Internet Medical heavy file issued hundreds of billions of capital farewell to gray area

Internet Medical heavy file issued hundreds of billions of capital farewell to gray area

Original title: Wei Health Committee introduced the internet medical three heavy documents hundreds of billions of capital farewell to the gray area

Author: Ma Xiaohua

The Internet healthcare industry is facing major events.

On September 14, the State Health and Health Commission issued three documents, namely, Measures for the Management of Internet Diagnosis and Treatment (Trial Implementation), Measures for the Management of Internet Hospitals (Trial Implementation), and Standards for the Management of Telemedicine Services (Trial Implementation), to comprehensively regulate the Internet medical industry.

The above-mentioned documents require that access management be implemented for those who rely on medical institutions to carry out Internet diagnostic and therapeutic activities, and that cooperation agreements be submitted if an Internet diagnostic and therapeutic service information system is established in cooperation with third-party institutions. Doctors should obtain corresponding professional qualifications according to law, have more than 3 years of independent clinical experience, and be approved by their registered medical institutions. Information technology such as the Internet to carry out part of the common diseases, chronic diseases and "Internet + family doctor" contract services, not for initial diagnosis.

"The introduction of this group of documents, first of all, we see the responsibility of the health care Commission for human life and health, because medical activities involve the maintenance and protection of human life and health, should be treated with great responsibility, secondly, another perspective we can also see the management thinking of this open, the Internet has been online consultation. There has been heated debate over whether Internet access is allowed to flourish. This document clearly allows medical institutions and third-party cooperation, that is to say, willing to work for Internet hospitals, Internet treatment of these enterprises, they have a legal basis for survival, save the capital side. Deng Liqiang, director of Chinese Medical Doctor Association legal affairs department, interviewed by first finance.

4 years 200 billion

With the popularity of "Internet +", the traditional medical industry is also regarded as the target of investment, and is quickly pushed into the draught by capital.

The Internet Medical survival report released by the arterial network in 2016 said that from January 2011 to September 2016, a total of 1134 Internet + medical enterprises were born in China, and they are distributed in 10 fields: health care, medical treatment, specialist services, medical information and biotechnology. A total of 533 of them received $3321 million in investment, with an average financing of about $6.23 million per enterprise.

"In the past seven or eight years, the size of the Internet medical market in China has expanded rapidly, nearly 30 times in seven years, especially in 2016 and 2017, almost doubling the rhythm. The number of practitioners in the Internet medical industry has also increased rapidly, from the provision of resources to third-party platform operators, drug suppliers, technology providers. Over the past 4 years, the Internet plus medical field in China has invested more than 200 billion yuan. Good doctor founder Wang hang said to first finance.

However, internet medical services promoted by these capitals are running in the gray area. "No policy, online diagnosis and treatment is illegal." An internet medical practitioner said.

In fact, last year there was a circulating "Internet Medical Management Measures (Trial) (Draft for Opinion)" that nearly brought the Internet medical industry to a crash.

The above-mentioned "draft for consultation" clearly states that within 15 days after the promulgation of this measure, all Internet medical institutions must be cancelled and re-registered in accordance with this measure; the permitted Internet medical activities are limited to telemedicine between medical institutions and chronic disease contracting services provided by grass-roots medical institutions. Other forms of Internet diagnosis and treatment should not be carried out. At the same time, the requirement for Internet diagnosis and treatment should be provided by medical institutions with licensed practice of medical institutions. And without the promulgation of the corresponding categories of medical institutions and the basic standards of medical institutions by the administrative department of health and family planning under the State Council, the local health and family planning administrative departments at or above the county level shall not set up virtual medical institutions for examination and approval without authorization.

"This rule is the most controversial and controversial one, and it is undoubtedly a blockbuster, meaning that all Internet inquiry platforms without physical or medical institutions cannot exist, and that all efforts may be lost for investment institutions and entrepreneurs. According to incomplete statistics, a number of well-known investment institutions in the field of Internet medical billions of dollars in investment, one-size-fits-all policy in this field of entrepreneurs and investors are very harmful. For many platforms, it may mean a permanent shutdown. " Zhao Yanyu, co-founder of CEO, said before receiving the first financial interview.

From the market point of view, the Internet medical treatment because there is no formal management standards, all the way the long-distance reputation is mixed, Internet hospital quality control has not been a conclusion, all the contradictions are focused on medical quality and patient safety.

On the one hand is the safety of human life and health, on the other hand is the life and death of capital, what is the direction of this document?

"I'm a conservative in the process of this document. Looking back at the whole process, it's a very progressive document today. Both the development of the Internet into the diagnosis and treatment industry support affirmation, but also to ensure the safety of life, so the country's grasp of the degree of this document, or very worthy of affirmation. Deng Liqiang said.

