The 5 year old girl called the police and was called at the amusement park.

The 5 year old girl called the police and was called at the amusement park.

The 5-year-old girl called the police and said she was beaten in the playground when her father saw the police. What did the child report to the police?

September 11, Kowloon Park police station in Kowloon District received 110 command center alert, a little girl said to have been beaten, the address did not specify, telephone positioning in the city.

The police on duty immediately called the police, and a young woman called from the other end of the phone: "Are you uncles of the police?"

The policeman replied, "yes, my little sister. What happened to you when you were beaten by the police?"

"I was playing in a playground, and I was beat by a brother."

"Are you safe now, little sister? Can you tell me where you are? "

"I am in the vegetable market of Pakistan city."

Two policemen rushed to the Pakistan city vegetable market playground and saw a little girl about 5 years old. She described the matter in detail. When she was playing on the trampoline in the playground, a little boy gave her a push, causing her to fall from the trampoline into the ocean ball. The police asked the little girl where the parents were.

The little girl's father just came over from one side and saw the policeman. He kept asking his daughter. Is that the policeman you called? What kind of police do you use? The boy's father was amused to learn that it was the girl's own police report and that it was a telephone watch. He didn't expect such a small child to call the police, and the police came!  

The girl's father told the police that the child is not a big problem, but a small friction between the children's play, by the two children themselves to solve. The police respect their parents' opinions when they are sure that the girl is in good health.

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