Challenge WeChat half a year to burn 1 billion soliciting guests; how long can bullet messages fly?

Challenge WeChat half a year to burn 1 billion soliciting guests; how long can bullet messages fly?

Challenge WeChat half year to burn 1 billion "soliciting" bullet messages can fly long?

Reporter Lu Xiao Beijing reported

A steady social APP, because the appearance of bullet messages is a splash.

This "even unprepared new APP" in Hammer Technology CEO Luo Yonghao's strong belt, not only completed a 150 million yuan round of financing, but also attracted a lot of capital in the cold winter of the capital queue to meet. And its battle with the social networking giant Tencent about investment has also attracted the attention of the outside world.

At the moment that Weixin has become the biggest traffic entrance of mobile Internet, bullet short message is expected to be the breaker of Weixin empire. But the history of social app has proved many times that the boss eats everything and overthrows the hard facts. Let the bullet fly for a while.

Capital is also crazy.

The war of words may not tell the truth, but it does tell the heat of bullet text messaging, and it is Tencent, the collective "imaginary enemy" of the social software industry, that is at odds with it.

On Sept. 11, Luo Yonghao responded by posting on his micro-blog, "If Tencent's investment department does not want to discuss investment cooperation with our bullet team through various channels, then I apologize to Tencent's investment department." At the same time, he said, because of the logic of financing and development considerations at this stage, but also because the task is too tight, the bullet SMS team to find an excuse to avoid Tencent Investment Department.

Earlier, Luo Yonghao revealed in a live broadcast on September 9 that Tencent's investment department had called the morning after the bullet text message was sent on August 20 to see the cooperation. But Tencent's investment and Acquisition Department subsequently responded that there was no such thing, and said that only a few days ago, there was a brief communication on Wechat, did not mention investment matters.

It should be mentioned that, in addition to the buzz on Luo Yonghao's microblog, both parties have maintained caution and silence. On September 12, the bullet text message to the "China Times" reporter said that the team temporarily did not accept the interview, for Tencent investment issues also temporarily did not respond. As of September 11, there were reports that Tencent was "afraid of being touched by porcelain" and asked not to see one side of the bullet text message news, as of the "China Times" reporters published, Tencent also did not respond to the relevant issues of the newspaper reporters.

Tencent is just one of Luo Yonghao's "crazy investment circles" after he saw bullet messages.

Luo Yonghao announced in the above live broadcast, bullet SMS online for seven days, has won by the capital led investment, Gao Rong capital participation in 150 million yuan A round of financing, valued at 550 million yuan. Many investors who had no time to wait had to wait for the B round. "There are forty or fifty other companies that have not met later." In addition to Tencent, there is news that Ali is also in contact with bullet messages.

The performance of the bullet message also gave them the weight to negotiate with the capital. Since the apple store was launched in August 21st, bullet messaging has dominated the APP list and the social networking list. In September 6th, Luo Yonghao announced at micro-blog that the bullet message currently activated about 7000000 of users.

But the rapid growth of bullet messages has not been able to continue. Bullet text messages had fallen to 79 out of all free apples in the Apple Store, and to 8 out of all social free apples, as of the Huaxia Times. In the September 6th micro-blog, Luo Yonghao also said that the growth of users was significantly slowed by the activation of bullet messages.

Who is the actual controller?

Who is the bullet message that attracts many capital concerns?

According to the reporter of China Times, bullet short message is an instant messaging APP developed by Beijing Fast Technology, which is mainly used for efficient communication. The introduction of the official website is that "bullet SMS is a fast chatting chat application." One of its highlights is the adoption of the "voice input, text output" technology provided by the University of Science and Technology Information Flight (29.450, 0.25, 0.84%).

In the face of the unshakable industry status of Weixin, bullet SMS this social APP aroused public concern can not be separated from the network red Luo Yonghao's strong "carry goods".

Bullet SMS debuted as TNT workstation built-in software at Hammer Technology's Bird's Nest conference in May. At that time, it was also called the English name of Bullet Messenger. Luo Yonghao then demonstrated the scene of opening 14 chat windows on the TNT screen and replying to them in a few seconds. But outside eyes were attracted by TNT. At the launch of Hammer Tech Nuts Pro 2S on August 20, the bullet text message re-emerged and finally attracted attention.

In addition to letting bullet text messages in their own press conference "rubbing traffic", Luo Yonghao also in his own micro-blog and live broadcast positions for bullet text messages spare no effort to make a scream. Insiders told reporters that "90% of the outbreak of bullet messages is due to Lao Luo. If someone else does the same APP, there will be no such big reaction. "

The birth of bullet messages is also related to hammer technology. Fast as technology co-founder and product owner Hao Miaojie in an interview revealed that bullet text messaging was his idea when he was still a senior product manager of Hammer Technology. As soon as the founder of science and technology, Zhang Ji, a legal representative, is the original R & D director of hammer technology.