Deng Liqiang interpreted the document as reflecting several issues: first, the responsibility of the Health Commission for human life and health. Because medical activities, involving the maintenance and protection of human life and health, should be extremely responsible to deal with this problem. According to this announcement, Internet hospitals should rely on the existing physical medical institutions, as a backing, all of these institutions are approved and recognized by the state administration, so these medical security is guaranteed.

Secondly, Internet physicians who are also engaged in medical activities in medical institutions must have more than three years of professional experience. It also ensures that the diagnosis and treatment of these doctors can meet the minimum requirements for medical safety. Prescription drugs for the Internet have also been regulated accordingly. Another responsible performance is the management of chronic diseases and the re-visit of chronic patients, remote consultation on the Internet, and so on, do not allow the first visit, because this kind of inspection for a preliminary diagnosis of a disease, from this also ensures the safety of diagnosis and treatment.

"From another point of view we can also see the opening of management thinking, which also saves capital. The current document allows medical institutions and third parties to cooperate, that is, those who are willing to commit themselves to Internet hospitals and Internet clinics, and they have a legal basis for survival. This legal basis is to sign contracts with physical hospitals and then use physicians from physical hospitals or other medical institutions. But these physicians must be registered and have the appropriate professional qualifications. These physicians can ensure medical safety, but also stipulate hospital qualifications, patient information, prescription management and so on. This is a great improvement. " Deng Liqiang said.

Industry development farewell to "age of grass"

Although Internet medicine is favored by the capital, the Internet medical industry as a whole is still in the period of market cultivation, or is still a supplement and extension of existing medical services, has not really become an organic part of medical services, more as an efficient tool and means of connection for medical service providers and patients. People provide services.

"After nearly seven or eight years of efforts, the Internet medical itself has developed a mature product system and a sufficiently segmented market system, and formed a relatively stable user population, related services user education and market education work basically completed. The problem with Internet medicine is that although it has formed its own system, it is limited by policies and regulations, and has not really entered the medical, medical and medical insurance "three medical" field, unable to provide such diagnostic and medical services as diagnosis, prescription, drug retail and medical insurance settlement. The above internet medical practitioners said.

There has been no relevant policy, which seems to be messy and disorderly, but it is bound to develop.

"To solve the problem of Internet health care is in sight, that is, the three documents. They provide clear access routes and corresponding management standards for internet medical access. According to the documents and relevant supporting rules, the Internet medical industry, through cooperation with physical medical institutions, can become a fair and bright provider of medical services, can provide legal online diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, chronic diseases, and truly entered the medical services. At the same time, the introduction of the document also means the end of the "rash era" of Internet medicine, simply to be an information or service intermediary platform, it will be difficult to have online + offline integrated service system competitors. At the same time, the introduction of this approach may also lead to changes in the business model of Internet medicine, the competition between enterprises will no longer be the number of registered users, but the frequency of users using the service, as well as the depth and breadth of the use of the service. The above internet medical practitioner said.

In fact, the introduction of this approach also confirms Chunyu's core judgment since 2016 that Internet medicine will accelerate integration with traditional medicine.

"Internet medicine will gradually integrate with traditional medical informatization, telemedicine and population health informatization, and become an important pusher to promote medical treatment from informatization to internetization." Dr. Yu, director of marketing department of spring rain, said to the first finance company.

In fact, the Internet has shown its value in the medical field. Wang Hang, who has been a doctor for 12 years, believes that the value of Internet medicine will be shown in four aspects: first, continuing to promote the quality of medical services, and feedback mechanism of patient comments to encourage or force doctors to improve the quality of services. Secondly, the Internet makes it easier for doctors to carry out online services, and the Internet payment habits naturally lead to the market pricing of doctors, which can effectively change people's thinking that doctors'services are not valuable and promote the embodiment of doctors' value. Third, the open and fair mechanism of the Internet will bring about sufficient competition, which will make the cost-effectiveness of medical services better and better, and eventually we will get quality services. Fourth, enhance the accessibility of high-quality medical resources, especially the trans regional telemedicine services. The ultimate result of all this must be that doctors use the Internet and their spare time to create a new service system outside public hospitals, changing the supply side of medical services.

Experts believe that the introduction of the above-mentioned documents, on the one hand, affirmed the value of the Internet diagnosis and treatment, support the Internet diagnosis and treatment, and at the same time adopt a "inclusive and prudent" attitude, the future development of the industry still needs all parties to participate in the support system and regulatory system construction, especially the electronic medical records as the core of medical information. The construction of the chemical system, the medical data system based on population health information, the internet medical supervision system based on dynamic supervision and privacy protection, and the matching policies of online medical insurance reimbursement will become whether the Internet diagnosis and treatment can bring real benefits to the participants, promote medical reform and the development of large health industry. The main factors of the exhibition.

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