Fukuda hospital posing as Fudan hospital "Putian Department" by Baidu to promote re pit patients

Fukuda hospital posing as Fudan hospital

Fukuda hospital posing as Fudan hospital "Putian Department" by Baidu to promote re pit patients

Zhang Yu, Cao Xueping

Two years ago, the Wei Zexi incident brought the ranking mechanism of Putian Department Hospital and Baidu Medical Competition into public view. Two years later, the news of the Shanghai general hospital's promotion of misleading Internet users again caused an uproar in the industry.

Recently, Zhang Ting (not her real name) told China Business Daily that she wanted to go to the Otolaryngology Hospital affiliated to Fudan University in Shanghai for treatment because of paroxysmal dizziness. After the Baidu search, the link was directed to Department of ENT, Shanghai rehabilitation university hospital. When Zhang Ting was informed that she was about to arrive at the Otolaryngology Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Fudan University, she gave the address of Shanghai Fuda Hospital and guided her to Shanghai Fuda Hospital for medical treatment.

Zhang Ting's experience is not unique. According to CCTV Financial Channel, a number of patients seeking medical treatment in Shanghai recently went to Fuda Hospital, which ranked the top in the search results, through Baidu search for "Affiliated Hospital of Shanghai Fudan University". After spending a lot of money to see a doctor, their illness did not get better. After going to Sanjia Hospital again, they got the diagnosis. It is quite different from the "rehabilitation hospital".

It is noteworthy that Shanghai Fuda Hospital was clearly designated as Putian Department Hospital on Putian Department Hospital Website Putian Network.

Does the advertisement of Shanghai Fuda Hospital comply with the relevant laws and regulations, and how to respond to the excessive treatment accused by patients? In response to this, the responsible person of Shanghai Fuda Hospital responded to our reporter's interview, said since September 12, 188, Shanghai Fuda Hospital in the closure of rectification, declined to interview.

"Rehabilitation" changed to Fudan University

"I asked them whether they were affiliated hospitals of Fudan University, but I didn't get a definite answer, and the address was not far away from Fudan University, which was easily misleading." Zhang Ting told reporters. Map information shows that Shanghai Fuda Hospital is 5.5 km away from Fudan University (Southern District) and the driving time is less than 20 minutes.

After entering Shanghai Fuda Hospital, Zhang Ting was told that she could not use the medical insurance card and had to re-apply for a medical card of Shanghai Fuda Hospital. Subsequently, they were asked to perform pure tone audiometry (ear), auditory screening tests (times), otoendoscopy and other examinations at a total cost of 400 yuan.

There are a few patients who have similar experiences with Zhang Ting. According to CCTV Financial Channel, Ms. Zhou from Ningbo, Zhejiang, wanted to see rhinitis in the Eye, Otolaryngology Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Fudan University in June. But when she searched Baidu for keywords such as "Shanghai Fudan University Otolaryngology" and "Shanghai Fudan University Affiliated", the first message appeared to be "Fudan Hospital".

Notably, Ms. Zhou said that the doctor's fee at the time of the consultation was very strange. According to one or ten minutes of treatment, the fee was 100 yuan for ten minutes. Also encountered by Ms. Chen, she searched Baidu "Shanghai Fudan University Affiliated Hospital" is also "Fuda Hospital.

On the evening of Sept. 8, the Shanghai Bureau of Industry and Commerce said Fuda Hospital used Baidu to promote the use of key words from local famous hospitals as search keywords to enhance its search ranking. The inspection team of Shanghai Industry and Commerce Bureau has filed a case for investigation and will punish him according to the Law of the People's Republic of China against Unfair Competition. In addition, the commerce and Industry Department has asked the hospital to stop illegal activities immediately.

On September 11, our reporter visited Shanghai Fuda Hospital, located in Changzhong Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai. The environment around the hospital is relatively dilapidated. Many fruit shops, snack shops and steamed buns shops on the same street have been closed for renovation. Some publicity materials are clearly marked on the walls of the hospital doorway. Among them, the treatment of infantile hemangioma, various birthmarks of the "hemangioma, birthmark" treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo, ichthyosis, "dermatology" treatment of deafness, tinnitus, rhinitis, pharyngitis, "otorhinolaryngology" treatment of infertility, adverse pregnancy, recurrent abortion, treatment of facial paralysis, hyperthyroidism and other "gynecology" The introduction of "Department of traditional Chinese medicine" and other words in children's hyperactivity is quite noticeable.

The reporter then consulted as a patient, and the relevant staff admitted that Shanghai Fuda Hospital and Shanghai Fudan University Affiliated Otolaryngology Hospital are completely independent of the two hospitals, the two sides have no relationship, and there is no Fudan University related experts sit.

Competitive bidding rankings?

According to the public information, Shanghai Fuda Hospital is a comprehensive brand hospital specializing in the treatment of hemangioma, thyroid, otorhinolaryngology, gynecology, andrology, insomnia, facial paralysis, epilepsy and other difficult and complicated diseases.

Reporters then inquired on the website ranking network, "Fuda Hospital" and other keywords are ranked in Baidu keyword index (that is, a word in its search engine heat) in the forefront. Among them, "Fuda Hospital", "Shanghai Fuda Otolaryngology Hospital", "Shanghai Fuda Andrology Hospital", "Shanghai Fuda Gynecology" and other Baidu index ranks first.

