US media: Baidu intends to open up overseas markets for AI and autopilot cars.

US media: Baidu intends to open up overseas markets for AI and autopilot cars.

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Sina Technology News Beijing noon on September 14th, according to the US financial media CNBC reported that Baidu has been actively exploring artificial intelligence and self driving cars and other cutting-edge technology. Next, Baidu will export its AI and auto-driving technology to overseas markets, further to the goal of global technology giants.

Baidu is well ahead in driving China's driverless technology and has developed and produced more than 100 self-driving buses. These autopilot cars will soon be deployed to the streets of Beijing and Shenzhen, and will enter the autopilot market in Japan in early 2019.

Baidu has invested heavily in autopilot projects, and has established partnerships with Microsoft and Intel, as well as BMW, Ford and Daimler.

Thanks to China's 1.4 billion population base, Baidu has a large user base and is one of the world's largest Internet companies.

70% of China's Internet search comes from Baidu. According to Alexa Internet, a company that specializes in measuring data and Analysis on the Web, the Chinese-language search platform is one of the world's most visited sites, with traffic just behind Google, YouTube and Facebook.

Most of Baidu's revenue comes from online advertising. Although search engine is its main business, Baidu also provides maps, pictures, videos and news platforms. In addition, Baidu also has the largest shareholder of Iqiyi, known as China's Netflix. (little white)

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