Here is the most complete answer to the doubt about the new Beijing provident fund.

Here is the most complete answer to the doubt about the new Beijing provident fund.

Original title: questions about the new deal of Beijing provident fund, here is the most complete answer.

Source: Beijing daily

In response to last night's Beijing Provident Fund New Deal, Beijing Daily reporter consulted Beijing Housing Provident Fund Management Center for the first time this morning to provide you with the most complete answer.

[policy coverage]

1, is the CPF affected by this policy?

Answer: in September 17th, the implementation of the provident fund loan and the withdrawal of the new deal will be directed against the municipal provident fund. The sub-centers of the organs directly under the Central Committee of the CPC, including the state-administered provident fund, the sub-centers of the central state organs and the Beijing Railway Sub-centers are "executable in accordance with this Notice and subject to its provisions as otherwise provided". At present, the national management center also implements the original policy, and whether it needs to be implemented in the future needs to be finalized according to the actual situation.

[about deposit years]

2, provident fund payment period only in Beijing to pay the time, or also calculate the field?

Answer: the number of years in the field can be accumulated. For example, if an applicant pays 2 years in Shanghai and 10 years in Beijing, the applicant will pay 12 years.

3. If you had deposited it in State Administration for three years before and then transferred it to market administration for seven years, then the deposit period would be 10 years?

A: in 10 years, the number of years of state control can also be accumulated.

4, if the period is broken, how will the term of provident fund be counted?

Answer: cumulative month calculation. Those who pay less than one year will calculate according to one year. Even if there is an interruption in the middle, the applicant can add up the months accumulated before and after the interruption and divide them by 12. If the number obtained is an integer, then the number is the length of the deposit; if there is a surplus, then the "integer + 1" can be used to determine the length of the deposit. For example, if an applicant's provident fund has been deposited for a total of 36 months, the deposit period is three years; if the deposit period is 37 months, the deposit period is four years.

5, the deposit age is calculated by the husband and wife. Can we repay the loan in the name of husband and wife?

Answer: Yes.

6. Before September 2018, the state-run provident fund will be transferred to the market in October 2018. Will the new policy be implemented? Can we use the former provident fund to raise the loan quota?

Answer: The time limit of the state-administered provident fund is counted into the total deposit period, and the specific amount should refer to your deposit period.

[about quota floating]

7, husband and wife, one side of the East and west city household registration, one side of the household registration, can the loan amount go up?

Answer: not going up.

8. Can the loan quota be increased for both husband and wife, for one party's household registration in eastern and Western cities, and for one party's household registration outside six districts in one city?

Answer: not going up.

[about "monthly income 60%"]

9, is monthly income aggregated by husband or wife or personal?

Answer: If both husband and wife are eligible for the loan (they have been deposited for six months at the time of application), they can add up to each other; if only one person of both husband and wife satisfies the loan, the amount will be calculated individually.

10, is monthly income tax or real?

Answer: monthly income can not be equated with monthly salary. Here's a tip: Divide your unit's deposit ratio by your monthly deposit, and you can get your current monthly income.

[about housing in different places]

11. At present, it has left Beijing and purchased real estate in the place of its household registration. However, the accumulation fund deposited in Beijing was in a state of storage. Can it be withdrawn at one time except for the transfer from other places?

Answer: after the purchase, the account can be sealed and can be extracted at once.

12, has not worked in Beijing, transferred to other cities, can handle transfer procedures? Can it be extracted at one time?

Answer: we need to confirm the termination of labor relations with the unit first. After the removal, if the household registration is local, the withdrawal shall be handled in accordance with the provisions of the withdrawal of the local household registration personnel; if the household registration is outside the country and the household registration goes to other provinces and cities due to changes in work, and the housing accumulation fund has been established locally, the transfer may be handled; if there is no housing accumulation fund established locally, the depositor shall be 55 years old for men and 50 years old for women. You can handle the withdrawal of the account. Once the account is withdrawn, all the funds in the account can be removed at once.

13, if the husband and wife have already handled the purchase, they will buy houses in the place where they are registered. Can we continue to extract it after the new deal? Are there any rules for the years of extraction? Is it impossible to extract the total amount after the first payment?

Answer: it has not been necessary to worry about the purchase of foreign houses, but it is still handled according to the old policies. The total amount of withdrawal from both husband and wife should not exceed the total amount of the house.

14, is it the address on the household register, or the ID card?

Answer: residence booklet and ID card.

15. Have Beijing registered permanent residence, if go to Shenzhen to work in the future, the registered permanent residence remains in Beijing, so can transfer the provident fund to Shenzhen?

Answer: Beijing accounts sealed up, Shenzhen built households, after the transfer.

16, has been signed by the network, different places of the house, did not handle the first extraction, can also be taken later?

Answer: the new deal has not been processed for the first time. If the conditions stipulated in the new policy are met (the property purchased is in the place of residence or in the provincial capital city where the residence is located), it can be withdrawn.

17. To buy a house outside Beijing, one can only buy a place of residence or the provincial capital where the residence is located. Is this place of residence available at the municipal and county levels? For example, my household name is C County, B City, A Province, so can I buy two places in BC?

Answer: both B and C are available.

18. In non-household registration and provincial capital cities outside Beijing to buy a house, due to job changes to other provinces and cities, has not yet established a local housing provident fund, can you draw?

Answer: No. The purchase of houses outside Beijing is limited to the location of the domicile and the provincial capital city. If the job changes to move to other places, the provident fund can be transferred to the workplace, whether the withdrawal needs to be in accordance with local policies.

19. Beijing Social Security, Shijiazhuang Hukou and Beixian have already bought houses, but they have not withdrawn the provident fund, can they?

Answer: No. The new deal has not been processed for the first time. The purchase of houses outside Beijing is limited to the location of the domicile and the provincial capital city.

[about retirement withdrawals]

20, when retiring, do not buy a house, can it be taken out all at once?

Answer: disposable household can be extracted.

[about other withdrawals]

21, rent extraction has an impact?

Answer: Rental extraction policy has not changed, along with material simplification and online management, operation is more convenient.

22, do not buy a house, decoration can take provident fund?

Answer: No.

23, really serious illness, can apply for serious illness extraction?

Answer: in the new policy, we should cancel the serious illness. But if there is serious illness and cause difficulties in life, it can be extracted after examination.


24. Is there any relationship between these policies and rent extraction?

Answer: rent extraction is basically not affected.

25. The first apartment has a provident fund loan, and has not paid off, but also can use the provident fund loan second apartment?

Answer: If there is only one suite in Beijing and only one in the national housing loan record, it is OK. If there are two sets of national loan records or two sets in Beijing, no more loans can be made.

26, in other places, in addition to processing, can you handle loans?

Answer: If the provident fund account is in Beijing, but buying a house in another place, whether the loan can be made depends on the policy of the local provident fund management department; if so, it also needs to apply to the local provident fund management department.

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