My Mount Huangshan ship international joint performance bears the main force of air defense and successfully manages many enemy situations.

My Mount Huangshan ship international joint performance bears the main force of air defense and successfully manages many enemy situations.

From September 11 to the early morning of 13, local time, the "Kakadu-2018" multi-national naval exercises entered the stage of free confrontation between red and blue naval forces at sea. The Huangshan Ship, representing the Chinese navy, jointly participated in the exercises with warships and aircraft from 16 other countries off the Darwin Sea. The exercises reached the expected target.

At about 13 o'clock on the 11th, under the unified command of the Australian "Melbourne" frigate, nine Red Square ships of various types formed a guard screen formation to carry out combat cruise in the waters near Melville Island, Australia, and the sea free confrontation quietly opened. During the drill, the Red Square Special Envoy Team of Huangshan Ship cooperated closely with each other in strict accordance with the electromagnetic operation plan, and participated in many drills, such as submarine search and attack, formation air defense and guidance.

On the afternoon of 12, a quick battle warning rang again. Guided by the Red Squad II commander and the Australian frigate Newcastle, the Huangshan and Singapore warriors sped through the narrow Van Dimon Bay, searching for and attacking the blue patrol boats cruising there. Pushing the hatch of the Huangshan warship battle room, the strong fighting breath rushes to the surface, the keyboard knocks endlessly, the command command voice is brief and powerful, the sea and air two aspects of the battle system and the observation of the alert position into the state of combat, the communication part will use the agreed signal first time to inform the Special Mixed Force of air and sea information to the ships. . "Maintaining a full-time state of high alert, ready to deal with various complex situations, has become the Huangshan Ship to participate in the normal state of actual combat." Huangshan warship captain Ai Peng introduced.

The situation is so turbulent that the fighting is at stake. On the evening of the 12th, the Red Squad Special Envoy Team successfully joined the two Squad Teams in the Bay of Biegel, and carried out many simulated attacks on the Blue Squad Special Envoy Team which attempted to enter the sea blockade area, effectively achieving the goal of seizing control of the sea. During this period, the Huangshan Ship made full use of its long detection distance and strong air defense and anti-missile capability, and accomplished the tasks of regional air defense and observation and warning in actual combat, which played an important role in the Red Party's seizure of sea power.

"This free confrontation, within the framework of the overall scenario of the Red Command Post, closely centers on the formation tactical intentions, rationally organizes forces and flexibly uses tactics, which fully embodies the characteristics of Task-based command." Ding Xinmin, commander of the Huangshan Ship, said that during the exercise, the Huangshan Ship Mission Command Post accurately understood the intentions of the exercise, maintained close communication and liaison with the various ships in the formation at all times, continuously strengthened coordination and information exchange, successfully dealt with several unexpected enemy situations, and fully demonstrated the comprehensive and excellent professional qualities of Chinese naval officers and soldiers. (Duan Jiangshan, Xu Guang)

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