Men were arrested for driving a truck through 3 points: can police officers deduct my 12 branch?

Men were arrested for driving a truck through 3 points: can police officers deduct my 12 branch?

Original title: "officer, do you want to deduct 3 points from me? Do you want to deduct 12 branches from me?"

According to the relevant provisions of the restriction of trucks in the main urban area, some areas in the morning and evening rush hour, forbidden trucks, violators will be given driving license 3 points, a fine of 100 yuan.

However, why is the driver facing such a penalty, but made a special request to the police: "Deduction of three points is not enough, deduction of my 12 branches is not OK?" Let the company pay attention! "

Such a request, so that the traffic police officers are laughing and crying, can think carefully, but also understand the helplessness of small.

What is that all about?


Check the truck's entry

Driver's request for driving license 12 points


At 6:00 p.m. on August 28, Ma Bao, a police officer from the Xiejiawan Brigade of the Kowloon Poe Traffic Patrol Detachment, was on duty at Yuanjiagang. At this time, during the evening rush hour, trucks were restricted by relevant regulations. At about 6:10, he found a small truck with a license plate of XXXXXX, Chongqing, breaking the ban. The police signaled the driver to pull over and accept the punishment.

According to Article 38 of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, Ma Bao decides to give the driver a 3-point driving license and a fine of 100 yuan.

By reason of this, the general driver will take the initiative to admit his mistake, so that the police can "open the door". But unexpectedly, Xiao He bowed his head and thought a little, then suddenly opened his mouth: "Comrade police, the driver's license score is too small, deduct my 12 branch is not OK?" Actively asking for a driving license score of 12 points, such a situation, Ma Bao is still the first time to encounter, some dim brain.

The company stipulated "foul".

Communication no fruit courier was "driven to the top"


With doubt, Ma Bao and Xiao he chatted. Originally, Xiaohe works in the express company, the company has a new regulation this year, "once received orders, the driver must deliver to customers on time, even if the truck limit period must be completed." Such a regulation is undoubtedly related to relevant laws and regulations. Xiaohe and the other delivery staff of the company communicate with the company many times, but the company managers do not care about these, and require everyone to deliver according to the provisions, otherwise, according to the relevant provisions of the company to deal with, anyway, the final result is a penalty.

Xiao He gets a monthly salary Commission according to the completion singular. Under normal circumstances, he can complete more than 100 orders per month. The salary is three thousand or four thousand yuan. But according to the company's relevant regulations, once not delivered on time, each bill will be deducted by half, once complained by customers, then this order is considered to be wasted.

Xiao He communicated fruitlessly with the company, so that every time he received an order during the time limit, his heart was panicked, but had to risk driving delivery, can be said to be "forced to Liangshan".

Score 3 points according to law

Police will come forward to communicate with the courier company.


This time by the police investigation, Xiao is no longer willing to accept this "splint gas", assuming that if the driving license is scored 12 points, will cause the company to pay attention, so that the company will not be in the truck during the limit period of dispatch orders, but also at the expense of their own, "benefit" colleagues.

After listening to what he said, police Ma Bao could not help laughing. According to the law, Ma Bao gave his personal advice: 1. The illegal behavior can only be handled by the police according to law; 2. Patience and company communication, problems can finally be properly solved; 3. If necessary, the police can communicate with the company to help solve the problem.

Xiao He also said that this time to go back to communicate with the company, if it can not attract the attention of the company, then ask the police to help.


In order to grab business, many express companies have "foul" regulations.

"Once an order is received, the driver must deliver it to the customer on time, even if the truck is within the time limit." According to the Chongqing Morning Post reporter survey, many express delivery companies in the main urban area have such provisions, not only in the time limit for order distribution tasks, and sometimes even the normal meal time to be delivered on time, but also because of this, many truck couriers can not eat lunch and dinner on time.

Master Wang, a truck express, was a taxi driver two months ago and recently changed his job. The company is located in a logistics park in northern Chongqing. "In the past, you can guarantee meals at noon. Now, if you have a list, who will take care of your meal?" Master Wang complained that since he became a truck express, whenever there was a order every day, he had to deliver it at the first time. When he met a meal, he had to deliver it first. Sometimes he had lunch and dinner together. In a few days, his stomach was in trouble.

Master Wang said frankly, according to his understanding, this situation in the express delivery industry is no more normal, stomach disease has become a lot of express drivers "occupational disease".

Fierce competition

Courier companies only take orders regardless of "Regulations".

Compared to unable to eat on time, the real headache for the couriers is the issue of sending orders during the limited period. "There are regulations to limit the line. The companies there have regulations to deliver. What can you do?" Xiao Zhong, a delivery driver in a logistics park in Yubei District, said that in order to grab the bill, the company did not limit the line at all, put down a sentence to the delivery driver "must be delivered on time". Others do not care, overtime, complaints, to deduct money, look at their own. "To talk about it, it's not hard for US drivers to make more money."

According to a manager of a express company in Yubei District, the express industry in the main city is now in fierce competition. Many express companies are established every year in some logistics parks in Yubei District. In order to make money, they can only scramble for orders desperately, and they can not control the relevant provisions of the freight car line restriction at all. Luck. "

The chief executive said that most of the express companies today are not like them. The truck driver was inspected by the traffic policeman. After deduction of the driving license, he had to learn, he could not go on the road, the company suffered losses, and he could not be sent to the truck at the critical moment. However, under the current circumstances, the company could only do so.


The relevant provisions should be implemented to express companies can not let truck drivers get caught in a trap.

On the one hand, the time limit of the truck can not be violated, on the other hand, the express company refused to snatch orders, such a situation will undoubtedly let the truck driver in the middle of the gas, or even "forced to Liangshan", at the risk of breaking the ban.

How to solve this problem? Mr. Zhang, who has been engaged in logistics for many years, believes that more and more cities are beginning to restrict freight cars, on the one hand to meet the city's environmental requirements, on the other hand to reduce the city's traffic flow, thereby reducing congestion. This point is beyond reproach, but in the meantime, the relevant departments should also issue regulations on the logistics industry, and regular inspection and supervision, strict inspection of such a limited period of time to send orders.

In addition, logistics express companies should be encouraged to use new energy trucks for distribution. It is understood that in Chengdu, Tianjin, Xi'an, Suzhou and Shenzhen to give new energy logistics vehicles the right of way cities, pure electric logistics vehicles have become a logistics company in particular favor of freight vehicles. For example, in Chengdu, in the morning and evening rush hour of new energy logistics vehicles can be unimpeded; in Xi'an, pure electric logistics vehicles not only unlimited, but also take the bus lane.

Mr. Zhang said that at present, Chongqing has some incentive policies for new energy logistics vehicles.

According to the relevant regulations of Chongqing, the licensed trucks with a maximum design total mass of not more than 4.5 tons and a special license for new energy will be issued a pass for trucks in the main urban area. Green passes shall be issued for new energy trucks which are incorporated into the urban distribution system or renewed and replaced with traditional energy sources and whose maximum design total mass does not exceed 3.5 tons. Newspaper reporter Jing Ran

Once an order is received, the driver must deliver it to the customer on time, even if the truck is within the time limit.

Courier company VS regulations

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the restrictions on trucks in the main urban areas, some areas are prohibited from passing during the morning and evening rush hours. Those who violate the regulations will be punished with a driving license score of 3 points and a fine of 100 yuan.

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