Ministry of agriculture and rural areas: suspension of pig feed using pig blood as raw material *

Ministry of agriculture and rural areas: suspension of pig feed using pig blood as raw material *

Original title: announcement of Ministry of agriculture and rural People's Republic of China

According to the laws and regulations on animal epidemic prevention law of the People's Republic of China and the regulations on the emergency of major animals * *, to prevent and control the epidemic of African swine plague, the relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:  

1. Feed production enterprises suspend production of pig feed with blood products from pig * s blood.  

Two. Relevant pig feed products (including semi finished products, defective products *) that have been produced or sold before the date of promulgation of this announcement shall be sampled and inspected by batch according to the batch of feed production and marketing enterprises. If the test result is negative, it may continue to be sold; if the test result is positive, the feed production enterprise shall recall the product on its own initiative and make the relevant product harmless under the supervision of the feed management department.  

Three, livestock farms (households) temporarily use related feed products to feed * pigs. The relevant feed products in stock may continue to be used after the test results of the products produced and sold by the enterprises are negative for the nucleic acid of the African classical swine fever virus.  

4. The livestock farms (households) in the provinces where the African swine fever epidemic has occurred and in the surrounding provinces shall not feed live pigs with hogwash; the farms (households) in other provinces shall not feed live pigs with hogwash without high temperature treatment.  

Five, animal husbandry and veterinary departments in all regions should strengthen supervision and management, and organize * to do a good job in sampling inspection of pig feed products related to feed production and marketing enterprises in the jurisdiction. In accordance with the relevant regulations, the enterprises concerned shall immediately organize and supervise the recall, harmless treatment, traceability and investigation of the positive products, and the cleaning and disinfection of the relevant production facilities, places and means of delivery. To do a good job of publicity and education, the use of untreated swill feed pig behavior, should be strictly regulated according to law. We should actively coordinate relevant departments, implement regulatory responsibilities, and strengthen the whole chain management of slops.  

Six. This announcement shall be implemented from the date of promulgation.  

Notice hereby.  

Ministry of agriculture and rural areas

September 13, 2018

Editor in chief: Gui Qiang

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