Responding to typhoon 15, 18 to 17, schools in Guangdong will be suspended from school.

Responding to typhoon 15, 18 to 17, schools in Guangdong will be suspended from school.

Original title: urgent notice! From 18 September 15th to September 17th, schools in the province were suspended from classes.

Educational bureaus of all levels and above, ordinary colleges and universities, and provincial primary and secondary schools:

According to the latest meteorological forecast, the 22nd super typhoon "mangosteen" will land in the coastal area between Zhuhai and Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, from the afternoon to the night of September 16, and attack the western part of Guangdong. The province has entered the I level emergency response status. The provincial government attaches great importance to the prevention of super typhoon. This morning, the provincial "three defenses" headquarters convened a pre-war mobilization and deployment meeting for the prevention of super typhoon "mangosteen". In order to implement the spirit of the conference and do a good job in the education system defense of the whole province, the provincial education department held an emergency work conference on typhoon defense on the afternoon of September 15 to study and deploy the defense work. Urgent notice is hereby given as follows:

First, respond to war and fulfill responsibilities.

Schools around the country should take the prevention of super typhoon as the primary political task at present. In accordance with the principles of "territorial management", "who is in charge and who is in charge" and under the unified deployment and command of the local Party Committee government, they should resolutely implement the supervision and principal responsibility for the prevention of super typhoon and put the safety of teachers and students in the first place. Position to ensure "no death or less injury".

Two, strong deployment, emergency response.

From 18 o'clock on September 15 to 17 September, the provincial education system launched a typhoon prevention level I emergency mechanism. All schools and kindergartens at all levels in the province are suspended from school, and all training and educational activities in the Children's Palace and out-of-school training institutions are suspended. Boarding school students do a good job of typhoon prevention in situ. During the period of initiating the typhoon prevention mechanism, schools, kindergartens, children's palaces and out-of-school training institutions in the whole province stopped all outdoor activities such as foreign exchange training, outdoor development and military training.

Three, act immediately and carry out investigation.

Schools around the country should immediately carry out the investigation and elimination of hidden dangers of wind and rain prevention on campus, focusing on the campus dormitories, libraries, dining halls, teaching buildings, affiliated hospitals, hotels and guesthouses operated externally and other densely staffed places, as well as school doors and windows, construction sites, advertising signs, laboratories, water supply and power supply. Investigation and reinforcement of important parts such as gas facilities, facilities, and timely elimination of hidden dangers to prevent the superposition of disasters. We should do a good job with the highest standards of defensive measures and disaster prevention materials reserve, preferring to be prepared rather than used, not available and unprepared. To strengthen the risk investigation and assessment of the campus and surrounding environment, close to the coastal areas of schools (kindergartens), rural schools in mountainous areas and schools with geological hazards, to do a good job in time evacuation of teachers and students, preferring to mobilize teachers before the disaster, not regret the disaster, the typhoon damage to the minimum.

Four, strengthen reserves and ensure full protection.

Schools around the country should strengthen the work of typhoon prevention on campus, do a good job in disaster hygiene and epidemic prevention and food hygiene safety, ensure the normal order of life of teachers and students during disasters, and prevent secondary disasters. It is necessary to ensure the safe operation of the affiliated hospitals of the school, and ensure the hospital's water supply and power supply. Schools around the country should take into account the overall situation, once the school has been identified as a social emergency shelter, we should do our best to provide security, while ensuring the safety of the campus and teachers and students.

Five, strengthen duty and unimpeded information.

Leaders of Party committees in schools around the country should attach great importance to the prevention of super typhoons, fully recognize the grim situation of the defense work, further compact the responsibility for typhoon prevention layer by layer, overcome paralysis, make full preparations, take the most effective measures, and do a good job of defense work in detail. The principal leaders of schools around the country should stick to their posts, command ahead, deploy and supervise the implementation in person, adhere to the 24-hour duty system of leading and on-duty personnel, and timely report on major security information and disaster situations on campus.

All schools in various localities carry out the notice and submit it to the provincial education department in a timely manner.

Guangdong Provincial Department of Education

September 15, 2018

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