Beijing strictly checks taxi "black car" illegal operation after 23 hours to strengthen supervision

Beijing strictly checks taxi

Source: Beijing daily

Original title: Beijing strictly check taxi "black car" illegal operation after 23 hours to strengthen supervision

The reporter learned from the Municipal Transport Commission that in order to ensure the smooth and orderly operation of the city's taxi market, crack down on illegal taxi and cruise "black car" operation, serious disruption of market order, the city recently launched a special rectification of the taxi industry. Especially for traffic hubs, busy business circles around the law enforcement force to strengthen investment, supervision time tilted to the night and after 23 o'clock. Serious illegal drivers will be included in the industry blacklist. At the same time, the taxi industry will take various measures to encourage drivers to operate at night.

The special rectification work of the taxi industry includes:

One is to increase the punishment for serious violations of taxis, cruising "black cars" and illegal operation of cloned taxis to form a high-pressure crackdown situation and centralize the reorganization of the operation order.

Second, we should focus on "three stops and two yards, bus hub, key rail transit station, Wangfujing, Xidan and other busy commercial districts, CBD, Financial Street and other office building concentration areas, increase investment in law enforcement, supervision time tilted to the night and after 23 o'clock, actively coordinate the joint efforts of relevant departments to carry out comprehensive management.

Third, we should smooth the channels of complaint reporting, arrange special personnel to take charge of the complaint acceptance work. We should investigate the quality of taxi service reported by the masses and the illegal operation clues of "black cars" at the first time, and deal with them seriously according to law, so as to ensure that the complaints must be investigated, checked must be fruitful and checked must be replied.

On Sept. 10 and 11 alone, the city traffic law enforcement corps dispatched 229 law enforcement officers to carry out intensive night inspections in 26 key areas such as Sanlitun and Sanlitun, inspecting more than 1,000 vehicles, investigating 138 violations and seizing 4 "black cars" for cruising.

In view of the problem of taxi bargaining in Sanlitun area at night, from 21:00 p.m. on September 11 to 2:00 a.m. on the next day, the Municipal Traffic Law Enforcement Corps, together with traffic control and urban management departments, carried out special rectification actions. A total of 9 taxis were found to have been handed over to other people for driving (including a private taxi meter), 1 refusal to carry a taxi, 1 bargaining, and 1 non-standard service. Since then, traffic policemen have punishments for illegally parking 10 times, and urban management has cleared 2 illegal vendors. Drivers of serious violations will be included in the industry blacklist.

In order to further improve the service quality of the taxi industry, the taxi industry practices the main responsibility of enterprises and takes various measures to encourage drivers to operate at night.

The first is to establish an incentive mechanism for enterprises. Sanyuan taxi company will actively participate in key areas, key periods of capacity support tasks as a prerequisite for awarding outstanding drivers. The first automobile contract platform company adopts the measures of combining spiritual and material incentives to enhance the night transport capacity of cruise cars and network contract cars. For example, the method of double calculation of night order flow integral and reward of driver's terminal support number sheet is adopted to encourage the driver of network contract to go to the main terminal at night for transportation guarantee.

The two is to carry out the "civilized service, standardized operation, ceremony in Beijing" special activities. Through various forms of publicity and education activities, improve the taxi drivers'awareness of service, and enhance the service level of the industry.

The three is to give full play to the leading role of Party members. To all drivers, call on Party members and the "taxi star" fleet to play a pioneering role, take the initiative at night to "three stops and two races" and key business circles to ensure operation, urgent passenger travel, highlighting the capital's taxi industry demeanor.

Next, the city's traffic law enforcement departments, together with traffic management, urban management and other departments, will continue to increase the supervision of the taxi industry, taxi serious violations will be recorded in the "blacklist", the prominent illegal problems of taxi enterprises for interviews and rectification, cruise "black cars" will be severely punished according to law, further purification The taxi operation environment provides security for the public to travel.

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