Political leaders highly appraised the East Expo and business and Investment Summit

Political leaders highly appraised the East Expo and business and Investment Summit

Original title: foreign dignitaries highly appraised the East Expo and business and Investment Summit

Guangming Daily reporter Zhou Shixing, Jiang Yiming, Cao Yuanlong

Cultural exchanges, cooperation, mutual trust and friendship. The 15th China-ASEAN Exposition and the Business and Investment Summit (ASEAN Exposition and Summit for short) have been highly praised by the politicians of the participating countries for their efforts to deepen China-ASEAN all-round friendly cooperation through exhibitions, forums and activities around the theme of "jointly building the 21st century Maritime Silk Road and building a China-ASEAN innovation community". .

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen led a delegation for the 11th time and was the most frequently attended leader of ASEAN countries. "I see that since the ASEAN Expo and the Summit were held in Nanning, trade, investment and other areas of cooperation between China and ASEAN have developed rapidly. Therefore, the ASEAN Expo and the Summit should continue to play an important role in the China-ASEAN strategic partnership and make important contributions to promoting economic, trade cooperation and political mutual trust. "." Hun Sen said that Cambodia has benefited greatly from the East Expo and the Summit, as important platforms for promoting cooperation between China and ASEAN countries, which have achieved mutually beneficial and win-win results.

This year is the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Cambodia and Kampuchea. Hun Sen said that in the past 60 years, the friendship between Cambodia and China has been upgraded from good friends, brothers, neighbors and trusted friends to a comprehensive strategic cooperative relationship. The two countries should make greater efforts to promote economic, investment, trade, tourism and other areas of cooperation. In particular, the exchange of youth between the two countries should be strengthened so that the friendship between Cambodia and China can last for generations. Inheritance.

"Vietnam and China are good neighbors, good friends, comrades and good partners. In the context of the development of bilateral relations in recent years, Vietnam has made new achievements in friendly exchanges and practical cooperation with Guangxi. Vietnam has become the largest trading partner of Guangxi for 19 consecutive years." Vietnamese Vice Premier Wang Tinghui expressed the hope that through the platform of the East Expo and the Summit, Vietnam and China will further strengthen cultural, educational and cultural exchanges, deepen economic, trade and tourism cooperation, expand bilateral trade, and continue to promote infrastructure construction and cross-border economic cooperation.

As the first invited partner from Africa for the East Expo and the summit, Vice President Eddie of Zanzibar, Tanzania, said it was a great honor and a strong proof of the all-weather friendship and comprehensive cooperative partnership between Tanzania and China. It is believed that the meeting will bring more opportunities to Tanzania, China and the people of ASEAN countries, strengthen economic ties and expand cooperation space. Eddie sincerely invites Chinese enterprises to visit Zanzibar, Tanzania, to discuss and invest in agriculture, to cooperate in the fields of processing of agricultural and fishery products, construction of seaports and industrial parks, tourism, humanities, medical and health care, and to strive for mutual benefit and win-win results.

Singapore is the rotating chairman of ASEAN in 2018. This grand meeting will continue to send high-standard government delegations and a number of enterprises to participate in the exhibition. "We are willing to further cooperate with China to strengthen high-level exchanges and enhance mutual understanding. New Zealand actively promotes new progress in the construction of the south-facing corridor, encourages enterprises to come to Guangxi to seek business opportunities, and promotes more projects to land in Guangxi, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation. Xu Baokun, senior minister of Ministry of Commerce and industry and Ministry of national development, said.

"The East Expo and summit will be better and better, not only large scale, but also high quality." Zhang Songsheng, chairman of the Singaporean Federation of Commerce and Industry, who has attended the Expo and Summit on many occasions, said that the South-directed channel of Sino-China interconnection would be the golden channel for promoting the smooth trade between China and ASEAN and an important cornerstone for realizing the goal of bilateral trade amounting to $1 trillion by 2020. It is firmly believed that with the active promotion and efforts of all parties, the southbound corridor will eventually become the most efficient, convenient and cost-effective green channel for China-ASEAN business and trade exchanges.

"Myanmar attaches great importance to the Eastern Expo and the Summit. Each year, a delegation of state leaders attends, which has greatly promoted the friendly cooperation between Myanmar and China." Myanmar Vice President Min Rui expressed his belief that the Expo and the Summit will continue to play a platform role and further enhance China-ASEAN strategic partnership through trade, investment, tourism and civil exchanges. Min Rui believes that cooperation between China and ASEAN should focus on innovation and firmly grasp the development opportunities brought about by sharing economy, digital economy and modern trade. Myanmar will further strengthen its close cooperation with China and other ASEAN countries.

"Thank China for Laotian selfless help in agricultural technology extension and personnel training." Song Di, Deputy Prime Minister of Laos, said that China's open policy, especially the "one belt and one way" initiative, plays a vital role in promoting the development of China ASEAN trade relations. It is hoped that under the guidance of relevant policies, ASEAN and China will continue to deepen cooperation, speed up the construction of interconnection and exchange, and facilitate trade and investment between the two sides.

Wang Jianmin, Vice Minister of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia, Nora Trado, Vice Minister of Trade and Industry of the Philippines, Alinda, Director-General of National Export Development of the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia, and Aladdin, Deputy Secretary-General of ASEAN, also spoke highly of the Expo and the Summit, expressing their hope of making further use of the Expo. And the summit platform to enhance bilateral trade and cultural exchanges and benefit the people of both sides.

(Guangming Daily Nanning September 14)

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