Bankers talk about "rent loan": credit management short board to be filled

Bankers talk about

Banks are cautious about housing market credit management short board to be filled.

Author: Zhang Manyou

Banks and real estate intermediaries or housing trusteeship agencies to cooperate in the development of rental business, could have formed complementary advantages. However, the recent rapid rise in rent in some cities, some housing intermediaries and third-party platforms to carry out irregular "rental loan" business risk exposure, the long-term rental housing market to the top of the storm.

Recently, when it comes to the situation of long rental housing loans, many banks remain silent.

Dong Ximiao, senior researcher at Chongyang Institute of Finance, Renmin University of China, believes that there is no uniform regulation on the management of housing rental credit, and the requirements for rental loans issued by intermediary agencies such as joint trust companies are not clear. There is also a gap in the management of "rental loans" issued on the Internet lending platform. Therefore, we should strengthen the system construction and make up for the short management of housing lease credit as soon as possible.

Cooperation is more cautious

The Central Economic Work Conference held in December 2017 clearly stated that "we should speed up the establishment of a multi-subject supply, multi-channel security, rent and purchase of housing system at the same time". According to the forecast of Oriental Securities, by 2030 China's rental population will reach 270 million people, the overall market size will reach 42 trillion yuan.

Among them, the cooperation between banks and real estate intermediaries or housing trusteeship agencies is a form of rent loans, the two sides could have complementary advantages. A person from the Ministry of Finance of a bank told China Business News that, as far as banks are concerned, real estate intermediaries or housing trusteeship agencies can bring traditional customers to banks. As far as real estate intermediaries or trusteeship institutions are concerned, banks can provide them with financial settlement, financial services, housing rental service platform and other services, and have a certain credit endorsement role. "Housing leasing is an emerging market, and banks can learn from real estate intermediaries or custodians about sustainable operations if they want to go deeper."

However, in recent days, some long-Rent apartment intermediary service providers in the market, in conjunction with Internet financial platforms, financial institutions and other lending institutions to carry out the "rental loan" business, because of the illegal occupation of other people's property, resulting in a mismatch of capital pool and term, high leverage, high risk, long-Rent market risk gradually exposed.

When it comes to long-term rental housing loans or cooperation with housing intermediaries, trusteeship agencies, many banks are too secretive. A joint-stock banker said the bank is studying individual housing lease loans, but due to the current market situation, has not yet released.

During this period, Ping An Bank and eggshell apartments and other housing trustees to provide loans for rental housing products, "rental loans," from the bank's APP off the shelves.

In response to this matter, the person in charge of the eggshell apartment told reporters that due to the amount of cooperation between the two sides reached the ceiling, so the cooperation with Ping An Bank suspended, Ping An Bank will resume after completing the quota process. But as of press release, Ping An Bank has not yet responded to this.

At the end of August, at the mid-term performance conference of the Construction Bank (601939.SH) for 2018, Wang Zuji, the bank's president, said that the bank did not currently provide financing for property intermediaries, especially for the collection business.

In addition, it was reported that the Beijing Bank (601169.SH) suspended the loan business. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the Bank of Beijing told reporters that the bank did not carry out personal rental business.

Credit behavior to be regulated

Dong Ximiao pointed out that the current housing rental market mainly has three types of credit products: the first is the housing rental loans provided by commercial banks. Under this mode, the landlord will charge the rent one time, and the tenant will pay interest according to the targeted bank repayment.

He believes that positive incentives should be taken to promote formal financial institutions to further innovate their products and services, while also doing a good job of capital monitoring, to prevent landlords from using housing lease credit products cashing.

The second category is the housing rental credit products launched by long rental apartment trustees and third party agencies. Under this model, the loans granted by the lender are paid to the long-term apartment in one lump sum, the tenant pays the loan to the lender monthly, and the landlord basically collects the rent monthly. As a result, long rental apartment trustees occupy part of the rent of landlords, forming a pool of funds.

For the second kind of products, Dong Ximiao suggested that the loan conditions and application methods should be clearly defined, not only to facilitate the borrowing of tenants, but also to prevent excessive borrowing, and control the lending leverage at a reasonable level. At the same time, to deposit in the long-Rent apartment operating agency funds or centralized deposit, reduce the possibility of diversion of funds.

The third category is the "rent loan" of small and medium-sized real estate agencies. "In this mode, the ostensible tenants pay rent monthly, is actually monthly repayment of loans to the Internet lending platform, there are also intermediaries illegally occupy other people's property and other hidden dangers. If intermediaries divert funds, the risk will be further increased. " Dong Ximiao pointed out that the illegal "rent loan" greatly increased the cost of tenants. If the trust or intermediary fund chain problems, leasing enterprises can not pay the landlord on time, landlord and tenant's rights and interests will be affected.

"Third types of products should be severely punished. In the framework of the Internet financial risk special rectification, in-depth network lending risk rectification action, substantially increase the cost of illegal property intermediaries and increase the intensity of the crackdown on illegal real estate intermediaries and online lending platforms. Dong Ximiao said.

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