The official is interested in launching Internet banking business in Hongkong: no comment.

The official is interested in launching Internet banking business in Hongkong: no comment.

Original title: today's headline intends to launch an internet financial business in Hongkong official response will not comment.

Huang Xiting, International Finance Journal

In September 12th, media reports said that today's headlines are interested in Internet banking in Hongkong. The company is considering obtaining a Hong Kong financial licence, and said it intends to conduct investment research advisory services in Hong Kong.

In this regard, the International Finance Daily reporter to today's headline related to the person in charge of verification, the person said no comment.

In fact, the trend of today's headline layout of financial business has attracted much attention.

Recently, a media source questioned today's headline lending platform and reported that today's headline "rest assured lending" business was suspected of violating the law. Subsequently, the relevant staff of the Beijing Municipal Financial Bureau said in response to the reporter that the product is not P2P, more like a diversion product.

Earlier, it was also reported that today's headlines apply for online small loan licences in Yinchuan, Ningxia. The headlines concerned also declined to comment.

In addition to reassuring lending, today's headline layout in the financial sector also includes the launch of the stock information platform "Sodium Magnesium Stocks" last October to provide information on A shares and U.S. stocks.

An Internet source told the International Finance Daily that most Internet companies are now facing the problem of exhaustion of traffic dividends, so in addition to the existing business sector, we need to expand business that can bring sustained profitability and imagination, and finance is a strong liquidity, but also has a certain moat. The dominant business is almost a battleground.

In August, headline parent byte-bouncing was in the process of a new round of financing, valued at $75 billion, according to media reports. In May of this year, the Internet queen Mary Mikel valued it at $30 billion.

"Today's headlines 75 billion dollar valuation must be indispensable to the financial business story. Capital markets, which are not optimistic about the overall financing situation, have not yet reached the level of bloodshed, but today's headlines to preserve valuation also need to explore the direction of financial business. The Internet personage said.

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