The director made the deputy director stare at the hotel room in the opposite of the Discipline Inspection Committee. 2 people were double opened.

The director made the deputy director stare at the hotel room in the opposite of the Discipline Inspection Committee. 2 people were double opened.

Recently, Songyuan has announced 5 typical cases of Party members and cadres violating political discipline. The 5 typical cases are:

Li Dawei, former director of Songyuan Wenguang New Bureau and former president of the City Sports Federation, and others, examined the confrontation organization. In 2015, the procuratorial organs found that the original Songyuan Sports Bureau private "small treasury" problem, in early 2016, to deceive the organization, Li Dawei instructed the former Songyuan Sports Bureau deputy director Han Song and others to burn the "small treasury" original voucher. From August to November 2017, the discipline inspection and supervision organ investigated the former partially involved sports personnel in Songyuan City. Li Dawei instructed Han Song and other people to keep watch in a hotel compartment opposite the municipal discipline inspection commission, and repeatedly inquired into the case of the inspected personnel, obstructing the co-investigators to provide evidence to the discipline inspection and supervision organ. Li Dawei also called many times in his home and the office of the unit concerned personnel secret gatherings in series to study the examination of confrontation organizations. Li Dawei, Han Song and other serious violations of discipline, March 2018, Li Dawei and Han Song were expelled from the party, expelled from public service sanctions.

Zhang Qingan, secretary and director of the former Construction Bureau of Songyuan City, is not resolute in implementing the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, discounting, flexibility and dishonesty of the Party. From 2006 to 2009, Zhang Qing'an, in order to seek private interests and engage in large-scale transactions with illegal real estate developers and builders who participated in the implementation of shelter reform projects, not only did he not insist on implementing the national shelter reform policy, discount and make flexible, but also provided convenience for illegal development enterprises through direct intervention and intervention in regulatory matters. Some illegal development enterprises have violated the rules and regulations to win the tender, unlawful demolition, illegal construction, delayed relocation and even deceived the masses, resulting in many batches, large-scale, long-term mass collective visits and cross-grade visits. Some problems have not yet been solved, resulting in extremely bad political impact, social impact and serious consequences. From March to April 2018, when the discipline inspection and supervision organ checked the relevant situation, Zhang Qingan actively cooperated with the investigation on the surface, secretly probed into the situation in many ways, and made excuses for delaying his return to Matsuhara and fled the country. In August 2018, Zhang Qingan was expelled from the Party and dismissed from public service.

Zhao Shuxin, former deputy director of Songyuan Municipal Engineering Administration Bureau, inspected the Party's disloyalty and dishonesty and confrontation organizations. In March 2017, Zhao Shuxin and his wife, Liu Mou, studied the review of the confrontational organizations by transferring bank pipelining, sorting out family property and arranging income and expenditure when they perceived that the organization was going to examine it. In April 2017, when the discipline inspection and supervision organ verified Zhao Shuxin's assistance and benefits to a certain merchant in the planning of a new cold storage, Zhao Shuxin apparently cooperated with the investigation, but shifted the responsibility of the investigation to the deceased, and provided false information to the organization to cover up the facts. Zhao Shuxin had other serious disciplinary problems. In May 2017, Zhao Shuxin was expelled from the Party and dismissed from public office.

Gao Honghai, chairman of the large town of Chagan Lake in Qian Guo County, is politically ill behaved and falsely accused others. From 2010 to 2015, Gao Honghai took advantage of his position to help his nephew Gao to bid for and construct cement road projects in several administrative villages in Changlong Township by "affiliating" with qualified companies. In 2017, in order to help Gao settle the project funds, Gao Honghai fabricated other people's violations of discipline at will and reported them to the discipline inspection and supervision organs, in order to achieve the personal purpose of exerting pressure on the main leaders and related personnel of Changlong Township, resulting in adverse social impact. In May 2018, Gao Honghai was examined by the party for a year and dismissed from office.

Guo Xianyu, former leader of Changling Forest Public Security brigade, examined the matter against the organization. From July to August 2017, when the discipline inspection and supervision organ inquired about Guo Xianyu's purchase and subcontracting of woodland, Guo Xianyu provided false information about his mother Gao Mou's purchase of woodland, concealing the fact of trading woodland on the pretext of the existence of a loan relationship between the two persons, and confronted the review of the organization. Guo Xianyu also had other serious violations of discipline. In September 2017, Guo Xianyu was expelled from the Party and dismissed from public service.

The circular emphasized that the Party organizations at all levels in the city should put the Party's political construction in the first place, carry out a major rectification of the cadre's style of work, dig for clues to investigate thoroughly the violation of political discipline by Party members and cadres, and transfer them to the discipline inspection and supervision organs in time. Discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels should regard the "two safeguards" as the "foundation of standing up and the importance of performing their duties". They should give more prominence to the regulation and implementation of political discipline, pay attention to looking at and grasping problems politically, assist Party committees (Party groups) to strengthen the political ecological construction in a targeted manner and keep pace with the times, and promote the continuous improvement of political ecology within the Party. . (Songyuan Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Commission)

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