news, dripping full platform driver safety training plan to upgrade. The plan is one of the 7 top safety measures announced previously. From now on, all drip-net drivers in mainland China (express, courtesy, privilege, carpool, special cars, luxury cars) are required to carry out safety knowledge assessment before leaving the vehicle every day, and can receive orders normally after passing the assessment. At the same time, parade taxi drivers also need to use relevant safety knowledge education before they can use drip drops.

Drip said that the purpose of this move is to enhance the safety awareness of drivers in the service process, so as to better protect the travel safety of both drivers and passengers.

Today, for 10 days, dripping drivers open the main App every day, in addition to face recognition, but also need to participate in safety questions and answers. Each test consists of two multiple-choice questions, both of which are answered correctly before passing. If one of the two questions is answered incorrectly, the test will fail. The driver will have to retake the test until he has passed before he can leave the car normally. The selected questions cover a number of safety-related issues during the trip, such as the drip safety system, penalties for violations of safety service rules, the use of safety functions within App such as "one-button alarm", safety driving regulations and how to communicate with passengers in a civilized and friendly manner.

It is understood that the whole platform driver safety training will operate as a long-term project. Drivers who do not leave the vehicle during the 10-day safety rectification period will be trained and tested before taking orders. On the one hand, the purpose of safety training and testing is to teach drivers how to be a good driver on the drip platform, on the other hand, to let drivers understand how the platform protects and protects their safety. (Zhang Jun)

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