Direct hit tiger tiger car to get E round of $450 million financing Tencent Sequoia, etc.

Direct hit tiger tiger car to get E round of $450 million financing Tencent Sequoia, etc.

Sina Technologies News September 15 noon news, car maintenance service brand Land Rover recently announced the completion of a new round of financing led by Tencent, Carlyle Capital, Sequoia Capital, the total financing of about $450 million.

Before this round of financing, tiger car was completed in 2016, Baidu and Goldman Sachs D round of financing. CCB International, CICC Qiyuan and the old shareholders of Pleasure Capital, Far Wing Capital, Qiming Venture Capital, Goldman Sachs, CICC Jiazi, Huiqin Capital and other joint participation in the follow-up.

According to Land Rover, this round of financing will be mainly used to enhance user experience, accelerate the standardization and specialization of technical service processes, strengthen the traceable supply process, deepen the strategic system layout of the national service system, and seek to build a new intelligent maintenance service ecology.

In addition, Land Rover will further cooperate with Tencent, one of the leading investors in this round of financing, in smart retail and supply chain finance to improve the owner's service ecology.

Land Rover Car was established in Shanghai in 2011, mainly engaged in tires, oil, car maintenance, car beauty, car products, etc., to provide online booking + off-line installation of car maintenance, business coverage of the country. (Zhang Jun)

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