70 thousand years ago, South Africa discovered the cross pattern or the oldest human painting.

70 thousand years ago, South Africa discovered the cross pattern or the oldest human painting.

Original title: South Africa discovered that the cruciform pattern 73 thousand years ago may be the oldest human "painting".

China news agency, Johannesburg, September 13, according to South Africa's official media reported 13, archaeologists recently found a 73,000-year-old cross-shaped pattern on a piece of silica conglomerate in Blombos Cave, South Africa, which may be the first human paintings.

The burombos cave archaeological site dates back to the middle stone age from 70 thousand to 100 thousand years ago. In the cave, archaeologists also found the teeth of the African Homo sapiens, spears, bone tools, sculptures and beads made from shells and other objects.

According to archaeologist Christopher Henshilwood, archaeological team leader, the discovery of the "star," the cross-shaped pattern by ochre wax drawn on the rock, the pattern consists of six parallel lines and three slightly curved lines. Because of the sudden termination of the lines of the painting, it is likely that the work belongs to a larger painting, but is stripped off after it is finished.

Christopher Hensilwood said the painting is older than the earlier known human paintings and is likely to be the oldest ever discovered. Christopher Hensilwood also pointed out that the reason why the "painting" was thought to have been made by primitive humans rather than by other species was that the archaeological team found only the remains of Homo sapiens in the cave.


"Homo sapiens do a lot of things, but we don't know they can draw," says Christopher Hensilwood, whose discovery deepens people's understanding of Homo sapiens in Africa. "Their behavior is basically the same as ours, and as we do now, they can produce and use tools, and they There are also language symbols to convey information.

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