A lot of industry: the industry is clear.

A lot of industry: the industry is clear.

Sina Science and Technology News September 15 afternoon news, today Pingduo announced that in the industry as a whole before the state of the industry is clear, will be the first in the entire e-commerce industry in bulk diapers off the shelf.

Recently, a video platform released the "hot diaper quality problem survey". Speedo said that after the video broadcast, the platform management and quality control team feel shocked, the video described in the store has been closed and frozen first, if the content is true will do permanent clearance. The platform has transferred the relevant clues and data to the local industry and commerce, quality supervision departments, as soon as possible to confirm the final facts and assist law enforcement departments to bring suspects to justice.

Pandora said that before the facts were found out, the platform would immediately start the payment green channel for the consumers involved in the two stores mentioned in the video, namely "Angel Baby Mother and Infant Square" and "Comfortable Angel Mother and Infant Square"; and that the platform would immediately take the lead in removing all the shelves in the electricity industry before the industrial and industrial conditions became clear. Bulk diapers and joint law enforcement departments are expected to promote the renovation of the whole industry.

Speedo said that the platform attaches great importance to consumer rights and interests, especially the quality control of maternal and infant commodities, supervision of public opinion, public queries, will be regarded as a valuable spur. The platform will not be afraid of difficulties, take out the spirit of nails, the "doubles action" further into the deep water, the doubles will adhere to the end.

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