Commentary: net car is an indispensable part of the suspension late night service raises new problems

Commentary: net car is an indispensable part of the suspension late night service raises new problems

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily

Short commentary

No dripping days, some people began to become unaccustomed. In September 4th, a drop out announcement said that from September 8th to 14th was suspended from midnight (23 points to 5 o'clock the next day). Such changes make those who need late night travel unprepared. Many netizens reflected that this move to the public travel problems, resulting in black car business double bidding, taxi company business increased sharply. Soon, there were all kinds of reports on the Internet, which made people feel like late-night cars are indispensable.

In the context of extreme events, it seems reasonable to suspend services by drops. From the perspective of corporate crisis response, a "one size fits all" approach like suspension of services may be the best way for the human body to appreciate the determination of the business, perhaps better than the size or even controversial improvement measures. Achieve the effect of "metasomatism" to the outside world. Of course, this is just a guess, not necessarily true. There is also a well-recognized view that companies stop serving to "form a kind of public opinion forced palace", to prove the importance of dripping in daily life - late-night cars become indispensable, dripping back into, so that users can not sit down, enterprises get follow-up game chips.

The latter kind of speculation is quite market, mainly based on the following two points: first, although there are dozens of online contract car brands in the country, but the real big only drip trip. Early intervention in the market, by burning money to seize the share, so there is today's drip in the Internet contract car market monopoly. Priority not only makes it difficult to be replaced by the latter, but also objectively allows the drip to have enough capital to play with consumers and regulators. Secondly, from the perspective of product form, E-contract car is not only a kind of consumer goods, because its role is the supplement and extension of the traditional taxi, once the service is stopped, it will inevitably have an impact on people's daily life. The netizen anxiety mentioned in the report reflects the nature of quasi public goods to a certain extent.

The public is gradually dependent on their services, which is the root of the problem. For quite a long time to come, China's online contract car market will probably maintain a dominant situation, regardless of whether the enterprise has the intention to retreat into the late-night car stopping this practice objectively raises a question, that is, the demand for online contract car has been developed, consumers now formed the corresponding consumption habits Under such a background, how can we ensure that consumers get stable services?

Media reports mention the corresponding constraints. Article 11 of the Interim Measures for the Management of Business and Service of Taxi Reservations on the Internet, which came into effect on November 1, 2016, stipulates that "if a taxi reservations platform company suspends or terminates its operation, it shall make a written report to the taxi administration department at the place of service 30 days in advance, stating that In case of the situation, the owners and drivers of the service will be notifications and announced to the public. But judging from the drip-stop of late-night train service this time, such a rule may not have played a role in reality. There are, of course, good reasons to justify their decisions, and, to put it further, even reporting to the authorities in advance will not solve the problem. After all, the market structure is not formed in a day or two, whether the authorities or consumers, it is difficult to find a substitute for it.

A dominant market always gives the impression of oligarchy, which may not be the true attitude of the business. In the first half of this year, it lost 4 billion yuan, 39 billion yuan in six years, and the data disclosed the price it paid to gain dominant market position. After a brutal market competition, and now after an extreme event, it is time to reexamine its role, the safety, publicity and irreplaceability of its products, requiring a broader perspective. Late-night car service "cut off" less than a week, so that the public to experience a company's special social value, such a change, not only may not have occurred to enterprises, regulators are also new issues. There is no doubt that new consensus and new mechanisms are needed to respond.

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