Uncover the "career Review Division": a price tag for a store to beat competitors

Uncover the

Original title: "professional judges" openly "business" marked price to help store competitors.

Online stores have been operating for nearly ten years, and 14 months have been broken down in the past few months. Reporters interviewed found an alternative "industry".

Ms. Zhang, who runs an online store in Guangzhou, complained that her online store had received 14 comments shortly before, resulting in a 24-point deduction and a succession of declining sales. At the same time, Ms. Zhang was also asked by several "buyers" to "refund non-return" and compensation, and received nearly 50 harassment calls. Ms. Zhang said that the Taobao shop, which had been operating for nearly 10 years, was forced to close at the end of August for failing to appeal to the platform in time. Recently, a reporter from the New Express contacted a "professional bad judge" through the Internet, and found that "bad judge" actually accepted the "business" at a clearly marked price. Online shopkeepers can attack their competitors by "bad judge" if they pay for it.

Shopkeeper: the buyer asked for a refund without refund.

Ms. Zhang said that she runs online shoe stores, and her monthly sales volume is only ten odd. In the middle of April this year, her online store received 14 orders from Shandong, Hubei, Guizhou and Beijing in five days. However, she was not happy for long, because four days after the shipment, she found on the Internet platform that the goods had been checked, but no buyer confirmed the receipt.

A few days later, a buyer contacted Ms. Zhang, claiming to buy fake goods, demanding a "refund is not returned" and compensation. Ms. Zhang explained to them that the merchandise they sold was based on some popular ideas, not high-profile fakes, but the buyers still insisted on a refund request and were refused 14 comments to Ms. Zhang's shop.

Since then, most buyers have asked for "no refund". One of the buyers bought two pairs of shoes, each with a price of about 300 yuan. Ms. Zhang offered to refund the money he bought for shoes and let him keep his shoes. The buyer accepted Ms. Zhang's suggestion, then put the goods on a second-hand website to sell at 58 yuan a pair, and continued to call Ms. Zhang to harass her and ask her to buy back her shoes.

New Express reporters in Ms. Zhang's chat notes and operating records of the platform to see, these buyers placed orders centralized time, and Ms. Zhang communicated with the return of strong tone, are to buy counterfeit goods as a reason to request "refund not return", while giving money compensation, and to threaten Ms. Zhang with poor reviews. . After fruitless, she made more than fifty calls in a day.

"Bad evaluation team" malicious suppression of online shops to make profits?

Although Ms. Zhang communicated with the platform in a timely manner, the online store was eventually deducted 24 points because of a single error comment failed to appeal in a timely manner, and sales also declined because of the decline in word-of-mouth. Ms. Zhang said that at the end of August, she had to end the operation of the online store.

According to Ms. Zhang, the shoes she sells in online stores are designed by her own factory, online sales for nearly 10 years, although the sales volume is small, but the reputation is good, did not expect to be a group of "bad reviewers" malicious oppression, let her efforts go down the drain.

Ms. Zhang also said that after the event, a purchaser who claimed to be a student contacted Ms. Zhang voluntarily. After getting a certain amount of compensation, the "student" told Ms. Zhang the inside story. Originally, these 14 bad reviews all come from the same "bad reviewer team", this team has a convener, in the name of net earning, after collecting 50 yuan membership fees, to absorb specific groups to join the QQ group. Convenor on-line release tasks, in Taobao select low star, sell reference to "explosive" fashion elements of products, sales of smaller stores, centralized purchase, to buy counterfeit goods to compensate for the reasons, the use of the psychology of the shop to calm things, with poor reviews and language attacks on the seller to threaten "refund is not returned", in order to Profiteering is more than a Miss Zhang.

Some people claimed that they wanted to join the "bad assessment division" to ask for admission fees.

How bad is the "bad judge"? New Express reporter learned that many online store sellers have been harassed by "bad reviewers," and "bad reviewers" have even become a new "net-earning" profession, forming a poor evaluation - claims - the gray "industry chain" of the evaluation.

Relevant data show that the "bad judge" specially to give online shop poor rating as a means to ask for money, often choose a lower star of small and medium-sized sellers to start, or even a special group. There are "hunters" responsible for finding targets, "clapping hands" to follow orders for unified action, and "negotiators" who "talk" to stores afterwards. The division of labor is clear, and the quality of products is poor, merchants sell fakes and so on as an excuse to give poor comments. "Bad judges" even hired "business" to help unscrupulous sellers attack their competitors.

Recently, a reporter from the New Express contacted a "professional bad judge" through the Internet and randomly selected a pair of Italian-style men's shoes with a monthly sales of 59 pairs and a Korean-style "explosive" women's shoes with a monthly sales of 642 pairs on the Internet platform, saying that he hoped to suppress his competitors. After the baby link was sent to the "bad judge", the other side quickly gave the "quotation": the former off the shelf 630 yuan, closing the store 850 yuan, the latter down 630 yuan, 850 yuan off the shelf, and promised to complete in 5 days.

When the reporter of the new express said the quotation was too high, the "bad reviewer" was very cautious, only disclosed that it was operated by means of complaint deduction, indicating a penny for a piece of goods, and hinted that he had a mature operation team: "Don't worry about the quality of our service, even if the large-scale online stores'bad Reviews' business'can be accepted." "." When the reporter expressed the idea of "joining the group", the "bad judge" said, "the membership fee is 500 yuan". When the reporter further inquired about the relevant "business" of the "bad judge", the "bad judge" refused the request of the reporter for consultation "business" and membership on the grounds of "no one else".


The electricity supplier law promulgated last month has not yet delineated the "malicious bad comment".

"Complain to the platform'bad judge', evidence screenshots handed over a large number of stores were still deducted for lack of evidence (for reasons). After the report, the police did not know how to file the case. A shop seller complained.

On August 31, China's first comprehensive law in the field of electronic commerce, the Law of the People's Republic of China on Electronic Commerce, was voted on at the fifth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Thirteenth National People's Congress and will come into effect on January 1, 2009. New Express reporter consulted the relevant provisions of the e-commerce law, and found that it did not mention some of the areas involved in the current e-commerce. Take malicious malpractice as an example, such behavior is not defined in the electricity supplier law.

Dong Yizhi, a special researcher at the E-commerce Research Center and a lawyer's office in Shanghai Yida, believes that although the E-commerce law does not define malicious disparities, similar cases do exist in reality. The departments concerned are still cracking down on the racketeering behavior after malicious malpractice. Aiming at the phenomenon of "bad reviews" and the group of "bad reviewers", Dong Yizhi said that "bad reviews" have become a kind of "industry", which is based on the commodity circulation evaluation mechanism of e-commerce. "The most obvious difference between e-commerce platform and offline merchants is its evaluation mechanism. The performance of merchants is closely related to the reputation of the entire store and the level of the store. Some people use this evaluation mechanism to make profits." Therefore, although the electronic commerce platform has attacked the "malicious bad comment", it is far from standard operation.

Dong Yizhi believes that since businessmen are professional operators, in the face of "malicious appraisal" and other unreasonable acts, the first thing to do is to solve the problem according to the normal appeal channels, including through the platform itself, or take the legal way to safeguard rights. According to Dong Yi-zhi, the use of threats or coercion to illegally acquire other people's property constitutes the crime of extortion. Extortion of public and private property between 1,000 and 3,000 yuan can be identified as a relatively large amount and sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or control. Extortion of $10,000 to $30,000 can be recognized as a huge amount and sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than ten years.

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