Nora was bankrupt and liquidated.

Inbound block chain Wang Xin's future is uncertain.

Wu Junjie

Wang Xin, founder of Shenzhen Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "D"), who wrote on his micro-blog that "I laid down the world, but never laid down you." Returning to business after his comeback is almost what the industry had expected. For three and a half years in prison, he once left the focus of attention in technology circles.

Recently, D was filed for bankruptcy liquidation because of more than ten million yuan in arrears of payment to Shenzhen Golden Asia Pacific Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Golden Asia Pacific Technology"). In February 2018, Wang Xin held 91.50% of the Shenzhen Yunge Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yunge Artificial Intelligence") was established.

Once broken, the direction for Wang Xin to start his own business has become the focus of attention.

Wang Xin's Yunge Artificial Intelligence, now at the helm of the company, responded to the China Business Daily reporter by saying that the company believes there is a possibility that artificial intelligence and block chains could disrupt the current way of life and will choose to work in both areas.

Previously, the industry based on the P2P (point-to-point Internet technology) technology and business nature of S, speculated that the cloud song artificial intelligence or will be built to block chain technology as the core of the pan-entertainment platform. The cloud song artificial intelligence did not deny, and the first response said, "the value of the block chain is far from the financial field, in cultural entertainment, agriculture, social management and many other aspects of the scene will be applied."

The commonality of P2P technology and block chain technology, capital support and the help of insiders make Wang Xin's Re-Entrepreneurship much anticipated. However, under the background of the immaturity of block chain bottom technology and limited application scenarios, the industry believes that whether Wang Xin, who has embarked on a new journey, can create the future is still unknown.

Second battlefields

Wang Xin's Re-Entrepreneurship is still very low-key, located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen Jindi Software Park, an office on the fifth floor.

External rumors about cloud song artificial intelligence or exploring in the field of block chains and artificial intelligence are rampant. Such speculation does have some basis.

In addition to the company recruitment chain and artificial intelligence technicians visible on the recruitment website, Wang Xin mentioned key information such as "P2P + Blockchain + AI", "Everything Interconnected, Everything Account" and "Text, Pictures, Video, Audio, Rich Media" in her microblog in March 2008.

Block Chain Network Protocol currently uses P2P transmission protocol, and the technology stack of S is also P2P technology, this technology makes use of the idle broadband of users, rather than clustering in a few servers, so that video will not appear because of slow network speed and play carton.

"At present, the company's main layout in the field of artificial intelligence in the application layer market, block chain is mainly hoping to promote the block chain technology landing and healthy development of the industry, related products are still in development." One of the company's directors said the company was not considering extending to the virtual currency sector based on block chain technology.

Wang Xin's business layout is bigger than expected. Our reporter noticed that Wang Xin's wife Peng Peng was the legal representative and general manager of Yunge Artificial Intelligence, and also the legal representative and general manager of Beijing Lingpigeon Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lingpigeon Technology"). The spirit pigeon technology was established in August 27, 2018. In terms of business, Ling pigeon technology and cloud song AI technology involve information technology services.

"Spirit Pigeon Technology, a Beijing company, was set up to better absorb talent and expand the market." Yun song AI responded to our newspaper reporter.

Our reporter learned that Yunge Artificial Intelligence is currently in Shenzhen headquarters to research and development personnel, the scale of about 150 people. With the product coming out, the company will recruit market operators, which means that the Shenzhen headquarters will be further expanded. At present, the company has completed by Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund, IDG capital of $30 million Angel round financing.

Draw a clear border with the past

It is difficult to bypass Nora by referring to Wang Xin, who now has a new block and chain of AI.

In the Web 2.0 era of network development, network video grew brutally, and the Player Oriented Player was founded on December 26, 2007. Benefiting from the QMV technology, high compatibility and P2P technology, which is bottom-side and smooth on-demand, C has won the favor of users. Public information shows that during the peak period, the number of Nora users is between 400 million ~5 billion. At that time, the user volume is equivalent to the total volume of video users such as music video, potato video, storm video and so on. According to another "Finance" report, the company began to make a profit in 2009, and its operating income reached 100 million yuan in 2011.

Wang Xin has been aware of the risk of expanding the volume of Nora users. He has emphasized on several occasions that "I do technology, not content", and that "I do not participate in video site traffic liquidation and ad sharing, but rely on the player to open the pop-up window advertising, proxy game sharing, software bundling promotion and other income. This deliberate avoidance of near-by content-side income and the intense rejection of a series of actions defined as content producers or content providers are considered to be a concentrated reflection of Wang Xin's evasion of the risk of being identified as Disseminating Obscene information.

But this is not enough to completely separate the connection between the player and the content. It is reported that Nora was reported to be suspected of Disseminating Obscene information in April 22, 2014. On September 13, 2016, Gou was sentenced to three years and six months in prison for making money by spreading obscene goods. Wang Xin was fined 1 million yuan and Gou company 10 million yuan. At this point, Wang Xin and Nora fade out of the public view.

