After being arrested, the "umbrella" was also pulled out.

After being arrested, the

Original title: after these black related criminals were arrested, "umbrella" was also pulled out.

Not long ago, Harbin Discipline Inspection Commission of Heilongjiang Province took the initiative to attack the local people's strong reaction to the "crazy big truck" problem, knocking down six evil "car protection gangs" and investigating and punishing 122 people "umbrella" caused widespread concern in society.

For a long time, some Party members and cadres in Harbin have provided "protection" for large trucks that are perennially overloaded, speeding and traveling in violation of regulations. As a result, illegal vehicles run across the urban areas and become a potential source of dangerous traffic accidents, seriously endangering the safety of people's lives and property. As these "umbrellas" fell into the net, the "crazy trucks" on the streets of Harbin disappeared, and the citizens felt more secure.

This is the national discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels to dig the "umbrella" of thoroughly investigating the crime-related crimes, to bring the masses a real sense of a microcosm.

Zhang Mou, the project leader of a passenger and cargo terminal in Kangmei Town, Dongshan County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, was deeply impressed by the change brought about by the "umbrella" breakdown. On August 29, Zhang couldn't help sighing at the shuttle of the workers on the construction site: as a project of Fujian Province's exchange base between Taiwan and Fujian Province, it has been stagnating for a long time since construction started in 2015, and the construction site has once become a wasteland.

The progress of the project was put on a small wharf contracted by Li Shunfu, former director of the village committee of Chengyi Village, Kangmei Town. "Professional organisations give an assessment of the maximum compensation does not exceed 2 million yuan, but Li Shunfu opened his mouth is 5.61 million yuan." According to Zhang, the project requisition and relocation can not meet the unreasonable requirements of Li Shunfu, Li Shunfu organization idle miscellaneous personnel long-term malicious obstruction. In Chengyi Village, the villagers also complained about Li Shunfu: opening casinos, gathering people to fight, occupying the villagers'houses and bases...

On July 20 this year, Li Shunfu was arrested by the public security organs in accordance with the law on suspicion of organizing and leading underworld organizations and fraud. Why did Li Shunfu run across the countryside for many years? At the end of August, Zhangzhou Discipline Inspection Commission and Dongshan County Discipline Inspection Commission joined forces to pick up eight Party members and cadres named Li Shunfu, including Chen Aichun, Secretary of the Party branch and director of the Health Inspection Institute of Zhangzhou Health Bureau.

"After Li Shunfu was arrested, the" umbrella "was also pulled out, and our project resumed smoothly. Zhang said happily. And in the city village, the villagers learned that the news was even more.

Behind the villagers running to tell each other, is the people's strong expectation to knock off the "umbrella" involved in crime. Mafia and evil forces infringe upon the vital interests of the people, and some Party members and cadres are willing to be "hunted" and reduced to the "umbrella" of the Mafia and evil forces. The people abhor this. Discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels throughout the country have promptly responded to the concerns of the masses, introduced new recruits and issued "hard fists", and made clues to the problems of corruption involving gangs and cadres as the key points of disciplinary review, giving priority to handling and strictly investigating.

On September 12, the Guangdong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection (CDIC) announced a number of typical problems involving criminal activities and acting as a "protective umbrella." Liu Xiaofeng, the former Secretary and director of the Party branch of the Nanping Institute of Industrial and Commercial Quality Supervision and Management in Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City, was among them. Reporters learned that not long ago, the Xiangzhou District Commission for Discipline Inspection received a report from the masses on Liu Xiaofeng suspected of acting as a "umbrella" of the evil forces, immediately investigate and deal with. After investigation, Liu Xiaofeng accepted the bribes of the operators of a tourist mall, sheltered and connived the mall for a long time, dealt with the complaints of the masses perfunctorily, even informed the higher industrial and commercial departments and the public security organs when enforcing the law, which resulted in the mall becoming a "serious disaster area" for the masses. . In June 2018, Liu Xiaofeng was expelled from the Party membership, dismissed from public service, and his suspected job-related crimes were transferred to the judiciary for legal treatment.

"This"umbrella"hit very timely, only by knocking off the"umbrella"involved in the evil, the evil forces can really pull out the malignant tumor of society. After hearing that Liu Xiaofeng was treated, people in Xiangzhou district had thumbs up on the discipline inspection and supervision cadres.

According to reports, in order to stimulate the enthusiasm of the masses to expose corruption and "umbrella" involved in criminal activities, the Guangdong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection (CDI) has continuously opened channels of communication, interviews and reports, and added a "special line for reporting corruption involving criminal activities and crimes" to the 12388 reporting telephone to deal with corruption clues involving criminal activities and give priority to feedback. By the end of August, the Provincial Discipline Inspection and supervision organs at all levels had dealt with 3 182 clues to the problem of Gangland-related corruption and "umbrella" and put on file 1 009 people. (the article is reprinted from the China discipline inspection and supervision newspaper, reporter Li Zhangguang)

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