Sale of 2650 yuan price insoles event: Director of the Department, close relationship between shareholders

Sale of 2650 yuan price insoles event: Director of the Department, close relationship between shareholders

Original title: price 260 yuan, price 2650 yuan, Jiangsu "price insoles" incident was investigated

Recently, medical staff in a public hospital in Jiangsu Province publicly recommended the "sky-high price insoles" caused concern. The customized insoles with a price of 260 yuan are recommended to patients with 2650 yuan, and the gross profit of a pair of insoles is more than 2000 yuan. At present, the relevant local authorities have been involved in the investigation.  

The head of the Department is closely related to the shareholders of the company.

A pair of customized insoles with biomechanical corrective function was recently recommended by the Department of Traditional Rehabilitation of the People's Hospital of Jiangsu Province for 2,650 yuan.

"Daily Economic News" reporter noted that the above insoles manufacturer is Nanjing Daokou Medical Technology Services Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Daokou). Kaixinbao information shows that the company's business scope includes health counseling, class I and II medical devices, office supplies, furniture, etc. In March and April of 2018, the company changed its business scope twice, adding the items of "production, processing, production, sales and packaging of shoes and hats".

Doctor claims to be a training institution for disseminating CLINICAL REHABILITATIVE techniques. The orthopaedic insoles are effective in treating osteoarthropathy such as medial and lateral gaits, long and short legs, flat feet, hallux valgus, knee pain and scoliosis secondary to foot problems.

In the early morning of September 13, Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital responded on its official website that the hospital would immediately stop using and purchase Daokou's orthopedic footpad products to cooperate with the investigation. Hu Mou-mou, the person in charge of the Department concerned, immediately suspended his post to cooperate with the investigation, suspended his outpatient service and other work, and then handled accordingly according to the further investigation.

Hu Mou, the head of the Department concerned, was the director of the Department of Traditional Rehabilitation for the Elderly in Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital. He repeatedly recommended "sky-priced insoles" to patients and collected kickbacks from them.

Kaixinbao information shows that Hu Mou and Daokuo's shareholders Li Mou and Shen Mou are partners, of which Hu Mou and Li Mou are both shareholders of Nanjing Hongti Health Management Co., Ltd. and Hu Mou and Shen Mou are shareholders of Jiangsu Xinhaicheng Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

Reporters noted that the customized insoles of Daokou Company were made from the "insole embryo" of Jiangsu Suyun Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Suyun Medical Equipment).

On the afternoon of September 13th, the "daily economic news" reporter called Su Yun medical care to understand the situation. Relevant sources told reporters that the company mainly engaged in infusion equipment, medical tubes, ophthalmic optics and other products, and medical insoles products mainly by Jiangsu Tianrui Medical Devices Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianrui Medical Devices) responsible, the person said that "Suyun Medical and Tianrui Medical are the same boss."

Kaixinbao information shows that Tianrui medical treatment belongs to the wholesale industry, mainly wholesale two, three types of medical equipment. Subsequently, the reporter called Tianrui Medical Center, the company's sales staff confirmed to reporters that Dao Kede and the company do have a wholesale business dealings with insoles, but as for its wholesale insoles to Dao Ke price and sales volume, the other side said inconvenient disclosure. In addition, the company's warehouse staff told reporters by telephone that the company's medical insoles wholesale target more than one company.  

Hospitals or gatekeepers

"Daily Economic News" reporters browse a number of e-commerce platforms found that similar to the Dao available with corrective insoles are mostly 200 to 300 yuan, the price of thousands of corrective insoles is rare. Then, where does the pricing standard of "insoles" come from? What measures will the company take after being exposed? Reporters dialed the company's business registration phone number, but as of press time did not receive a reply.

Gao Fei, a partner of Shanghai Wenfeiyong Law Firm, told the Daily Economic News that according to the relevant provisions of the Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Law, consumers can ask for more compensation for their losses. The increase in compensation is three times the price of goods purchased by consumers or the cost of receiving services. He further said that in this case, the company received kickbacks as a commercial bribe.

In recent years, the industry of rehabilitation assistive devices has developed rapidly. In October 2016, the State Council issued a number of proposals to speed up the development of rehabilitation aids industry, which put forward the development goal: by 2020, the scale of rehabilitation aids industry will exceed 700 billion yuan.

However, development is accompanied by chaos. According to people familiar with the situation, even in public hospitals, "department contracting system" still exists, "especially in rehabilitation treatment centers and other departments, rehabilitation aids are in great demand, and"contracting performance"is often very good.

Shi Lichen, founder of Beijing Dingchen Management Consulting Co., Ltd., believes that rehabilitation aids, as a kind of medical device, need to go through a series of examination and approval in public hospitals, and then be purchased by the hospital according to the actual needs. "It is a clear violation of the rules and regulations to enter the hospital for the high-priced insoles. The hospital must strengthen the control and supervision."  

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