ATM "divine operation": women take the money from the Bank of Hebei to take out the postal savings.


Source: Hebei radio and TV station

Original title: Hebei bank card to take out the postal savings money? ATM machine "divine operation"!

Ms. Li, a citizen of the provincial capital, recently encountered a strange incident: she went to the ATM machine of the Bank of Hebei to get a cash card and took out the money on the credit card of the postal savings bank. Everyone said she must have "plugged in the wrong card" so much so that Ms. Lee herself suspected she had "hallucinated out of a bad head"? With her insistence, the bank took out the ATM videos and dismantled the ATM machine, and it became clear that there was a secret that you didn't know about the ATM machine.

ATM card withdrawals do not take money from the card.

After work on August 27, Ms. Li went to the ATM of the North Station Branch of Bank of Hebei to insert a card for cash. The card was inserted into the ATM, and the password was entered. She successfully withdrawn 3000 yuan. However, what happened later made Ms. Li a bit confused: SMS showed that she had just withdrawn 3,000 yuan from the credit card of the postal savings bank. Did you insert the wrong card? Ms. Li quickly withdraw the card to confirm that it is indeed the deposit card of Hebei Bank, not the credit card of the postal savings bank.

In order to verify again, she inserted this Hebei bank savings card into the ATM machine, again entered the password, and took 400 yuan. ATM quickly spit out 400 yuan. Almost at the same time, Ms. Li's mobile phone message prompts her postal savings bank credit card to withdraw 400 yuan.

The ATM machine is out of order. This is the direct response of Ms. Lee. She immediately returned the card and told the two customers in the queue at the back: "This machine is out of order. Don't use it. Change it for a withdrawal." Then walked into the Bank of Hebei next to reflect the situation. After listening to her experience, the Bank of Hebei staff said that it must have been stuck in the wrong card. Ms. Li said that she had not inserted the wrong card, and had returned the card again. Bank staff also from the network to withdraw the details of the withdrawal, confirming that Ms. Li is in the Bank of Hebei ATM in the form of inter-bank withdrawal from the postal savings bank credit card cash. The staff once again told Ms. Li that she must have inserted the wrong card, probably after she returned the card, and changed the card. Ms. Li tried to recall the operation process and confirmed that there was no wrong card and no intermediate change card. She must make sure that she gets the withdrawal video.

"Everyone said I inserted the wrong card, or changed the card in the middle, but my memory is not inserted the wrong card, there is no change card, I must find out, is not my brain is broken, there is a hallucination?" Ms. Li said.

There's a little secret on ATM.

At Ms. Li's insistence, the Bank of Hebei transferred the withdrawal video and found that she did not insert the wrong card. Where was the postal savings bank credit card that was then withdrawn? It's in Ms. Li's card bag.

To get to the bottom of the matter, the bank hired a professional engineer to disassemble the ATM, and the truth finally came to light: the ATM had built-in "non-contact" devices, or contactless devices, to identify financial IC cards. Ms. Li put her bag on the face of the "non-access" device as she took out the card. The "non-access" device identified her postal savings bank credit card through the card bag. Ms. Li's Hebei bank card and the postal savings bank card had the same password. She just entered the correct password, so the ATM machine used The way of interbank cash withdrawal spits out the postal savings bank credit card money.

When the truth came out, the bank staff were also surprised because they didn't know the secret of the ATM machine. Ms. Li can only be reminded that the next card withdrawal, do not put the bag casually on the ATM "non-connected" equipment surface.

Take care of equipment and prompt for withdrawals.

Bank of Hebei staff said they were also reminded of the incident, they will report it to the technical department, and later try to set up a reminder on the built-in "non-connected" equipment ATM to remind customers to pay attention to the equipment.

The staff of Hebei Branch of China UnionPay also said that in recent years Hebei Province is vigorously promoting financial IC cards, including the upgrading of related equipment, there will be more and more ATM built-in "non-connected" equipment. The "off-hook" device responds sensitively by identifying the bank card in the bag. If the password is typed correctly, it can be used for cash withdrawal, transfer and other operations.

Industry insiders suggest that banks should give prominent hints on the "off-hook" side of ATM machines equipped with "off-hook" equipment so as to avoid any more people like Ms. Li confusing operation of the bank cards in the bag.

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