The National Film Board will push the New Deal: suspension of online tickets.

The National Film Board will push the New Deal: suspension of online tickets.

Original title: the National Film Board will push forward the "New Deal" for ticket repair, pre-sale and settlement in the near future.

Beijing News (Reporter Platinum Lei) recently, the film circle rumored that the State Film Bureau will introduce a new policy for ticket subsidy, pre-sale, settlement and ticket purchase fees. Sept. 13, the National Film Bureau, an exclusive response to the Beijing News correspondent, said that everything is subject to the recent announcement. The Beijing News learned from various sources that the announcement is expected to be released within two days. Dadi Cinema, Bona Pictures, Poly Line, ticket laundering, etc. said that they had been informed of the relevant information, but whether the details of the provisions of the adjustment to the competent unit announcement shall prevail.

It is understood that the new deal mainly includes four aspects: suspend the online ticket supplement, including the issuer, producer, producer and the hospital line to provide ticket supplement (not mentioned by the propaganda side), sales price can not be higher than the settlement price, also can not be lower than the lowest ticket price; third-party sales platform service fees must not exceed two yuan. Among them, the system service side charges 1 yuan, the network ticketing platform charges 1 yuan, and the courtyard line and movie projection are not allowed to participate in the distribution; the pre-sale of movies without a public release license is not allowed; the settlement period of the online platform for cinemas is changed from October 1 to 8, and the immediate settlement will be implemented from October 1, next year.

The person in charge of the ticketing business responded: We have expressed the view of canceling the membership many times before. If the new policy really falls down, it will be good in the long run, and it will return the entire film industry to the continued emphasis on content quality and platform products and sustainable development. Cat eye movie has not yet responded to the press release.

Wu Jian, a veteran film analyst who has worked on several online ticket-buying platforms, said: Stopping the ticket subsidy will give up many price-sensitive movie viewers, but not exclude the platform to reduce ticket prices in a red envelope or under-the-line fashion; the service revenue is genuinely reduced, and the service fee for a single ticket will be reduced by 1-3 yuan; No pre-sale is allowed without a release license, and all the film's publicity links are returned to the same starting line; the reduction of the settlement cycle will greatly reduce the pool of funds deposited by the online ticketing platform due to the account period.

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