Hongkong mobilized the "mangosteen" government to mobilize buses to mobilize residents.

Hongkong mobilized the

BEIJING, Sept. 15 (Xinhua) According to the Hong Kong "Wen Hui Bao" reported that the Hong Kong Observatory forecast that super typhoon "mangosteen" will hit Hong Kong, 16 days of weather will change dramatically, hanging the No. 8 balloon is quite high, offshore (that is, Cheung Chau, Lamma Island and Henglan Island, etc.) and high-altitude wind reached 12, is the highest wind "Hurricane" "Wind" level. Affected by storm surges, coastal and low-lying areas are prone to flooding. The Hong Kong SAR government calls on people living in low-lying areas to evacuate to ensure safety.

The Hong Kong Civil Affairs Department will open 48 shelters early under Typhoon 3, arrange for the first time to evacuate Tai O residents by tourist buses, and use larger areas such as indoor stadiums as shelters. Security Secretary Li Jiachao said that the "mangosteen" wind and rain will be particularly urgent, extensive and serious, departments to make the worst plan. The observatory issued a typhoon warning signal at 10:25 last night.

Lin Zhengyuee: mobilize all manpower and material resources

In response to the mangosteen attack on Hong Kong, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Lin Zheng Yue'e, stressed yesterday that the SAR Government would mobilize all human and material resources to minimize the impact of the typhoon and called on the public to stay indoors in safe places during the storm and not to go on the streets, Watch the waves, surf or otherwise. Watch the tide.

Li Jiachao held a joint press conference with a number of government departments yesterday afternoon to explain the response measures of typhoon "mangosteen" attacking Hong Kong. The assistant director of the Observatory, Mr Chu Ming Cheng, said that according to the "mangosteen" path and forecast, the weather in Hong Kong on Sunday was obviously deteriorating and the chances of signaling No. 8 were quite high. As the storm approaches, it will bring heavy winds, rain and storm surges, and flooding may occur along the coast and in low-lying areas.

He pointed out that "mangosteen" will sweep north of Luzon on the 15th and enter the South China Sea, due to the wide circulation, is expected to pose a threat to the coast of Guangdong Province; most of the 15th sunshine and very hot, and haze, the sea began to surge, calling on the people to stay away from the shore. Tomorrow, the weather will change dramatically, the Observatory calls on the public to be prepared for the wind, away from the shore and suspend water activities.

He predicted that the storm would gradually move away from Hong Kong later on the 17th, and that the wind would gradually weaken, but there were still strong winds and heavy rains. As for how long the No. 8 Wind Ball will last, it is difficult to estimate the distance and speed of movement between the mangosteen and the local area. The public should pay attention to the latest weather news.

Zheng added that the Typhoon "Tianpigeon" was only 60 km away from Hong Kong last year, while the Observatory predicted that the "mangosteen" was about 100 km to 200 km away, but the central wind force was higher than the "Tianpigeon" and the two could not be compared directly.

The 40 shelters will open early.

More than 40 shelters will be opened early and the Department will look for larger sites, such as indoor sports venues, as shelters, said Wang Xiuhui, deputy director of the Hong Kong Home Affairs Department. She added that people in low-lying areas such as the outlying islands and Lei Yue Men had been called for evacuation in the past few days, but no statistics were available. Volunteer teams and volunteer groups were sent to make further appeals by the outlying islands and Kwun Tong Home Affairs Office yesterday.

She added that this is the first time in recent years that a tourist bus has been arranged to take residents of Tai O to the shelter. Today, two tourist buses will be taken full-time to evacuate about 300 to 400 shantytowns.

In the case of Apricot Blossom, the authorities are liaising with property management companies to ensure that there is no congestion in the parking lot and to call on car owners to evacuate the parking lot.

Earlier, she said, companies and households had been called upon to prepare for the typhoon, and district councillors, village representatives, village committees, owners'corporations, owners' committees, mutual assistance committees and residents'liaison ambassadors had been asked to help remind residents of the latest news about tropical cyclones at the Hong Kong Observatory and to take precautions against the typhoon. With regard to the elderly living alone, she referred to the District Welfare Commissioner who had contacted them to appeal to the elderly to go to the shelter Centre for temporary stay.

Li Jiachao said that the government had held its second inter-departmental meeting on the morning of the 14th. Up to 30 policy bureaux, departments and relevant agencies, such as the AA, MTR and the HA, attended the meeting and heard the preparations and aftermath work of different departments.

He pointed out that as the "mangosteen" wind and rain will be particularly urgent, extensive and serious, the level of preparedness and contingency is higher than in the past, requiring departments to prepare for the worst; departments to improve the overall safety factor, need to be ready at any time.

The Emergency Monitoring and Support Center of the Security Bureau will be launched early. Departments should submit deployment reports to the Emergency Monitoring and Support Center and do a good job of evacuating residents in areas with high risk of flooding.

Electric power company: bad weather or unstable power supply

China Electric Power Limited said yesterday that anticipation of further approaching by typhoon mangosteen could cause voltage sags, power instability, or even power outages due to adverse weather conditions, which may inconvenience customers.

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"Mangosteen" attacks the year's "wind king" without delay.

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