Qiao Tianming, chairman of Jiannanchun, was closely related to the eighteen big tigers.

Qiao Tianming, chairman of Jiannanchun, was closely related to the eighteen big tigers.

Qiao Tianming, chairman of Jiannanchun board of directors with a fortune of 2.8 billion, was tried. Li Chuncheng, the first tiger, attended his son's wedding after the 18th National Congress.

From September 12 to 14, the first trial court of the Leshan City Intermediate Court in Sichuan Province heard the case No. 7 of Chuan 11 sentence for three consecutive days. Apart from the local tax staff in Leshan, the employees of Jiannanchun Group, 250 kilometers away, were also organized to attend the trial. Standing in the dock is Qiao Tianming, chairman of the board, Secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of Jiannanchun Group, who owns 30.24% of the shares of Jiannanchun Group. He was charged with two charges, namely bribery and dividing state-owned assets privately.

Qiao Tianming, 68, ranked 28th on the Forbes Rich List in 2017, with a fortune of 2.8 billion yuan.

Authoritative sources confirmed to upstream journalists that Qiao Tianming had been investigated by relevant departments since 2015. In early 2017, Qiao Tianming was released on bail for physical reasons. At the end of 2017, its bail pending trial was cancelled.

What puzzles the public is that on July 24, 50 days before the September 12 hearing, Qiao Tianming, 69, also wrote in the local media as chairman of Jiannanchun Group, expressing his desire to "build a golden triangle of Chinese liquor with high quality" and to revive Sichuan liquor.

Qiao Tianming, a miner of Chinese origin, turned the state-owned enterprise Jiannanchun into a private enterprise with a total assets of nearly 9 billion yuan in 30 years. He was also accused of being closely related to Li Chuncheng, former deputy secretary of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and Li Chengyun, former deputy governor of Sichuan Province, a corrupt official who had lost his horse.

Miner came from Qiao Tianming in Jiannanchun for 36 years.

Qiao Tianming disclosed in his autobiography that since he was 12 years old, every winter and summer vacation, he had to cut bamboo to sell, Mianzhu terrain gentle, a long way to the mountains, eat dinner will be on the road, until dawn. On the second day, we will sell bamboo downhill. Relying on this tenacity, Qiao Tianming was admitted to the Mianyang hydropower school.

After the Spring Festival of 1969, Qiao Tianming became an ordinary worker in Qingping phosphate mine. During the fourteen years of working in phosphate rock, he worked in many kinds of jobs: miners, strippers, motorcade dispatching, office officers, etc. He was sent to a party school in 1978, and Qiao Tianming, who returned from school, became just an ordinary officer in the office. He was in a bad mood for a while. He was 28 years old.

In 1982, in order to solve the separation between husband and wife, Qiao Tianming began to run. In his autobiography, he recalled that there was no phenomenon of inviting guests and giving gifts at that time. He was accepted by Mianzhu Winery (today's Jiannanchun Group) and was promoted to deputy director of the Party Office in two years.

In 1984, Qiao Tianming was promoted to deputy director of the Party Office of Jiannanchun Winery, mainly in charge of production management and other administrative work. In the mid-1980s, Jiannanchun reorganized, Qiao Tianming was transferred from the leadership post, and soon came back to life. Qiao Tianming once told the media that he has always been a confident person, every setback, he is trying to save energy for the next rise in preparation.

In 1989, Qiao Tianming became deputy director of sales, just as the market economy was just beginning to flourish, how to free himself from the thinking of "wine is not afraid of deep lanes" in the planned economy era, and actively sell Jiannanchun's good wine to the market has become Qiao Tianming's first priority.

According to the old staff of Jiannanchun Winery, a large number of Jiannanchun products were unsalable in the late 1980s, and the packaged liquor was piled up in the warehouse of Jiannanchun Winery. In order to solve the problem of unsalable sales, Qiao Tianming put forward many suggestions. In addition to advertising in newspapers, he sent a large number of salesmen to sell Jiannanchun liquor all over the country, so that the provincial government knew and recognized the brand Jiannanchun. This sale solved the problem of poor sales of Jiannanchun, and also established Qiao Tianming's position in Jiannanchun.

