Men's loan 290 thousand family members questioned that Alipay did not deal with the circulation of gambling accounts

Men's loan 290 thousand family members questioned that Alipay did not deal with the circulation of gambling accounts

Old Title: Young man addicted to online gambling network loan 290,000 lost family questioned: previously reported why the loan platform to return to him

His family scraped together and paid back the money he spent on online gambling, but he failed to control himself and gambled again through online loans.

Download gambling software

40 thousand yuan saved up.

Net loan 198 thousand yuan

Xi'an man Meng Mou, 28 years old, worked in Shanghai. In August of this year, he downloaded a App called "smile entertainment" and opened it as a gambling software. He decided to invest a little money in luck. At first, though he lost several times, he quickly made over 1000 yuan.

But as soon as he tasted the sweetness, he began to be unlucky, losing more and winning less, but he still did not close, resulting in a total loss of 40,000 yuan in the account. He wanted to raise money to win back the principal, so he started the idea of online lending. In just three days, he borrowed a total of 188,000 yuan from various platforms, such as "ant borrowing", "Baidu has money to spend", "Bank of China's credit loans". The money was put into gambling software and never returned.

After family repayment

Men gambling again

And borrowed 92 thousand yuan.

In mid August, Mont returned to Xi'an from Shanghai and told his family about gambling and gambling.

Families contacted several lending platforms in the hope that the platform would prohibit the provision of online loans to him, but the platform customer service said that restrictions on personal account lending, can only be their own account cancellation. In addition, they also reflected to Alipay platform "smile entertainment" for gambling App, through its platform for capital transfer, Alipay customer service said the problem has been reported, need to wait for the superior response.

Eventually, the family moved around to help monk pay off all the loans. Then Mong went out to work again, but on September 9, Mong returned home and told his family that he had borrowed 92,000 yuan for gambling again. Looking at the Mongolian gambling quagmire, family hearts mixed, while these online lending platforms questioned: "Why to the platform reflects the owner in gambling, the platform will again borrow from him? Why didn't Alipay platform deal with the account of currency gambling? "

Net loan platform: account cancellation

Reapply for loan again

On the afternoon of September 13, a reporter from China Business Daily contacted Mong Mou, who worked abroad. The bills he provided showed that he initially charged 500 yuan to gambling App, and then 2000 yuan, 3000 yuan and 5000 yuan to gambling App. "I regret it very much."

Subsequently, the reporter contacted the customer service of various online lending platforms, asking whether Mongolia has borrowed many times, they said, this needs my operation.

"Ant borrowing" customer service said that closing the account requires me to dial customer service operations, provide relevant identity information, and pay off the arrears. If I open the account again and successfully pass the system evaluation, I can still borrow money.

"360 debit note" customer service said that if family members want to freeze the accounts of gamblers, they can pay attention to 360 debit note official Wechat public number, input the word "artificial" to provide a relationship certificate with the account owner and proof of gambling, and specify the specific circumstances, the background will verify and help to freeze the accounts, but if I once again Lifting the freeze is out of control.

"Baidu has money to spend" customer service said, cancel the account I need to operate. Considering account security issues, if the personal real name authentication of two "Baidu Money Flower" accounts, do not support the cancellation operation. Customer service reminds that once the account is cancelled, the identity will not be restored or reapplied.

In addition, the reporter asked the Alipay platform about the problem of "handling the account of currency gambling". Customer service indicated that although it was the same App, there might be two remittances not the same account. If you need to check whether it is the same account, I need to do it myself.

Lawyer's viewpoint: net loan platform should properly examine the purpose of funds.

Yuan Hu, a lawyer's party under the Chinese law, said that Internet financial platforms are rising rapidly, but the emergence of new things must be accompanied by risks. The network loan platform, knowing that loans are still used for gambling, still provides loans. Is it responsible? The answer is yes.

In July 2015, the People's Bank of China, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Finance and other ten departments jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of Internet Finance". Internet lending has been incorporated into the Internet financial supervision system, which is under the supervision of the CBRC.

As for the network platform, besides abiding by laws and regulations, it should also strengthen industry self-discipline, adhere to the bottom line of ethics, establish a lending relationship with users, should reasonably and properly examine the use of funds, when users use funds for illegal purposes should be timely cut off the supply of funds, must not blindly pursue economic interests. Blind lending. Chinese business reporter Qing Rongbo Intern Zhang Pengkang Pan Ziqi

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