Angola two Chinese employees were kidnapped and helped to ransom.

Angola two Chinese employees were kidnapped and helped to ransom.

Original title: Angola two Chinese employees were kidnapped by the robbers to help save the ransom after being rescued

Sept. 13, China Overseas Chinese Network, according to the Angolan Chinese Wechat public information, local time on September 11, 2018 at about 13:00 p.m., a Chinese enterprise in Luanda, Angola, two employees driving black Lexus to China Trade City to buy goods, returned to the base on the way by five gunmen kidnapped.

After the case happened, the enterprise reported to the Chinese Embassy in Angola for the first time. The police counselor of the embassy, Li Guangming, contacted the enterprise urgently after he learned the situation, made a detailed understanding of the situation, followed up the progress of the case, and provided guidance, with special emphasis on ensuring personnel safety.

Around 16 p.m., Angola's Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce President Wang Linyuan and Secretary-General Wang Hao consulted with the head of the enterprise to carry out the rescue work with all their strength; at the same time, based on previous experience in handling related cases, the safety situation was assessed, the personnel of the enterprise was appeased and the enterprise was handled calmly.

At first, the robbers wanted a ransom of 10 million Kwanzaa. After many negotiations and negotiations, the robbers agreed to release the hostages on the condition of 550,000 Kwanzaa ransom.


At 19:20 p.m., Wang Hao, Secretary-General of the Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce in Angola, together with the driver and an interpreter from the company, paid a ransom at the entrance to the Victoria Hotel at the designated location of the robbers. At 20:40, the two compatriots bound were released safely, but the driving vehicle was not recovered.

During the rescue of the hostages, the leadership of the Chinese Embassy in Angola maintained contact with Wang Hao, Secretary-General of the Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce. He was always concerned about the safety of his compatriots and provided relevant assistance until they were rescued.

It is understood that the two employees of the enterprise in the mall after purchasing goods, on the way back was followed by robbers, from the intersection of the highway, just to the Rose Garden corner was intercepted by a white Pajero, the car came down five gunmen, they kidnapped.

Recently, public security issues have surfaced again. On the afternoon of September 1, two Chinese were caught in a trail while working in downtown Luanda, one of them was kidnapped; on the evening of September 4, a kidnapping case occurred in a small district of Zango, Luanda, and two Chinese were kidnapped. Fortunately, there were no casualties in several kidnapping cases.

Chinese media reminded Chinese compatriots that they should pay more attention to observation when they go out and try to go to places with densely populated areas with military security, security, police and other colleagues. In case of kidnapping, keep calm and do not provoke the robbers to ensure life safety. At the same time, GPS must be installed on vehicles to facilitate rescue and search for vehicles afterwards.

Source: Chinese overseas network

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