Global Times: talking about Swedish police should not deviate from the theme.

Global Times: talking about Swedish police should not deviate from the theme.

Original title: editorial: talking about the Swedish police should not deviate from the theme.

A former Chinese tourist took his parents on a trip to Sweden and had a dispute with a Stockholm hotel about whether they could rest in the lobby in the early hours of the morning. Police arrived to haul Mr. Zeng and his parents in their 60s out of the hotel, then put them in a police car, and finally in a cold early morning. They were thrown into a cemetery outside Stockholm.

The incident, reported by the Global Times, has aroused strong indignation among a large number of Chinese, but some have expressed their opposition through the Internet. One of the typical views is that a family of three surnamed Zeng is greedy and cheap, leading to law enforcement by the police, which is their own fault for low quality and disrupting local hotel regulations.

We believe that some people have this view because it is associated with the fact that some Chinese tourists are not civilized enough abroad. When Mr. Tsang and his family were in dispute with the hotel, there was no way to determine whether there was any inappropriate behavior. It should be said that the civilized behavior of Chinese tourists abroad is a topic worthy of long-term discussion, but in view of this matter, we can not be distracted from the essence of the case.

Although the dispute between the Zeng family and the hotel was the cause of the case, it was not the direction of the Chinese Foreign Ministry and public opinion to negotiate and express their dissatisfaction with Sweden. The spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Sweden did not address a civil dispute between Mr. Zeng's family and the hotel, but protested the brutal treatment of Chinese citizens by the Swedish police, pointing out that the Swedish police's actions violated the safety of life and fundamental human rights of Chinese citizens.

Whether Mr. Zeng's family has been at fault in their dispute with the hotel, whether they have been dragged by Swedish police and taken into police cars, whether they have shouted, including two elderly people in the early morning cold weather of the family of three in the outskirts of the Swedish people will be at a loss, we would like to ask the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Do the police and officials in charge of human rights come out and say that this is consistent with the basic humanitarian spirit?

We also ask the Chinese who believe that Mr. Zeng's family is responsible for their own mistakes to answer this question head-on: Should the Swedish police throw them to a suburban cemetery in the cold early morning, even if they are suspected of having made a mistake in a civil dispute? Do you think that Chinese diplomats should be silent at this time, or should they stand up and condemn the Swedish police and fulfill their consular duty to protect the fundamental rights of Chinese citizens?

After the Global Times reported the incident on Saturday, some accused us of quoting only Mr Zeng's description of the incident as "not objective". However, the incident happened in the early morning of September 2, local time. We understand that the Chinese Embassy immediately began to negotiate with the Swiss side after receiving Mr. Zeng's complaint. Over the past ten days, the Swiss side has refused to respond positively. On the 15 th, the global times continued to ask the Swedish police about the matter. Swedish police said they would not investigate the case. We would like to report both sides at the same time, but unfortunately, the Swedish side refused to provide relevant information.

On the Internet on the 15th also appeared the hotel involved is a "youth hostel" saying that the lobby of youth hostels is very narrow, difficult to rest. These imaginative descriptions focus on the first half of the dispute, objectively highlighting Mr Zeng's family's faults, to clear the Swedish police of bad behavior.

Global Times reporter 15 visited the involved "Stockholm Generator Hotel", found that the hotel is an eight-storey building, the lobby is not small, there are sofa seats. Nevertheless, we do not think it is appropriate to conclude that Mr. Zeng's family had asked to sit in the lobby in the early morning. In the case of disputes between Mr. Zeng's family and the hotel, we prefer to remind Chinese tourists to visit Switzerland that such disputes should be avoided on our own initiative.

But none of this justifies the Swedish police to escort Mr Zeng's family to the outskirts in the early hours of the morning, leaving the family, including the two elderly, in the cold open air, regardless of their safety. The Swedish Foreign Ministry and police have so far refused to respond positively to China's negotiations, which we believe is a sign of moral timidity.

Nowadays, Chinese people face a lot of external contacts, and there will be many friction between Chinese and foreign people. We advocate that when Chinese citizens go abroad, they should try their best to do as the Romans do and reduce the possibility of friction between themselves and the local people. But once Chinese citizens are unfairly treated by foreign authorities, especially the police, we must resolutely oppose it and encourage Chinese embassies and consulates abroad to do their consular duties and protect the fundamental rights of Chinese citizens.

In this case in Sweden, some people do not first condemn and prosecute the Swedish police who have done evil to the Chinese, but first reflect on themselves, and even defend the Swedish police, which is somewhat strange.

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Chinese tourists were accused of being brutally exposed by Swedish police.

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