Beijing provident fund new deal: recognition of housing and loan each deposit for 1 years to lend 100 thousand

Beijing provident fund new deal: recognition of housing and loan each deposit for 1 years to lend 100 thousand

Original title: Beijing provident fund new deal: Housing recognition and loan, each deposit for 1 years to lend 100 thousand

Source: Beijing daily

Just now, Beijing housing provident fund management center has issued several heavy policies. Among them, the Notice on the Adjustment of Housing Provident Fund Personal Housing Loan Policy and the Notice on Implementing Deposit Service, Optimizing Business Environment and Promoting the Service Level of Housing Provident Fund Collection will thoroughly change the extraction and loan of the future Municipal Provident Fund. These policies will be formally implemented from September 17th to next Monday.

In this regard, "subscription and loan", "deposit quota and years of deposit linked", "foreign purchase can not be extracted at will" are key words! The new grain and grain alley (WeChat ID:bjrbjjb) is the first time to focus on your fellow partners.

Young people look here.


The loan amount is linked to the age of deposit.

Paying over 11 years is enough to lend 1 million 200 thousand.

In the past, the maximum loan amount of the provident fund was 1.2 million yuan, and the length of the deposit time will not affect the amount of the loan; the new policy will link the loan amount with the deposit time of the borrower's housing provident fund.

Beijing Housing Provident Fund Management Center said that in order to reflect the fairness and fairness of the system, each year deposit can be loaned 100,000 yuan, up to 1.2 million yuan.

There are several special cases when calculating the deposit period. If the deposit period is less than 1, the whole year will be calculated by 1. For example, if the deposit period is 13 months, it will be two years and 200 thousand yuan. In addition, if the applicant is married, the amount of the loan will not be added up, but will be calculated by the husband and wife who have a longer deposit period.

Take a chestnut! If the 22-year-old undergraduate graduates, after taking office began to deposit the provident fund, under normal circumstances can loan more than 1.2 million need to deposit more than 11 years, that is, about 34 years old. "This is mainly to guide the public to reasonable housing consumption, the implementation of the'rent and purchase simultaneously','rent and buy first'." The person in charge said.

Buy two sets to see here.


"Two suites" both recognize the house and recognize the loan.

Two sets of maximum loan amount to 600 thousand.

Beginning next week, the Beijing Provident Fund personal loans also changed the judgment of the "second suite" rules, as well as commercial loans into the same "subscription and loan.

"Housing" refers to the borrower's housing in the name of Beijing, "loan" refers to the credit system in the people's bank nationwide personal housing loan records, including commercial housing loan records, housing provident fund personal housing loan records.

That is to say, if the applicant has no housing loan record in his name and no housing in this city, he or she shall be dealt with according to the first suite loan policy; if the applicant does not belong to the first suite, and is approved to be a second suite, he or she shall be dealt with according to the second Suite loan policy; if the applicant is approved to have two or more housing, he or she shall not be granted a loan.

Loan applicant's housing and loan situation

Applicable policy

No housing loan records and no housing in this city.

First suite loan policy

There are only 1 housing loan records.

Two suite loan policy

There are only 1 apartments in this city.

There are 1 records of housing loans in the city.

There are 1 housing units and the same housing.

There are 2 or more apartments in this city.

No loan

There are 2 and above housing loan records.

There are records of housing loans and housing in the city, and the same housing.

Specifically, the case of the "second suite" is: there is only one housing in this city; there is only one housing loan record in the country; there is a housing loan record, there is one housing in this city, and the same housing. If there are two or more housing units in this city, or there are two or more housing loan records in the country, or there are housing loan records and housing in this city, and not the same set of housing, the loan is not allowed.

Meanwhile, the new deal lowered the maximum loan limit for two suites, from 800 thousand yuan to 600 thousand yuan. Generally speaking, if the "subscription and loan" is judged as a "second suite", compared with the past will face a decline in loan quota, the down payment ratio increased.

Look at the down payment ratio.


Down payment ratio no longer unified 20%

Pu house 35% two sets of non Pu 80%

Is the first suite or two suites, will directly affect the down payment ratio. Similar to last year's "3.17 New Deal", the down payment ratio for home purchases with provident fund loans will vary according to the nature of the house:

From a low to a high level, the proportion of down payment should not be less than 20% when buying affordable housing.

For the first housing with property rights and other policy related housing, the down payment ratio should not be less than 30%;

Purchase of policy housing outside the first set of ordinary housing since the first payment ratio of not less than 35%;

The first payment of non ordinary housing outside the policy housing is not less than 40%.

The proportion of down payment should not be less than 60% if ordinary housing is purchased for second housing units.

The proportion of down payment should not be less than 80% when buying non ordinary housing and second housing units.

The standards for the determination of ordinary self-housing and non-ordinary self-housing will be implemented in accordance with the standards of the Notice on the Adjustment of the Average Transaction Price of Ordinary Housing under the Tax Preferential Policy of this Municipality. Generally speaking, ordinary self-housing refers to a floor area rate of more than 1.0 (including), a single building area of 140 square meters (including) below, and refer to its actual transaction price to determine.

City six area to see here


Six to 6 districts outside the city to buy a house can float.

East and West City floating 200 thousand dynasties Haifeng stone floating 100 thousand

In order to fulfill the relevant requirements of Beijing's urban master plan, the new policy will provide a maximum loan of 100,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan to families who purchase houses outside the six districts of the city and are the first suites.

