The name of Beijing's new airport has been designated as Beijing Daxing International Airport.

The name of Beijing's new airport has been designated as Beijing Daxing International Airport.

Original title: fixed! The name of Beijing's new airport is designated as "Beijing Daxing International Airport".

"China Civil Aviation News" Wechat No. 14, the reporter learned from the Civil Aviation Administration today, in accordance with the "Regulations on the Administration of Geographical Names" and "Civil Airport Licensing Regulations" and other provisions, and submitted to the Central Committee of the Party, the State Council for approval and consent, Beijing's new airport name was determined as "Beijing Daxing International Airport". The airport and its ancillary works will be completed and checked in June 30th next year and will be put into operation before September 30th.

Beijing new airport is a major landmark project of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. Since the approval of the project in November 2014, the construction of the main project and parallel project of Beijing New Airport has been steadily advancing, and the operational preparatory work has achieved a good start. Up to now, 93% of the earth works and 62% of the pavement works have been completed in the airport flying area, and all the works in the flying area are planned to be completed in May next year. It has entered the stage of fine decoration and mechanical and electrical installation; the main project of China's aviation oil storage tank has been completed, and the water test and pressure test has been completed; the main structure of the airline staff dormitory, catering center and supporting business rooms have been completed or will soon be completed; the field municipal transportation supporting projects have been accelerated and the entry and exit viaduct has been completed. The structure and field integrated pipe gallery structure have been fully connected.

Reporters learned that in order to scientifically coordinate and balance the construction, acceptance, transfer, operation preparation and other work, the Civil Aviation Administration of Beijing Daxing International Airport has prepared a comprehensive control plan for the overall progress of construction and operation preparations, and has clearly defined the "roadmap, timetable and responsibilities" for the construction and operation preparations of Beijing Daxing International Airport. Business statement and responsibility list have realized the comprehensive management and control of Beijing Daxing International Airport project. Next, on the basis of supervising and urging all units to earnestly implement the overall progress comprehensive control plan, the CAAC will shift its focus of work from engineering construction to operational preparation, from main projects to supporting projects, from internal coordination to external coordination, from ground construction to air construction, and spare no effort to do a good job in the construction of the new airport. And operational preparations to ensure that the new airport will be put into operation on schedule.

Source: Wu Dan / "China Civil Aviation daily" WeChat No.

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