Nowadays, Ichi Art, Youku and Tencent Video dominate the first echelon of domestic videos, but it is seldom mentioned. Recently, a disclosure information on the information network of the bankruptcy reorganization case made it return to the public view.

According to the information disclosed, the mediation letter of the Nanshan District People's Court of Shenzhen City confirmed that the arrears of payment for Asia-Pacific science and technology goods amounted to about 9.74 million yuan and interest on overdue payments amounted to 300,000 yuan. The gold Asia Pacific technology has applied for the bankruptcy liquidation of Nora on the grounds that Nora can not repay its due debts. Kim Asia Pacific Technology in an interview with our reporter, said that the matter is being processed.

Norway's arrears are much more than that. According to the eye of heaven, Nora has had more than thirty litigation cases involving funds since April 2014. Wang Xin also withdrew from Nora in July 12th this year.

Yunge Artificial Intelligence in an interview with our reporter said that in 2014, a sudden incident, D has 130 million yuan of cash on the book, the flow of funds is positive. Since Wang Xin's arrest, her account has been frozen. C. has taken the initiative to sue employees and suppliers for compensation through legal means.

Wang Zhibin of Shanghai Minglun Law Firm said that as a limited liability company, if Wang Xin and other shareholders had previously provided a debt guarantee for D, the shareholders would have to bear the responsibility for the guarantee; on the contrary, the company's debts would be borne by the company with all its own property, and had nothing to do with the shareholders.

"Although Yunge Artificial Intelligence is a company owned by Wang Xin, it has nothing to do with D's debt." Wang Zhibin added that at the very least, Wang Xin and other shares of the East and Norway debt secured relationship.

Yunge Artificial Intelligence also told our reporter that in 2017 through labor arbitration employees received N + 1 compensation. Now bankruptcy is also hoped to be liquidated through bankruptcy to repay suppliers' arrears. After paying these fees, the remaining funds will be paid to the Shenzhen Market Supervision and Administration of 260 million yuan in administrative penalties.

Where to go?

Wang Xin, who was released from prison in February 2018, chose to start with cloud song AI. This has won many assists in the Internet industry.

According to Tian's eye check, Wu Ming was the former general manager of the company's business division; He Xiaopeng was the co-founder of UC Optimus and now chairman of Xiaopeng Automobile; Dai Keying was the wife of 58-year-old Yao Jinbo and sister of Dai Kebin, founder of Hunting and Employment Network, in addition to his successive successful entrepreneurship in the fields of Internet and education; Wang Yu was Zhuhai Dai Kebin's sister. The chairman of human network technology Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai green gun Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. These people have different degrees of shareholding in Yun song AI.

Lishu, general manager of Chongqing Taide Caichuang Technologies Co., Ltd., which is also based on the bottom technology of block chain, is optimistic about Wang Xin's layout in the block chain. "On the one hand, the application of block chain technology in the field of entertainment, such as video, will enable users to access video and other entertainment information from traditional centralized servers, into distributed fast access, thus subverting the existing mode of production, storage, distribution of entertainment products; on the other hand, ICO based on block chain technology, It can achieve double reduction in the threshold of investment and financing for entertainment projects, and promote the growth of entertainment industry. Li Shu said.

However, several respondents also said that the overall business prospects of the block chain is still difficult to say optimistic, one of the proof in this respect is the difficulty of financing.

Li Shu disclosed that due to tight capital flow, resource concentration to the head of the block chain enterprises, token valuation downward shift and other factors, block chain area financing in 2018 as a whole limited. "Especially small projects, the financing process has been greatly affected." Li Shuxu said that the block chain video project he operated in 2017 was also a capital chase and is now suffering from a shortage of funds.

The technology of block chain is not mature enough. Performance is the biggest obstacle to the development and large-scale application of distributed account technology. Take the mature Bitcoin block chain for example, it can only do seven transactions per second, which is difficult to meet the demand of large-scale commercial use of traditional financial institutions. Wang Jie, director of Shenzhen Far East Virtual Money Mining, who is engaged in the application scenario business of block chain finance, said that the short board of block chain technology directly hinders individual enterprises to explore the application of block chain technology, resulting in fewer application scenarios of block chain.

However, with the support of funds, technology and talents, the cloud song artificial intelligence first chooses the bottom technology of the block chain as a breakthrough, and then according to the specific application scenario to launch the technical exploration sequence of the solution is still expected by the outside world.

"For start-ups, this technology path is conducive to the efficient development of the block chain business." Xue Hongyan, director of the Internet Finance Center of Suning Institute of Finance, continued that the financing progress after the Angel Round was more limited by the commercial landing prospects of products, which also meant a new challenge for Yunge Artificial Intelligence.

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