The main leaders of 11 counties and cities in Hebei were interviewed.

The main leaders of 11 counties and cities in Hebei were interviewed.

Original title: latest! The main leaders of 11 counties and cities in Hebei were interviewed.

Source: Hebei daily

On September 12, the provincial atmospheric office conducted a centralized interview with the principal officials of 11 counties (cities and districts) in charge of the comprehensive air quality index from March to June of this year and the average concentration of PM2.5 increased three times over the same period.

11 principal leaders of the county (city, district) government were interviewed.

These 11 counties (cities and districts) are Dingzhou City, Langfang Wen'an County, Dacheng County, Gu'an County, Baoding Qingyuan District, Wangdu County, Xiong'an New District, Xingtai Baixiang County, Qinhuangdao Haigang District, Funing District, Chengde Yingzhaoyingzi Mining District.

Notification of the problems found in the inspection and so on.

During the interview, the provincial atmospheric office also notified 11 counties (cities and districts) of the problems found in the mass letters and visits reported by the central environmental protection inspectors and intensified inspections in key areas of the blue sky defense war.

Among them, Dingzhou City, Dacheng County and Gu'an County found more problems in the first four rounds of intensive inspection in key areas of blue sky defense, which were 63, 46 and 42 respectively; Dacheng County and Wen'an County had more problems in handling mass letters and visits, which were 42 and 30 respectively.

Strict implementation of "party and government responsibility, one duty and two responsibilities"

Since the beginning of this year, the provincial atmospheric office has put forward that the improvement of environmental quality has been the core of the province's efforts to comprehensively promote various measures such as pressure energy, coal reduction, enterprise management, dust reduction, vehicle control and greening. The atmospheric environmental quality of most cities and counties (cities and districts) is developing in a sustained and good direction, and remarkable improvements have been made in atmospheric environmental quality. Results.

The provincial atmospheric office requires that all localities strictly implement the requirements of "Party and government share the same responsibility, one post and two responsibilities". It is necessary to quantify the indicators of ecological environment protection into the comprehensive assessment and evaluation methods of the leading groups and cadres of the departments directly under the county level so as to force the implementation of responsibility.

Localities should seriously reflect on the root causes of air quality deterioration, find out the problems, and make clear the direction of rectification.

Key areas, key enterprises, key problems and key periods should be highlighted, pollution prevention and control in industrial enterprises and transformation of ultra-low emissions, overcapacity resolution, coal-gas substitution by electricity, clean-up of "scattered pollution" enterprises, dust pollution control, straw and refuse burning prohibition should be focused on in different areas and batches. Jian, set out a set of symptoms and treatment, the main attack on the "combination of boxing."

Localities should establish and improve the grid monitoring and supervision system, especially the 11 counties (cities and districts) interviewed should standardize and improve the grass-roots environmental protection work system to ensure that the air quality "changes every year, three years have a big effect".

To win the battle of the blue sky!

Reporter Duan Liqian

Editor in chief: Wu Jinming

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