Road management stationmaster cited Domino effect January surrender within 7 units

Road management stationmaster cited Domino effect January surrender within 7 units

This newspaper news (reporter Yan Xinwen correspondent Qian Zheng) not long ago, Zhejiang Xiangshan County Highway Management Section Dongchen Station master Lin came to the county discipline Commission supervisory committee to voluntarily surrender: "Watching colleagues one by one'pulled out', I am very anxious, can not eat well and can not sleep. Later, I realized that escape is not a way after all. Rather than being frightened and frightened, I should take the initiative to surrender and try to deal with it lightly.

Prior to this, Xiangshan County Commission for Discipline Inspection supervisory committee, according to the clues transferred by the County Committee inspection team, investigated the suspected corruption of county highway management section staff, and has taken detention measures for eight staff members. Under such a shock, Lin no longer feels lucky and chooses to take the initiative to explain the problem to the organization.

Lin's move gave birth to the "domino effect" of surrender. Within a month, Qian Mou, General Secretary of the Party branch of the county highway management section, Weng Mou, head of the project management section, and Lai Mou, deputy director of the maintenance institute, and six others surrendered themselves to the county disciplinary commission. Up to now, the case has identified 15 staff members responsible for the management of highway greening planting maintenance, engineering construction and other functions and facilities, defrauding units of funds illegally occupied as their own violations of law and discipline.

It is reported that among the 15 persons involved, nine suspected corrupt persons have been transferred to the county procuratorate for examination and prosecution, and the remaining six are under investigation for violation of discipline and law.

Xiangshan County Committee Standing Committee, County Discipline Inspection Committee Secretary, County Supervisory Committee Director Chen Shanfang introduced the next step, the County Discipline Inspection Commission will be held in the county traffic system case special briefing, warning education conference, a profound analysis of violations of discipline and law cases, effectively play the role of case warning education, to investigate and deal with a case, warning effect.

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