Specifically, if the applicants are registered in Dongcheng District or Xicheng District of Beijing, they can purchase the first apartment outside the six districts (Dongcheng, Xicheng, Chaoyang, Haidian, Fengtai and Shijingshan District), and the maximum loan amount can rise by 200,000 yuan to 1.4 million yuan.

If the household registration in Chaoyang, Haidian, Fengtai, Shijingshan District, the purchase of the first apartment outside the six districts of the city, the maximum loan amount can rise 100,000 to 1.3 million yuan.

Look at the middle-aged and the elderly.


The longest loan is counted to 65 years old.

Previously, the longest loan term for individual provident fund loans could be calculated as the loan applicant's 70-year-old adjustment; now it is adjusted to be in principle not more than 65-year-old. If the borrower is married, the time limit for the loan is calculated by the longer one of the couple.

For example, if the applicant is over 55 years old, the longest loan in the past was 15 years, and now it will be reduced to 10 years.

Monthly salary see here.


Monthly repayment amount not exceeding 6 monthly income

Insufficient income will reduce the quota.

On the premise of guaranteeing the basic living expenses of the borrowing applicant, the average monthly repayment amount calculated by the method of equal principal-interest repayment according to the amount, duration and applicable interest rate of the loan applied for by the borrowing applicant shall not exceed 60% of the monthly income of the borrowing applicant.

In fact, the "monthly payment of not exceeding 60% monthly income" is more important, which will affect the loan quota.

Count the accounts! If the use of provident fund loans of 1.2 million yuan, 25 years, according to the benchmark interest rate of 3.25%, the monthly equivalent principal and interest is 5848 yuan. According to the new deal, the monthly income should be at least 11230 yuan on the basis of the basic living expenses.

Look at the purchase outside Beijing.


Purchase of foreign housing is no longer optional.

It can only buy household registration or the provincial capital where the household register resids.

"Although it has been realized to buy houses in other places to draw the provident fund, but also found a large number of forged materials to defraud the provident fund situation." Beijing Housing Provident Fund Management Center, the relevant person in charge of the actual operation found that many applicants forged property certificates, household registration books, identity cards, purchase contracts and even the government website.

To this end, the new deal will also regulate the withdrawal of housing business, no longer buy any city housing can be withdrawn in Beijing provident fund. It is reported that apart from the purchase of housing located in the Beijing administrative region, the withdrawal of the provident fund is limited to the purchase of housing in the county, city or provincial capital city where the registered permanent residence is located.

For example, if a purchaser's household registration is in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, he can withdraw the provident fund only when he purchases Beijing housing, Zhangjiakou housing and Shijiazhuang housing; if he purchases Langfang housing in the three northern counties, he can not withdraw the provident fund.

It should also be noted that if the depositors and spouses of the housing provident fund in Beijing administrative region have the record of withdrawal, can not deal with the withdrawal of housing in other places.

Go to town and work here.


Migrant workers can be extracted from household sales.

The man is 55 years old and the woman is 50.

If the household registration is local, the withdrawal of the local household registration personnel shall be handled in accordance with the regulations for the withdrawal of the local household registration personnel.

If the household registration is outside the city, due to changes in work to other provinces and cities, has been established in the local housing provident fund, the transfer of housing provident fund to other places;

If the housing provident fund has not been established locally, the depositor of the housing provident fund shall be at least 55 years old for males and 50 years old for females, and may be withdrawn by the seller.

Seriously ill see here.


Elimination of serious illness in principle

In order to curb the fraudulent withdrawal of housing provident fund by means of serious illness, the Municipality cancels in principle the withdrawal of major illnesses stipulated in the Notice on the Issue of Extraction of Housing Provident Fund by Employees and Families in Emergency Events.

At the same time, if the depositor applies for the prescribed withdrawal, the prescribed withdrawal interval shall be adjusted to three months, six months or one year after the completion of the first withdrawal.

Units and workers look here.


Illegal extraction for 5 years

According to the new deal, the city will increase penalties for illegal extraction of provident fund in the future. The management center immediately freezes the account of housing provident fund for employees who withdraw housing provident fund in violation of regulations, orders them to refund the amount withdrawn in full, records personal information in the bad information database, and refuses to handle the withdrawal of housing provident fund and refuses to accept the loan application of housing provident fund within five years from the date of discovery of the violation.

At the same time, bad information will be copied and sent to the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce, the Municipal Economic and Credit Commission and other departments in accordance with the law to implement joint punishment. If the personal housing provident fund account is transferred to another place, the illegal withdrawal records will be transferred with the personal account.

Apply for a loan here.


A large number of materials were thoroughly streamlined.

In addition to adjusting many loan rules, relevant materials are streamlined with the implementation of the new deal. In terms of loan application materials, in order to facilitate the borrowing applicants, when the loan administration department of the management center accepts the loan application, only the original purchase contract (if it is inconvenient to provide the original copy) and the original "Certificate of Use of Housing Provident Fund for Workers with Loans from Other Places" shall be retained; the remaining loan application materials shall be retained after verification. Store electronic image files, check and use them in the course of business processing.

At the same time, the existing management center, Beijing Housing Loan Guarantee Center, borrowers, trusted banks to retain a loan contract, reduced to the management center, borrowers, trusted banks to retain a copy of each, Beijing Housing Loan Guarantee Center is no longer retained.


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