Two years after the Wei Zexi Incident, Baidu Medical Search and its underlying bidding ranking mechanism have once again attracted the attention of the industry as a result of the Fuda Hospital Guided Treatment Incident.

The so-called bidding ranking, generally for the promotion of enterprises to pay search service providers to buy specific keywords, to ensure that the promotion of the keyword in the Internet search results can get a higher ranking or shield the information of other companies.

On July 4, 2016, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce promulgated the Interim Measures for Internet Advertising Administration, which classifies paid search advertisements for goods or services as Internet advertisements.

Beijing Bank of China (Suzhou) Law Firm lawyer Wang Jian told reporters that Baidu search "Shanghai Fudan University Affiliated Hospital" but appear "Shanghai Fuda Hospital" top search results lead consumers to Shanghai Fuda Hospital for treatment, this kind of bid ranking essentially played an advertising role. Effect. Although Baidu has always denied the advertising nature of the bid ranking, believing that it only provides search services based on neutral technology, there have been relevant judicial cases that determine the advertising nature of the bid ranking service, so once identified as advertising must be subject to advertising laws, it must be strict with the advertisements it publishes. The duty of censorship is to distinguish paid search advertisements from natural search results. It is also necessary to file or apply to relevant departments in advance for specific industries. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid promoting enterprises to use other people's business names without authorization or maliciously screen competitors who should be in the forefront by technical means.

In response to the "Shanghai Fuda Hospital Promotion" incident, Baidu said recently that after investigation, the misleading problem was due to the semantic similarity between the name of Shanghai Fuda Hospital and the abbreviation of the Affiliated Hospital of Shanghai Fudan University, misleading the choice of medical treatment for netizens.

Baidu also said it would continue to promote public hospital brand protection projects, has been Fudan University in Shanghai related affiliated hospitals for search results protection, related to more than 1200 search keywords. Aiming at this problem, Baidu has expanded its brand protection keyword library again, and will cooperate with the industry and commerce authorities in the follow-up strategy.

Recently, our reporter in Baidu input "Fudan Affiliated", "Fudan University Affiliated", "Shanghai Red House" and other keywords search found that the above keywords are all pointed to the corresponding website, and the patient complaints ranked first Shanghai Fuda Hospital related information has disappeared.

"Putian Department" roll again

Shanghai Fuda Hospital was clearly designated as Putian Department Hospital on Putian Department Hospital website.

According to public information, Putian Department is the abbreviation of the collection of Putian people's hospitals. Putian people set up private hospitals all over the country and gradually formed a certain organizational scale. Most of these hospitals are male private hospitals, gynaecology, infertility, plastic surgery and other private hospitals. When the government invests less in public hospitals and the hospitals outsource unprofitable departments, Putian Department traveling doctors dig up the first barrel of gold by putting up small advertisements such as "veteran military doctors, gonorrhea treatment package" and enter the room to become "doctors" of regular hospitals.

According to the website of the State Health Planning Commission, as of July 2014, there were 11,830 private hospitals, 60,000 Putians engaged in the medical industry and more than 8,000 private hospitals, all of which belong to the Putian Health Industry Association. In addition, according to an article in the People's Daily's Overseas Edition of the account "Chivalrous Island", in 2013, Baidu's total advertising volume was 26 billion yuan, and Putian Department made 12 billion yuan of advertising.

The reporters found that the Shanghai rehabilitation University was founded in 2001 and is responsible for Lin Zhen FA. In April this year, Shanghai Fuda Hospital was fined 32,400 yuan by the inspection team of Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce for publishing false advertisements. It has also been punished by the Shanghai municipal health and Family Planning Commission several times. Since 2015, more than 220 referees have been involved in the Shanghai rehabilitation university hospital. Public information shows that Shanghai's recovery hospital revenue reached 150 million yuan in 2016.

Shanghai Fu Tai Hospital Limited controls 60% of the people. In addition, you Fengkai served as the legal representative, shareholder and executive director of Shanghai Fuda Cancer Hospital Management Group Co., Ltd. and the executive partner and shareholder of Shanghai Jiangbao Investment Management Partnership (limited partnership). Su Jianhua, a shareholder of the company, holds 20% of the shares and is the legal representative of Shanghai Zhongda Tumour Hospital limited. The company's shareholder, Lin Zhenfa, holds 20% of the shares and acts as a legal person in seven companies, six of which are medical related enterprises.

In the interview, the reporter learned that Shanghai Zhongda Cancer Hospital and Shanghai Fuda Hospital are only a few hundred meters away. According to relevant industrial and commercial data, Shanghai Zhongda Cancer Hospital is a 100% shareholding enterprise of Shanghai Fuda Cancer Hospital Management Group Co., Ltd. The latter's largest shareholder, You Feng, holds 60%, and the second largest shareholder, Li Shunfeng, holds 40%.

According to public information, in May 2014, the Shanghai Branch of Putian (China) Health Industry Association held a preparatory meeting, "investors, general managers and industry elite representatives from major medical groups in Shanghai gathered together". In the released job list, you were appointed vice chairman.

On September 13, the reporter attempted to visit Putian (China) Health Industry Association for further verification, official website information showed that only for members of the insiders to watch.

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