Official reception 3 days to eat 13 invoice inspection team found the big secret.

Official reception 3 days to eat 13 invoice inspection team found the big secret.

Original title: Why did a meal eat 13 invoices? -- important news -- the website of the State Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

"In the future, we should draw lessons from the work, strictly control the customs, and conduct official reception in strict accordance with the regulations..." Recently, Han Rongping, head of the Discipline Inspection Unit, appointed by Pucheng County Discipline Inspection Commission to the office of the Discipline Inspection Unit of the County Health and Planning Bureau in Nanping City, Fujian Province, gave a talk to Jiang Liangjun, the newly appointed financial director of the Bureau of Health and Planning, on probity before taking office, especially reminding him to seriously check the receipts for official business. The "lesson" in Han Rongping's mouth is about Jiang Liangjun's former financial director.  

Not long ago, the Nanping Discipline Inspection Commission sent an inspection team to carry out a comprehensive and strict party inspection in 10 counties (cities and districts) of the city. During the inspection in Pucheng County, the inspection team found 13 official receipt invoices from the county's health and Planning Bureau between 17 and 19 June 2015 were abnormal.

"Just 3 days in 3 hotels opened 3 sets of invoices, the 3 sets of invoices are also connected?" "On the books, every single list is not over standard, and the procedures are complete." The inspector reckoned, and the total amount of the 13 invoices amounted to 9482 yuan.

Inspectors immediately called Mei Tingsun, the financial officer returned from the health and accounting bureau, to learn about the situation. Mei Tingsun explained, "These invoices were reissued in the back. During that time, the inspection team came up and did not issue the invoices in time after receiving them."

"Wait a minute, a group of guests? 13 meals in 3 days? "

"This... 3 meals in the morning, in the evening, and some separately. " Mei Tingsun's forehead has a big sweat.

"One inspection team received the reception separately." After taking note of this problem, the inspection team continued to understand the situation of other staff involved. The staff admitted that there was a reception, but when it came to details it seemed that they were both suffering from amnesia.

There must be "tricky" in it. The inspection team handed over the clues to the Pucheng County Discipline Inspection Commission and decided to lift the bottom of the 13 invoices.

The investigation team of Pucheng County Discipline Inspection Commission found that all the hotels offered free breakfast and did not accept extra orders for breakfast. At the same time, through the collection of monitoring video at the intersection of the expressway, it was found that the inspection group received by the county health and Planning Bureau had returned through the Pucheng County high-speed toll station at noon on the 19th. Obviously, the reception fees for breakfast and 19 days' dinner are all false.

After investigation, the truth gradually emerged. According to the investigation, between 17 and 19 days, Pucheng County Health and Accounting Bureau received a higher inspection group, should normally report the cost of meals 5. On the evening of the 18th, the Bureau spent 6 bottles of liquor and 600 yuan of tea on illegal banquets, totaling 6,050 yuan.

In order to make the illegal reception fee report smoothly, the Bureau of Health and Accounting increased the amount of 5 invoices, and made a list of 8 invoices, splitting the illegal expenses of 6050 yuan into 13 invoices.

In front of the evidence, Mei Tingsun bowed his head: "Director has an account, if there is a reception over the standard to pay attention to'deal with'well, the book can not exceed the standard. In this way, I can only split the overweight food expenses, and report the expenditure by means of the number of times of reception.

"It's my fault. I want to eat and drink for work. I will refund the cost of illegal reporting immediately. " In another conversation room, Huang Kunping, Secretary of the Party committee and Secretary of the Bureau, looked very remorseful. In the end, Huang Kunping was warned by the party.

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