Former AOL CEO Armstrong will bid farewell to YAHOO AOL- Oath

Former AOL CEO Armstrong will bid farewell to YAHOO AOL- Oath

Sina Technologies News Beijing time on September 13 evening news, the U. S. mobile operator Verizon announced today that the company's media and advertising business director Tim Armstrong will leave at the end of this year.

As part of Verizon's acquisition of AOL, Armstrong joined Verizon in 2015, before serving as AOL CEO. Later, Verizon acquired Yahoo and merged the two departments into a digital advertising unit named Oath. But so far, these efforts by Verizon have not promoted the rapid development of this business.

According to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal, Verizon has decided to integrate Oath with the rest of the company. Of course, there is also news that Oath may be split into an independent business.

Guru Gowrappan, Oath's president and chief operating officer, will assume full management responsibility for the company starting Oct. 1, Verizon said in a statement today.

Insiders said the move could mean the adjustment of Verizon media and advertising strategy. At present, Verizon's media and advertising strategies are in sharp contrast to competitors like AT&, T. In June of this year, AT& T completed the acquisition of Time Warner and launched an advertising centered strategy.

Verizon hopes to compete with Google and Facebook in the digital advertising market through Oath, but the Wall Street Journal says the market is still dominated by Google and Facebook, and Oath market share is expected to decline. (Li Ming)

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