The new Si Kao will open the exam: if the examinee is found to have a mobile phone, it will be banned in 2 years.

The new Si Kao will open the exam: if the examinee is found to have a mobile phone, it will be banned in 2 years.

Original title: Si Kao was found to be banned with mobile phone for two years.

The Ministry of Justice has promulgated Measures to deal with disciplinary violations, and has made clear provisions on punishments for candidates'disciplinary violations and punishments for examination workers' disciplinary violations.

Xinjing News (Reporter Wang Mengyao) This year is the first year after the reform of the judicial examination system, the implementation of the national unified legal professional qualification examination system, September 22, the "new entrance examination" will officially open. Yesterday, the Ministry of Justice issued the "National Unified Legal Vocational Qualification Examination Rules for the Treatment of Violations of Discipline", which stipulates that if there are six kinds of acts, such as letting others take the exam or taking the exam for others, not only the results of the exam in that year are invalid, but also the lifetime reference is forbidden.

The document also stipulates that if a major test liability accident or a large-scale cheating occurs in the test area, the judicial administrative organs of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government shall report to the Ministry of Justice to cancel the test area and shall not resume the establishment of the test area within two years.

Examination found out that receiving or sending information equipment was banned for 2 years.

The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Justice said that the Measures lay stress on stipulating the violation of discipline and cheating in the course of examinations, and according to the nature of the acts and the seriousness of the circumstances, they stipulated three treatments, namely, canceling the examination results of this examination, canceling the examination results of all the examinations and forbidding the examination for two years, canceling the examination results of all the examinations and forbidding the examination for life. The degree of discipline is consistent with the result of the treatment.

The regulations stipulate the handling of disciplinary actions committed by the examinees in the examination registration process. If a person who clearly fails to meet the requirements for examination registration obtains the registration qualification by concealing personal information or making false promises, the judicial administrative organ at the place where the examination area is located shall handle the registration invalid.

In addition, if the applicant obtains registration qualification by providing forged or altered diploma certificates and certificates, legal work experience, identity and household registration information, or by bribing or coercing other improper means, the registration is not valid, and the examination is prohibited for two years.

"Also subject to ineffective examination results, within two years can not be registered for reference to deal with the situation also includes, after the beginning of the examination was found to have sent or received information with the equipment, or in the computerized examination using external equipment, installation of cheating tools, cheating procedures; plagiarism, inspection, eavesdropping into the test irregularities into the test. Information relating to examination contents; copying others' answers.

6 cases of cheating and so on.

According to the relevant provisions of the Criminal Law Amendment (9) concerning the crime of cheating in examinations, the Measures clearly stipulate that the examination shall be conducted by using forged, altered or embezzled other people's resident identity cards, household registration books, admission cards and other certificate materials; by illegally intruding into the computerized examination system or by illegally acquiring, deleting or repairing the examination materials. To alter or increase the data of examination information system and destroy the normal operation of computer examination system; to implement organizational cheating, or to provide cheating equipment, procedures or other help for others to organize cheating; to obtain examination questions and answers illegally or to sell or provide examination questions and answers illegally to others in order to carry out cheating in examinations If a substitute examination is suspected of constituting a crime, the provincial judicial administrative organ shall decide to give the case that the result of the examination in that year is invalid and that the person may not register for the legal professional qualification examination for life; if the case is found on the spot, the examination shall be terminated and the person shall be ordered to leave the examination hall.

However, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Justice also mentioned, "For examinees who commit acts other than cheating in examinations, which constitute intentional crimes, according to the provisions of the Measures for the Implementation of the National Unified Legal Vocational Qualification Examination, they are not allowed to register for the National Unified Legal Vocational Qualification Examination. It is not necessary for the judicial administrative organ to deal with such personnel who are lifelong prohibited from enrolling in the legal professional qualification examination.

The propositional person is a part-time worker in a social training institution.

"Measures" stipulate that the examination staff engaged in proposition management and other examinations work part-time in the national unified legal vocational qualification examination social training institutions, which is a violation of discipline, shall be stopped by the judicial administrative organ to continue to engage in the examination work, and according to the relevant provisions to give corresponding treatment or suggestions to the relevant units to give corresponding treatment.

The Measures clearly stipulate that personnel engaged in propositions, marking papers, keeping secret, invigilating and other work violate the evasion regulations, and that those who register themselves or close relatives to take part in the national unified legal professional qualification examination of the same year are in violation of discipline, and stipulate that violations of discipline in 10 types of examination halls should be stopped from continuing their legal work in this year and next year. The handling of qualification examination.

To cause the loss, damage or leakage of the information and data, examination questions, examination papers, answers, grading standards and examination data of the applicants, or to cause a major accident within the confidentiality period of the examination papers of the examinees, and to assist the examinees in answering the questions, or to connive or shelter the applicants, or to respond in an express or implied manner. Examiners and other relevant personnel who violate 10 categories of serious violations of discipline in examinations shall be prohibited from taking legal professional qualification examinations.

At the same time, examination staff who violate discipline should be given corresponding treatment or suggestion according to the "Civil Servant Law" and other disciplinary provisions. If they are suspected of constituting a violation of public security management, they should be handed over to the public security organ for treatment; if they are suspected of constituting a crime, they should be handed over to the supervisory organ for treatment. Suspected of other crimes transferred to judicial organs.

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