But hammer technology and Luo Yonghao are just investors of bullet messages. Enterprise investigation shows that on May 2, Luo Yonghao and Hammer Technology have participated in the bullet SMS tens of millions of dollars in Angel round financing. The actual controller of the bullet message is another person.

In the May 9 change, Zhang Kuo and Hao Meijie, the original shareholders of bullet messages, withdrew and changed to 100% ownership by Wang Li, a natural person. The enterprise investigation shows that Wang Li is the operation director of social software Momo, as well as the legal representative, executive director and general manager of Shanghai Momo Technology Co., Ltd. Wang Li is the director, president and COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Beijing Momo Technology Co., Ltd. and is fully responsible for products, operations, marketing and commerce. Wang Li and Luo Yonghao had intersect before the street. According to public information, before joining the motherland, Wang Li was the managing director of Luo Yonghao's Laoluo English Training School.

At the same time, we need to mention that Mo street is also one of the shareholders of hammer technology. In May 2013, hammer technology got the 70 million yuan A round financing of unfamiliar technology and purple Hui venture. At present, Mo Street technology holds 6.57% of hammer technology and is the second largest shareholder.

Luo Yonghao also thanked Mo street many times in May last year hammer technology's mobile phone conference. He said he was able to stock 400,000 mobile phones because of the support of strangers. "In difficult times, either rob the bank or the company goes bankrupt, strangers and I signed a cooperation agreement at this time, pay in advance to help me a lot."

Cut the cake of WeChat?

Bullet messages are expected to reach the height of WeChat's future challengers. The massive downloads and the involvement of Ali have given hope to this prediction. In August 25th, Luo Yonghao spoke at micro-blog, saying, "Alipay will soon enter bullet messages."

But bullet messages do not want to carry the burden so quickly. Hao said in an interview that bullet text messages are only a small group of people who care about the efficiency of information communication under the Wechat crowd. He also said that the bullet message was not intended to compete with WeChat. Luo Yonghao also responded on Weibo: "There is no challenge to Weixin, just to be a segment of the people concerned about communication efficiency only." Luo Yonghao also asked in September 6th micro-blog, is downloading meaningful?

Seven million downloads are a long way from the number of active users announced by Tencent chairman Ma Huateng in March. Apps, which are also active in social fields such as strangers, probes, veins, and nails, are also aimed at people in a vertical field, not competing directly with Weixin.

At the same time, most of the people in the downloads of bullet message 7 million are trying. A number of users who downloaded bullet text messages gave feedback to reporters. Although the experience of voice-to-text functionality was good, too few people could chat and eventually returned to Wechat.

Bullet messages are also trying to solve this problem. Luo Yonghao disclosed in his microblog on Sept. 6 that bullet text messages, in addition to maintaining stability and frantically recruiting people and completing core functions (if necessary, two shifts), will also be launched in two weeks or so to pull a new program, "six months burn 1 billion, let 100 million people into the chain of acquaintances."

In addition, the bullet text message also tried to attract users to stay within the APP content, which had previously been connected to today's headlines and Tencent news. But in response to Tencent's request, the August 29th news update of the bullet message has removed Tencent news in the information flow. However, a person familiar with Tencent's industry to the "China Times" reporter analysis, now the two sides do not cooperate does not mean that Tencent will not invest in the future bullet SMS. "The investment competitor, may be to carry on the conformity, also may be to the bullet short message behind the change does certain grasp."

Yutianyu, vice president of Euro and President of the think tank research institute, believes that bullet text messaging is a relief for Weixin overweight users. But he also told the China Times, "Although there are a small number of Weixin overweight users in the market, but most users do not have the experience of heavy work interaction, no relevant demands, basically can not copy any strong relationship."

He also told the China Times that the current social market is still in an unchanged node, unaffected by new technologies and ideas, and that several existing social apps are still in a stable state of control over the market and users. "The location of bullet messages is too small and too narrow to subvert the existing pattern of social market".

Looking back at the history of social APP, WeChat has been born for 7 years since its release in January 2011. In the past seven years, Weixin has gradually grown into the largest traffic entrance of mobile Internet, while rice chat, intercourse, easy to believe, Feixin... These social APP, which had been bustling for a while, were all washed up. "The first stage can be pulled up, but the continuity behind it is really hard." According to Tianyu.

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