5 years will invest 2 billion! The United States takes measures to boost the field of artificial intelligence.

5 years will invest 2 billion! The United States takes measures to boost the field of artificial intelligence.

Author: Peng Ying, text synthesis Xinhua net, China Youth Daily, global times, reference news, etc.

Automated robots, driverless, telemedicine... In the field of artificial intelligence, many countries in the world attach great importance to it.

In order to ensure the "leader" status in the era of artificial intelligence, the United States provides strong support and multi-faceted guarantee for the development of artificial intelligence by strengthening policy support, promoting legislation in Congress, increasing investment in research and development education, and building an intelligent military system.

Invest 2 billion in 5 years to develop the next generation AI

Recently, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency announced a $2 billion investment in the development of the next generation of artificial intelligence technology. John Everett, deputy director of the Information Innovation Office of the Senior Research Projects Bureau of the Defense Department, said it was a good time to seed in artificial intelligence, and we could speed up the next 20 years to five years.

Artificial intelligence can "think" normally under fixed rules such as chess or games. Once the rules exceed a certain range, artificial intelligence will expose weaknesses. Research by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency aims to improve the advancement of artificial intelligence, enable the next generation of machine learning to acquire human-like communication and reasoning capabilities, and be able to identify and adapt new scenarios and environments. Such research is not only very difficult but also costly.

Focus on basic research and development, and cultivate high-end talents of AI.

Since this year, the United States has increased its investment in the basic R&D of AI integrated national framework system, and vigorously supported research and development institutions and laboratories. According to statistics, since 2015, the U.S. government's R&D investment in AI and related fields has increased by more than 40%, excluding military, intelligence and other institutions'confidential investment.

The U.S. government also attaches great importance to the cultivation of artificial intelligence talents. It has a solid personnel training system and a remarkable advantage in research talents. It is in a leading position in the world in the key links of basic disciplines, patent and paper publishing, high-end R&D talents, venture capital and leading enterprises.

Making positive plans to ensure the leading position of the United States in the future

At the legislative level, both houses of Congress are discussing a number of bills aimed at establishing the future leadership of the United States in artificial intelligence, including the Artificial Intelligence Future Act, the Artificial Intelligence Employment Act, the Artificial Intelligence Reporting Act and the National Security Council Artificial Intelligence Act.

Among them, the Artificial Intelligence Future Act, if passed by Congress, will become the first federal law on artificial intelligence in the United States, focusing on the impact of artificial intelligence on economic development, employment, privacy protection and other aspects, and laying the foundation for further development of specific industry legislation.

Promoting national defense security and strengthening US military superiority

The US government believes that AI is an important part of consolidating its military technological superiority. Defense officials have also repeatedly said that artificial intelligence is the key technology to keep ahead of potential competitors.

In June this year, the Pentagon set up the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center, whose primary function is to exchange information to ensure the Ministry of Defense's efficient use of AI-related data and information. This is an important step in the field of artificial intelligence development in recent years. This shows that under the guidance of the national artificial intelligence development strategy, the U. S. military began to plan and build an intelligent military system as a whole.

The U.S. government not only takes many measures to build an artificial intelligence system, but also adopts positive strategies to track and evaluate the development of artificial intelligence in different countries. The Defense Department has set up a special committee to focus on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other security-related technologies to assess the competitiveness of the United States in the field of artificial intelligence, the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence abroad, and potential human and educational incentives.

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