Mangosteen landing date advanced to 16 PM

Mangosteen landing date advanced to 16 PM

Original title: attention! "Mangosteen" has changed.

Reporters have just learned from the pre-war mobilization meeting of typhoon "mangosteen" in Guangdong Province that the landing time and location of "mangosteen" are expected to change.

Landing time has changed. From the original 16 days of the night, 17 hours in the morning, now advance to 16 evenings before and after.

In terms of wind power, typhoon landfall winds are expected to reach the strong typhoon or super typhoon magnitude (15-16), stronger than last year's strong typhoon "Tianpigeon" intensity, and the intensity of the 2015 super typhoon "Rainbow".

The landing site was moved. The landing center of "mangosteen" has moved more than 100 kilometers eastward. Zhanjiang, Maoming, Yangjiang and Jiangmen Municipalities should do a good job in preparing for the landing of "mangosteen" with super typhoon magnitude.

Follow up path, intensity and landing time remain variable. In the future, typhoons are still uncertain. We need to guard against the northward lifting of the path.

Reporter Xie Qingyu

Source: Southern +

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"Mangosteen" attacks the year's "wind king" without delay.

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