The website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection: restructuring the welfare lottery industry depends on institutional regulation reform

The website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection: restructuring the welfare lottery industry depends on institutional regulation reform

Original title: [comment] reshaping the image of fortune lottery industry depends on system, regulation and reform.

Wang Suying, former director of the China Welfare Lottery Issuance and Management Center, is suspected of serious disciplinary violations and is currently being subject to disciplinary review and supervision and investigation on the website of the State Commission for Discipline Inspection.

There are two main reasons for concern. First, the number of welfare lottery tickets in China is large, and the amount involved is huge. Data show that in 2017, China's lottery sales revenue exceeded 400 billion yuan, of which the welfare lottery amounted to about 210000000000 yuan. The "static and dynamic" related to the welfare lottery is affecting the hearts of hundreds of millions of lottery users. Second, the China Welfare Lottery issuance and management center is mainly responsible for the national welfare lottery issuance and organization and sales work, its former commander of the "horse" will naturally cause a lot of speculation. Moreover, before Wang Suying, there were also Bao Xuequan and Chen Chuanshu, who had served as the director of the Fucai Center. The former deputy director Wang Yunge and others were investigated and prosecuted for serious disciplinary violations, which can be said to be "corrupt successors".

Welfare lottery tickets are drawn from the people and used by the people. It is not allowed to be "corrupt" at all and no one can seek any private benefits from them. According to the Regulations on Lottery Management, the purpose of lottery issuance is to raise public funds and promote the development of public welfare undertakings. Natural lottery is natural and public, and should be "spotlessly clean". If there are "cat greasy", "black screen", "insider thieves" or "secret box operation" or benefit transmission, it will not only pollute the welfare of the lottery, but also seriously damage the credibility of the relevant authorities and supervision departments, and infringe on the vital interests of the people, especially those in need of relief and assistance. Therefore, anti-corruption in the field of lottery must continue to maintain a high-pressure situation, at the same time, through reform and institutional innovation to cut off the chain of interest transmission, strengthen the restriction and supervision of the operation of power, and firmly hold the cage that can not be corrupted.

It is understood that in this regard, the attitude of the new Ministry of Civil Affairs Party group and the State Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of the Central Commission in the Ministry of Civil Affairs discipline inspection and supervision group is very clear: as long as there is corruption, regardless of who involved, regardless of whether the relevant personnel are promoted, transferred, retired, must be strictly investigated to the end. In just two years, many officials in charge of the lottery were investigated successively. They did let the outside world see the resolute attitude of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, which did not cover up, did not protect the shortcomings, dared to go inward with a knife blade, and "corruption will lead to counter-corruption and the elimination of evils will do its utmost". It also fully illustrated that "earnestly fulfilling the principal responsibility and the responsibility of supervision of the Party in an all-round and strict manner" is not

The fire is reborn, and time waits for no man. A thorough investigation of the corruption case in the Fucai Center is a "step from the beginning" that the new leading group of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the discipline inspection and supervision team of the Ministry of Civil Affairs have been constantly pushing forward the anti-corruption struggle and promoting the comprehensive development of the Party from strict governance to in-depth, but it is far from the end. Punishment is to cure, remove rotten trees, cure trees, have to find the source of disease, in addition to the root cause. In view of the problems such as the absence of supervision and the loopholes in the system exposed in these cases, it is necessary to perfect the system, strengthen the responsibility and tackle both the root and root causes, make great efforts to comprehensively and strictly govern the Party, make great efforts to deepen the reform in the field of lottery, effectively solve the problems existing in the management of lottery distribution and reshape the lottery industry. Image, revitalize the lottery. (Lan Linzong)

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