According to the data, Qiao Tianming served as the executive vice chairman and general manager of Jiannanchun Group in 1996, was promoted to the chairman of Jiannanchun Group in 2000, and promoted the overall strategic adjustment of the enterprise in 2001. Jiannanchun became one of the three biggest liquor producers in Sichuan.

In Qiao Tianming's era, Jiannanchun grew up to be one of the 500 best economic benefit enterprises in China and one of the 100 biggest profit and tax earners in Sichuan Province, according to the company's publicity materials. In 2015, Jiannanchun announced that the sales scale from 2016 to 2020 would reach 10 billion yuan. Previously, the liquor industry "10 billion club" members only Maotai, Wuliangye, Yanghe, this is the first time Jiannanchun put forward to enter the echelon of 10 billion yuan.

"Turn the world upside down, reborn," this is Qiao Tianming in the media interviews favorite words. Qiao Tianming was also very satisfied with the history created by Jiannanchun, both to the media and to the employees of Jiannanchun. In his media appearance on July 24, Qiao declared that "the fine reputation of Tang Dynasty palace wine has spread far and wide, and the series of Jiannanchun products are widely welcomed in the market".

Workers' street protest "trust beneficial right"

During the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, Mianzhu, where Jiannanchun Group was located, was one of the most severely damaged areas. Jiannanchun Group, which had been restructured, lost more than one third of its base liquor, more than 10,000 tons of liquor and nearly one billion yuan of its direct economic losses.

In addition to natural disasters, Jiannanchun Group in 2012 began to encounter a breakout point of internal disputes to protect the rights of employees.

In 2003, Qiao Tianming took over the chairman of Jiannanchun Group in the third year. According to the requirements of Sichuan Provincial Committee and Sichuan Provincial Government's Sichuan Provincial Committee Fabrication No. 2 "Opinions on Accelerating the Establishment of a Modern System for Key State-owned Enterprises", Jiannanchun carried out the restructuring plan of "orderly withdrawal of state-owned capital and implementation of strategic restructuring" . In addition to the intangible assets such as trademarks are still held by the government, the remaining state capital is completely withdrawn. In January 2004, the scheme was formally approved by the Finance Department of Sichuan Province, and the net state-owned assets of Jiannanchun were determined to be 929.3 million yuan (excluding intangible assets such as trademarks).

After the restructuring, Qiao Tianming and 20 other executives set up Tongsheng Investment Co., Ltd. holding 69.54%, strategic investor Sichuan Blue Sword Co., Ltd. holding 8.61%, Sichuan Rongxin Investment Co., Ltd. holding 5.38%, the remaining 16.47% of the shares are held by the trade union of Jiannanchun Group on behalf of all employees. At that time, industrial and commercial records show that Qiao Tianming holds 41% of Tongsheng's investment, indirectly holding about 26% of Jiannanchun's shares.

Qiao Tianming, 68 years old, chairman and general manager of Jiannanchun Group, has already cast off the title of "billionaire" since 2004 when the Sichuan Finance Department officially approved the reform of Jiannanchun Group, according to Forbes Rich List in 2017. His incomplete statistics have reached 2.8 billion yuan, ranking 28th in Sichuan Rich List.

The old employees of Jiannanchun Group introduced to the upstream journalists (national news hotline: [email protected]) that the employees of Jiannanchun Winery generally supported the restructuring plan during the restructuring in 2003, and depended on the termination of the state-owned status compensation of employees, that is, "buy out money." At that time, all the employees of Jiannanchun Winery participated in the trust. Shareholding plan, "after 2003, the winery benefit is good, even after the Wenchuan earthquake have survived, every year there are dividends, employees are still relatively satisfied."

