Zhang Yong's employment view of Ali successor: he likes people who are uneasy and can make things happen.

Zhang Yong's employment view of Ali successor: he likes people who are uneasy and can make things happen.

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Dao Jun said

On the teacher's day of September 10th this year, Ma Yun, founder of Alibaba group, announced in an open letter:

One year later, on the occasion of Alibaba's 20th anniversary, September 10, 2019, he will no longer be chairman of the board of directors of the group, which will be replaced by the current CEO of the group, Zhang Yong.

As a high-profile Alibaba successor, what kind of employment concept does Zhang Yong uphold? What kind of human resource management are there? We learn and learn from this article.

Outstanding talents

It was found, not recruited.

As Ali CEO, it is Zhang Yong's important duty to reserve a large number of outstanding young cadres for the group.

Starting from the group COO in 2014, Zhang Yong looked for and promoted a group of young people after 80 and 85.

Later these young people became the main force of Ali all in wireless, they have not experienced the PC side of the glory, and some have not even come to Ali before doing e-commerce, but it is these newborn calves, Ali successfully completed the transition from the PC side to the mobile side.

Jiang Fan is one of these young people. Before coming to Ali, Jiang Fan was the founder of the alliance. Ali bought the Alliance for $80 million, and Jiang Fan became a member of the alliance. He didn't use a computer. All the work was done by mobile phone. Someone joked that if he got the charger, he took control of Jiang Fan.

He is in line with Zhang Yong's criteria for finding people (Zhang Yong doesn't like hiring people).

Having deep potential or outstanding traits, aged between 35 and 45, successful, financially free. Zhang Yong believes that success means that the ability to be proven, financial freedom, then the purpose of doing things is not to seek promotion and pay rise, but "feel that this thing is interesting".

Jiang Fan wanted to stay in Ali for a while, but Zhang Yong had a cup of tea with him and touched him with a heart-searching remark.

"Do you want us to do something together, and you can tell the story to your grandson later. You can now see clearly how much money you earn every year in a state-owned enterprise or a foreign company for ten years, and then take part in marathons everywhere, and so on. This is not wrong, but everyone has his choice. Then I said, "do you want to join us and perform on the stage of Ali, leaving a little memory?"

Now speaking to Chiang fan, it's like Zhang Yong was talking about himself ten years ago.

He chose to become a CFO and then moved to Ali out of fear of being able to see the life of the old four big business partners at a glance. When Ma Yun asked him why he came to Ali, Zhang Yong blurted out, "I've been a $3 billion company, and I want to be a $30 billion company."

Now everyone knows that Zhang Yong and Ali got 10 times more than expected in return for their ideal investment.

Rome wasn't built in a day. Zhang Yong was very protective of Jiang Fan's self ten years later.

When new people enter Ali, Zhang Yong will not immediately send him to the same side:

"Putting him in business to lead the team and arrange the KPI right away is like throwing a man on the beach and letting him carry a gun to the battlefield, but where is the equipment department behind him? Where is the signal corps? No one can tell anyone who wants to call artillery fire.

After finding someone of special importance, Zhang Yong arranged for them to be his own business assistants, first "raise" for a period of time, "you have to give him an umbrella, so that he can adapt to the environment, soil, water temperature first."

What is Ali taste?

In addition to business challenges, Jiang Fanmen, who have not experienced Ali's brilliance on the PC side, or even the lack of e-commerce genes, will inevitably provoke a collision of ideas and ideas. In particular, Ali is a company that emphasizes culture and values.

Before joining Ali in 2015, Jingjie served as senior executives at P&G and COFCO, joking that:

"If I'm at P&G like at the equator, I'm going to state-owned enterprises like the North Pole, to Ali like the South Pole.

Zhang Yong has been asked this question: is Chiang fan "Ali"?

"It depends on how you look at it. One way he's not Ali, but I think the other way he's Ali."

Why? Zhang Yong said, is two words - pure, "a thing to do, which department to do, who do the best, he will not because to engage in coordination do not say, but think it should be done, I did it. This is the way we think today.

What is Ali? I can adapt to this environment, so that everyone has a bit of praise for me -- this is Ali? Zhang Yong sniffed, "Ali can't become such an environment."

This problem can be thrown to Zhang Yong ten years ago. In view of Chiang fan's view of the point, Zhang Yong was even less "Ali" at that time. He made a passage:

At one meeting, Ma said, "I don't like Shanghai people first, who are Shanghai people?" Zhang Yong raised his hand.

Ma Yun asked again: "I do not like professional managers second. Who is the professional manager here?" Zhang Yong raised his hand again.

Ma Yun said, "I don't like MBA third, who is MBA?" Zhang Yong didn't raise his hand this time. He was too busy to read MBA. Of course, this is just a joke of Ma Yun.

