Direct hit, hungry, join hands, ants, beachhead, takeaway finance, said it has served 400 thousand merchants.

Direct hit, hungry, join hands, ants, beachhead, takeaway finance, said it has served 400 thousand merchants.

Sina Science and Technology News September 15 noon news, hungry Mofa recently announced that in 10 months after jointly launching the takeaway business financial services sector with ant gold clothing, nearly 400,000 merchants have been provided with services, the total amount of loans receivable to merchants reached 15 billion yuan.

It is understood that e-financial merchants borrowing platform is hungry specifically for merchants to solve the borrowing needs of the platform, for merchants in the operation, decoration, shop and other scenarios to empower. At present, the platform has been connected to seven financial institutions, including online banking, with a total of more than 10 products, with a maximum loan of 1 million.

The news from hungry shows that the whole hungry financial service was officially launched in 2017. Especially since the beginning of this year, the relationship with Ant Gold Clothes has become increasingly close: in June, Hungry Moh used the accumulated data for large-scale data analysis, using accurate marketing, thousands of people to push the right products to users; in July, Hungry Moh Finance cooperated with online merchant banks to provide comprehensive quotas for merchants in the hungry Mo service market. Can finance in the supply chain side of the merchants; in September, the pre-credit online merchants, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other six provinces and municipalities a single product daily loans have exceeded tens of millions of dollars.

Data show that by August of this year, the hungry Mo financial platform had provided services to nearly 400,000 merchants less than 10 months after its operation, and the total amount of loans receivable to the hungry Mo financial platform merchants has exceeded 15 billion yuan.

"Ant Alipay's platform has Alipay, borrowed lots, and spends a lot of financial services". Is it hungry? CEO Wang Lei said, with the data coming out with hunger, the two sides have found that there are quite a few overlap on the users on each platform. "Ants and hungry are already providing services to these merchants. Before they were separated, they did not know each other, now they know, and join hands with each other, "Wang Lei said.

Wang Lei said that hungry with Ali's platform strategy is the same, "are through service providers to serve consumers." Among them, hungry into the Ali ecology, docking ant gold clothes, financial services capabilities have also been improved, "these catering businesses they financing loans, financial needs are very strong." Wang Lei introduced that it is difficult for restaurant merchants to borrow money from banks. "Ant gold suit docks these financial services, compared with other platforms, the advantages are clear at a glance."

It is understood that the removal of loans and other services cooperation, next, including small businesses such as "shop decoration" and other ant ant suits recently fully promote the Alipay small program, will also be hungry for the platform business fully open. (Zhang Jun)

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