A Chinese student in University of Utah was shot and sentenced to life imprisonment.

A Chinese student in University of Utah was shot and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Original title: University of Utah Chinese student murder suspect pleaded guilty to life imprisonment

Sept. 14, China Overseas Chinese Network, according to the United States "Overseas Chinese News" reported that a criminal history, in 2017 shot a Chinese student at the University of Utah, the man pleaded guilty on September 12, local time. He will be sentenced to life imprisonment and shall not be released on parole.

Austin Butan, 24, pleaded guilty to charges of killing 23-year-old Chinese student Guo Chen-wei and kidnapping. The judge said that if he did not plead guilty and the case entered the court, prosecutors would seek death penalty. He also faces charges of killing another man in Colorado.

He said in court that knowing sorry doesn't mean anything, but he is really sorry. Prosecutor Collins said that for Guo Chen-wei's parents from Beijing, Guo Chen-wei was a "perfect son".

His wife also faces a number of criminal charges. However, she has not yet made a response to pleading guilty.

In October 2017, Butan and his wife killed a 63-year-old man in Colorado and fled to Utah to set up a tent in a canyon near the University of Utah.

The indictment stated that he and his wife decided to hijack the car to Tennessee. After searching for a lot of time, his wife left. He then went to Guo Chenwei's car and knocked on the window to see if he had seen his wife. Guo Chenwei and a female friend in the car did not respond. He was furious. Guo Chenwei shot his neck and died. (Xia Yifan)

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