Judging whether an employee is "Ali", we can not see him shouting slogans, telling yellow jokes, or even the length of time he entered Ali, Zhang Yong said, depending on whether the person has "Ali flavor"?

In Zhang Yong's eyes, what is "Ali flavor"?

Philadelphia, a former human resources director at Tianmao, remembers a disagreement between Philadelphia and the director of operations over whether a candidate for an important position was suitable. The director of business believes that the candidate has no problem, but Fei LAN resolutely rejected the candidate.

Zhang Yong intervened in this matter, and he asked why the Philippines insisted on not passing. Philippine replied, "this guy has no Alibaba." Zhang Yong asked rhetorical questions, "what is Ali taste?"

Philippine was stunned on the spot. It's likely that Alibaba's history has never seen a senior executive raise the issue openly in a challenging manner. "He wants to help you to express clearly and see clearly the nature of the problem."

The so-called "Ali flavor" sounds very idealistic, quite mysterious, in Zhang Yong's view, in fact, is two points:

First, this person must be kind.

Second, be willing to trust others first.

"It's hard, because that's how human nature is, facing strangers in unfamiliar surroundings, always says,'Look what's going on, you show me, I'll be better with you. (But the key to getting into Ali) take the initiative to remove some of your armor and embrace others.

Liang Ning, a financial writer, told a story which is the best footnote to Zhang Yong's remarks.

Ali, the two chief executive, is fighting for a business.

Wang Minming, who was in charge of HR at the time, said to one of them: "VP:

You've been in Ali for five years. If you take this business away from him, it will certainly affect your performance, but it's not about life or death. But this man has only been in Ali for less than a year, and if he has this steady business support, he can survive this year. Ali needs new people coming in to keep the system in possession of new capabilities.

Wang Minming said:

You first came to Ali for the first second years, and you got all kinds of help from Ali's colleagues. Now, can you return the help you get to the system and let others get your help?

The man listened for 5 seconds, and then simply said,

I didn't think about it from what you said just now. Let him take away the business.

Only then did he become an alibaban.

Promoting Ali culture compatibility and diversity

In early 2017, Zhang Yong told Tong Wenhong, then CEO of the rookie, that she had decided to be the CPO of the group and mobilized Ma Yun to do Tong Wenhong's ideological work.

The reason for finding Tong Wenhong as CPO is very clear, because "I am a business origin, now such a large organization, HR can not just do from the virtual culture, the more virtual things, the more to do." Tong Wenhong pointed out that "our talent strategy, organizational strategy, these things are actually business, you need from a business perspective, these things do, tamp, to meet the future development of the organization."

Tong Wenhong said that since the creation of the lakeside apartment in 1999, the core of Ali's cultural values - simple, pure - has not changed, but the company's rapid development, each leap will add new content.

The earliest Ali values were characterised by the strong executive power brought by the China Supply Railway Army. With the prosperity of Taobao, the grass-roots color from bottom to top was very strong. After Ali Yun took shape, the engineer culture became more and more strong. All in all, with the growth of Ali, the culture of the company is becoming more and more diverse.

Today, Ali's scale has expanded to the extent of an "economy," business areas including e-commerce, logistics, finance, entertainment, cloud computing and other fields, the company put forward to the future into the "five new" strategy. In this context, Ali is bound to usher in a large number of new people, in order to adapt to the new situation, the company culture is bound to be more open and diverse, flexible.

Zhang Yong said:

"I think the most important thing for Ali today is the extension of the whole culture, the extension of talent, and what I want to promote in it is diversity, which is my responsibility to the company as CEO and what I have done in the past two years."

To promote diversity is not to create factions and mountains, Zhang Yong is very opposed to the so-called division of new people and old people, "I am old or new? I am certainly not the oldest group, and I can not say that I am a new person, and the new one will not be mixed for ten years.

The essence of diversity is to build links, Zhang Yong said, by guiding the Ali people from all over the world to establish a sense of identity with Ali's values, linking the many Ali people with different educational backgrounds, work experience and personality traits together. "This is probably the most important thing for the future development of Ali."

"Humility" is a key word that Ma has mentioned to Ali.

It is not only the humility of the external world, but also the humility of the inside. According to Tong Wenhong, this humility is not only a strategic self-protection, but also an open mind driven by initiative and supported by self-confidence on the premise of self-awareness.

"Our culture should be more humble now. Behind this humility lies greater respect for new people from outside, greater openness to embrace them, openness to face new things, and humility to partners in the economy."

Easier said than done. As we all know, Ali has always been very strong in maintaining values. This strong impression reached the moon cake incident in 2016.

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