The contradiction between staff and management in Jiannanchun broke out in 2012. On August 10, 2012, Jiannanchun Group convened a staff and workers congress decided that the staff and workers will be in the company restructuring when the "capital contribution certificate" to be replaced by "Trust Shareholding Benefit Certificate". Jiannanchun's employees were in an uproar and opposed the plan.

At the request of Jiannanchun and the trade union, some workers had to replace the "investment certificate" with the "beneficiary share certificate". More employees chose to boycott, and the old employees of Jiannanchun who participated in the boycott explained to the upstream reporters that Qiao Tianming did so to deprive employees of their status as shareholders of Jiannanchun.

According to media reports, the so-called "beneficiary right" of Jiannanchun Company is the trust beneficiary right. The legal interpretation is that the parties in the trust contract enjoy the right to benefit from the management or treatment of the trust property. On the one hand, beneficiaries, unlike shareholders, can participate in the operation and management of enterprises by exercising voting rights; on the other hand, the transfer of the share of the beneficiary right is not as convenient as that of the equity, and is subject to more restrictions, so its valuation will be affected.

More than 1,000 workers who had originally held the "investment certificate" pulled banners such as "return my equity" and "return my justice" and hung around the Jiannanchun factory area, and even took to the streets to protest. The most intense contradictions, Jiannanchun affected employees also went to Chengdu to reflect collective appeal.

A video of Qiao's conversation with employees shows Qiao saying, "Now, I'm an untrustworthy person in front of everyone."

Li Chuncheng was taken away the next day after Qiao Tianming's son's wedding.

Jiannanchun's equity crisis is at the end of 2012. In December 13, 2012, Li Chuncheng, the eighteen biggest "tiger" and Deputy Secretary of the Sichuan provincial Party committee, were sacked. According to reports, after the fall of Li Chuncheng, Qiao Tianming was asked to cooperate with the investigation, but soon returned to Mianzhu to continue work. Instead, he began to actively handle equity disputes among employees, and frequently negotiated with employees, the Mianzhu municipal government and relevant professional institutions to solve problems. In July 2013, Jiannanchun Group repurchased its stake in the hands of employees at a price of 14.96 yuan (pre-tax) / 1 yuan (1 yuan / share), and about 90% of the employees chose to sell their shares.

The bigger storm is still waiting for Qiao Tianming.

In this court trial in Leshan Intermediate Court, the prosecution charged Qiao Tianming with not only dividing state-owned assets privately in the 2003 restructuring, but also bribing officials hundreds of thousands of dollars. According to the Beijing News, the procuratorial organ of Leshan City clearly pointed out that Li Chengyun gave Qiao Tianming convenience and appointed him as the Standing Committee of the Mianzhu Municipal Committee in violation of regulations.

From 2001 to 2015, Li Chengyun took advantage of his position as Secretary of the Deyang Municipal Committee, Vice-Governor of Sichuan Province and Vice-Director of the Sichuan Decision-making Advisory Committee to serve as Sichuan Longbo Group Co., Ltd., Sichuan Xingrui Technology Co., Ltd. Qiao Tianming and other units and individuals seek benefits in project land use, commercial bidding and other matters, directly or through his wife Huang Quanfang illegal acceptance of property given by the above units and individuals amounted to 63.6334.67 million yuan.

It was during the period from 2001 to 2006 that Li Chengyun served as secretary of the Deyang Municipal Party Committee that the Jiannanchun Group completed the restructuring of the state-owned enterprises which caused great disturbance later. Whether Qiao Tianming and other management through Tongsheng investment, or workers through the trade union, Jiannanchun shares are held in the form of trust holding. How many shareholders the two party actually has become a confused account.

In recent years, a lawyer who once represented Jiannanchun employees in the equity dispute told the media that "it is almost a public secret".

Apart from Li Chengyun, Qiao Tianming and Li Chuncheng are also very close.

The source told the upstream news reporter that Qiao Tianming's son married in Chengdu on December 1, 2012. Li Chuncheng, then deputy secretary of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, not only personally attended the ceremony, but also delivered a speech and a blessing. The next day, Lee

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