Securities Times: the idea of "making a big purchase" has changed.

Securities Times: the idea of

Original title: housing investment logic will be reversed

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This time is different from the past. The era of brutal growth in the real estate market is over.

In the past few years, the house was once a tool for increasing wealth. Now, can housing buy rich?

"At the end of 2016, I spent 4.6 million dollars on a 74-square-metre three-bedroom apartment in Meilin, Fukuda, with taxes and brokerage fees of nearly 150,000, and the total cost was 4.75 million." Chen Yong told me, "Now nearly two years ago, I was going to sell this apartment for a bigger apartment. Now the listed price is about 5.2 million, but now the regulation is strict. The intermediary says 5.1 million transactions have more chances. So it looks like there is a profit of 350,000 yuan on the book, but consider paying down 1.4 million interest. As well as the monthly interest generated by monthly payments, the proceeds may be only tens of thousands of dollars.

In fact, this situation is not uncommon in the recent Shenzhen property market. At the end of last year, Modi, a friend of mine, purchased a 89-square-meter three-room new house in Shangshui Avenue District of Buji. The unit price is 53000 yuan per square-meter. Now, the price of the second-hand house in the same district is about this level. The house has not yet been offered for a month.

"To start early, the cost of housing and housing has been rising. But now I've never thought about making big money by buying a house. " Mr. Chen said so. Some people say that the most important attribute of Shenzhen's housing price is value preservation. If the annual increase is less than 10%, investors will surely lose money, because the cost of capital is too high.

With tough property market regulation and sharply rising capital costs, the idea of "buying a house to make a big profit" has changed, and caution is increasingly becoming the mainstream idea. Nearly half a month after entering the Golden Nine, from the current Shenzhen property market, the "Golden Nine and Silver Ten" is obviously inadequate, whether the current developer dynamics, or the current overall market transaction situation, the wait-and-see atmosphere is becoming more and more strong. According to Shenzhen Central Plains Research Center, 1,204 second-hand houses were sold in Shenzhen last week, down 15.7% from the previous month and 13.14% from the previous year. From the point of view of the change in quoted prices, the proportion of the second-hand housing quotation dropped last week was 56.64%. In fact, since October 2016 after the policy regulation and control of Shenzhen property market "Gold Nine Silver Ten" has disappeared, the current market is still on the lookout, the flow of home buyers has decreased, the pace of developers slowed down, the market is expected to close in the short term or continue to slump.

Some people say that today is different from yesterday. The brutal growth of the real estate market era has passed, especially in recent years, the continuous regulation and upgrading of the real estate market, in fact, means that the domestic real estate market has gradually entered the second half.

Just now, the high tide of the real estate business report has come to an end. Many small and medium-sized real estate enterprises still follow the survival law of scale competition and slam on the gas pedal on the way to the top 100 and hundreds of billions. On the other hand, several leading housing companies quietly stepped on the brakes, proactively announced to slow down the pace of expansion, no longer put size in the first place, "increase profit margins" and "reduce leverage" become new business rules. It is noteworthy that traditional developers from the original single residential, office building providers, to a new lifestyle of service providers has become a trend.

Housing companies are beginning to change, and the mentality of just-in-need and investors seems to be changing, and the logic of buying a home investment will be reversed.

(author is Securities Times reporter)

Editor in chief: Zhang Shen

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