State Copyright Bureau talks about 15 short video platform enterprises, such as jitter, fast hand, etc.

State Copyright Bureau talks about 15 short video platform enterprises, such as jitter, fast hand, etc.

Original title: State Copyright Bureau interviewed about 15 short video platform enterprises, such as jitter, fast hand, etc.


In July this year, the State Copyright Administration, the State Internet Information Office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Public Security jointly launched a special campaign to crack down on network infringement and piracy of "SwordNet 2018". The task of the special campaign was to rectify the copyright of short videos, and the enterprises of short video platforms were listed as the key regulatory targets of the special campaign. Efforts should be made to strengthen the copyright supervision of short video enterprises. On September 14, in response to the self-examination and self-correction of key short video platform enterprises in the special rectification and the prominent copyright problems, the State Copyright Administration interviewed in Beijing about dithering short video, fast hand, watermelon video, volcano video, fine shooting, seconds shooting, micro-vision, pear video, small shadow, video, firecracker, fast video, beep mile. Potatoes, good video and other 15 key short video platform enterprises.

The person in charge of the State Copyright Administration requests relevant short video platform enterprises to further enhance their awareness of copyright protection, strengthen the construction of copyright system, and fully fulfill their main responsibilities. First, we should strengthen the management of content copyright, adhere to the basic principles of copyright law of first authorization and then dissemination, standardize the system of copyright management and use of content. Without authorization, we should not directly copy, perform, disseminate other people's movies, TV, music, photography, writing and other works, and should not use the "safe haven" rule to do things to others in the name of uploading by users. The second is to strengthen the management of copyright infringement, improve the handling mechanism of copyright complaints, fulfill the legal obligation of "notification-deletion", timely accept the obligee's notification complaints, and quickly remove related infringement works or disconnect related infringement links; the third is to strengthen the handling of infringement, and take effective measures to prevent users. The act of unlawfully uploading and sharing other people's works without permission, especially the act of deleting and adapting other people's works in the name of rational use and disseminating them through the Internet. Users who have been complained of multiple infringements should be punished by blacklisting, suspension or termination of service. Fourthly, we should strengthen social co-governance and strengthen copyright examination and timely disposal of the early warning works issued by the State Copyright Administration and the hot broadcast works submitted by the right holders. To fulfill the duty of reporting and cooperating with investigation on criminal clues, to preserve user registration information completely, to provide relevant clue information promptly, to report suspected serious infringement of users to copyright law enforcement departments in a timely manner, copyright law enforcement departments will strictly investigate and punish according to law, and to transfer serious cases to public security organs for criminal prosecution Reason.

In the next stage, the State Copyright Administration will focus on cracking down on copyright infringement and piracy in the field of short video, guiding short video platform enterprises to standardize copyright authorization and dissemination rules, Strengthening Self-discipline in copyright protection industry, promoting the establishment of copyright protection cooperation mechanism between relevant obligee organizations and short video enterprises, and promoting the healthy development of short video industry. To provide the Internet users with the right network environment.

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